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  1. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm a prison chaplain...and justify my golf playing as a way to develop inner humility and to bolster my senior pastor's confidence (he's about 30 strokes better than me). :-)
  2. 3 Wood vs Driver off the tee box...

    Personally, I'm satisfied to be getting a 14.0 driver. My tee-offs are relatively low--even with the 3-wood. Granted, I've not learned solid-hitting yet. However, even with only about a half dozen rounds and three months under my golf belt, I see that I need the lift. Part of the divide on this string may be a matter of skill, experience and competency. Us newbies are trying to gain traction, and willing to try some short cuts until our competencies improve. More experienced players will find aids like high-degree drivers to be a nuisance or hindrance to good play. Some day, when I grow up, I may feel the same. For now, I'd love to see my typical 60-80 yard hit reach 140 or so, because of the lift.
  3. 3 Wood vs Driver off the tee box...

    So today I tee'd off exclusively with the 3-wood. I had better control and got more loft. After the round I made my pilgrimage to a local club maker. He told me my irons were 1 1/2" short, and he fitted me for a driver with 14.0 loft. So, there are probably all sorts of reasons for my driving problems. If I do another round before I get the clubs, I'm sticking with the 3-wood. Long term, though, I know Trackster is right--gotta learn to make the driver sing, if the game is ever going to begin making some sense.
  4. 3 Wood vs Driver off the tee box...

    I'm so glad you posted this. I'm a true beginner--less than three months playing. My worst hit is the tee. I'm lucky to get 100 yards. My fairway shots are almost as good--often better. I'm looking into getting a driver with more loft (12.5+), but will probably just use my 3-wood for tomorrow's round. Thanks for the confirmation on my thinking.