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  1. Not giving myself a 2nd shot worth a damn...!! Driver and woods off the tee seemingly always find OB or end up under/behind a tree. It's killing my scores. Gonna try going back to 16* hybrid and/or 4i off the tee. Every other part of my game is clicking, so I don't mind slightly reduced distance to be in the FW.
  2. How important is spin to you?? Granted I'm a bogey golfer, but I like the Wilson Duo. Usually a hop and stop on approaches for me, one of the better 2-piece balls I've tried (and for $20/dozen, very affordable). If your game requires spin, maybe the Duo Spin and/or Duo U would be up your alley. (I've been tempted to go back to the Gamer, too... but I'm not sure how the new generation of balls compares to previous ones, so I can't personally recommend it.) Or just hoard balls you find on the course, pick a slow day/time when no one will be pushing you, and go hit 3 or 4 different
  3. Give the Wilson Duo a try. I've been breaking 90 on a regular basis and still play the Duo.
  4. 1) re-learn driver (first time bagging one in about 5yrs) 2) stop tinkering w/ equipment (no more club hoing, stick with my Wilson Duo, etc) 3) enjoy!!
  5. Thanks for the reply, dkolo. The 54/6 would be for chipping -- I have a 56/14 to use from heavy rough and deep sand, but I simply can't use so much bounce anywhere else. And yes, that was my apprehension, dropping $$ on clubs I haven't hit, even with the rave reviews. I like the Covert Forged because of the low bounce throughout the set. I haven't been able to find many irons with that set up... probably why it's worthwhile just to stick with my Clevelands. So I just went a much more economic route with a Maltby Tricept Red wedge (also 54/6), and sticking with the TA5s. I think this will w
  6. hello all -- seeing a lot of great deals on the Nike Covert Forged irons, wondering if it's worth the upgrade from my Cleveland TA5 Gunmetal irons. never got a chance to hit the Nike's, but everything i'm reading sounds great. i'm a picker, so i love the low bounce all the way to the SW. however, i have no reason to part from the TA5s... i've become a subscriber of, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". i'm hitting the TA5s great, very consistent all the way to the 3 iron and i'm working on the 2 iron off the tee (home course gets windy, so this would be a big advantage for me!!).
  7. i always use my 7 iron from the fringe. b/c, lucky number...
  8. strange it took 16 posts for someone to point this out... i would have put up a pretty good stand to get the $25 back in my pocket where it belonged. if nobody wins, then by default, everyone gets their $$ back... if the bet carried over to another hole, you should have been in on it... did you simply play through at that point, or...??
  9. out of curiosity, for those of you who are using it -- does the shortened backswing promote a brief pause at the top?? i haven't ever really taken a 'huge' backswing (so i'm wondering if i've always had a shorter backswing, TBH), but i have had great success concentrating on the slightest of pauses at the top of my swing. i've recently been able to increase my tempo from what i would consider 'comfortably deliberate' to 'naturally smooth', and the last two rounds i have been killing my 3w off the tee (and oddly with a draw, which was never in my repertoire). i'm a
  10. juvenile behavior...?? no. weird...?? abso-friggin-lutely.
  11. nothing like finding a ProV1 tagged w/ " Uncle Randy's Breezy Balls ".
  12. agreed. everyone likes to point to the stats, but it doesn't take each of our typical experiences into account. if you play open courses, then longer into rough probably isn't too bad. on tight or woodsy courses, i'm not so sure.
  13. my opinion is probably skewed b/c my home course is very tight, with OB surrounding half of the holes. driver into rough 20 yds further?? sure, i'd take that. but for me on my course, if you don't hit fairway, you're lucky if you aren't screwed.
  14. i'm with the OP on this one. accuracy over distance leads to better scores for many players more often than not. i played irons only for a while and just got back to my 3w off the tee (ditched the driver a looong time ago). the flip-side of the argument is course management on any given course... do you smash it as far as you can and take a half wedge in, or take an iron off the tee for a full-swing second shot?? horses for courses. i only recently discovered i prefer low bounce wedges for pitches (actually just bought a 56.08 today, can't wait for it to get here), so i've be
  15. somewhat conflicting, but to each his own. at least for me, a miss with an iron is generally still straight . it doesn't go the distance i wanted, but i at least have a make-up shot from the fairway. a miss with a wood is generally OB or on an adjacent hole, which can actually add more distance for my second shot than if i had simply played an iron off the tee. again, to each his own. what works for one person won't work for another. my point was just not to get caught up in distance, and play a round or two w/o driver and woods. usually anyone who g
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