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    290 avg here. have hit it 350 downhill downwind (yes srs carts had gps)
  2. to be honest, he has some bodyfat that he could cut out, but as far as muscle goes he is fine.
  3. nope totally disagree, that is not his problem, he looks the same as usual.
  4. phil: -10 thru 10 tiger: -7 thru 10 now they go to amen corner
  5. phil got it. dead center 30 on the front tiger 33 on the front
  6. tiger got it !!! downhill slider what a putt!!!
  7. true, and he can still get up and down for par at nine, same with phil. phil for 30 on the front and tiger for 33 on the front
  8. Phil: -10 thru 8 Tiger -7 thru 8 i told u tiger would eagle 8!!!
  9. Very impressed with phil right now, i didnt think he had this in him cuz hes been so inconsistent. Phil: -9 thru 7 Tiger -5 thru 7 tiger needs an eagle desperately at the eighth. almost a must birdie.
  10. just birdied the third hole dude, i wouldnt count him out yet. if he shoots 67 and the leaders shoot 70 he will only be 4 back.
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