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  1. Watched the first episode of the new season for Curb Your Enthusiasm yesterday. Still just as good as it ever was. I can't believe they ever stopped making it.
  2. We had a decent opening weekend (hunting in NW MN). Saw a fair amount of deer moving around. Saw a lot of smaller bucks this year and we only saw one big buck, but was never close enough for anyone to take a shot. I passed on a few 6 points and below, but we did end up with 3 nice 8 points in camp amongst 10 guys.
  3. That is disappointing to hear. Haven't watched anymore episodes since posting, but I had been hearing a lot of good buzz about it from others that had watched the series. Anyone else have a similar experience with the show?
  4. The wife and I started Mr. Robot last night. 2 episodes in and it looks like it's going to be good!
  5. What a ride it's been. Such a great show. Can't say I really expected the show to end how it did, but it wasn't bad.
  6. I feel ya. It's been quite the day. I've got a bottle of Glenlivet 12 sitting on the shelf at home. I'll be enjoying a couple glasses of that tonight.
  7. That was really cool! Thanks for sharing. Nice looking gun for sure.
  8. I'm in the same boat as you. I live in MN, so my season is even shorter than yours. I'd say it probably takes me a good 5-10 rounds to get back into the swing of things (pun intended). I love MN, but HATE no golf in the winter.
  9. The wife and I started watching The Blacklist lately. It's a little corny how Red's character knows anyone and everything related to each major event... but not enough to really bother me. We are both enjoying the show so far.
  10. Not so sure I'm against this one actually... I could care less about this movie. HOWEVER, I do remember the week my wife spent reading this book. I'm hoping the movie will have the same effect... if you know what I mean.
  11. I am flying Spirit because my wife found some crazy good deal. That being said, I wont be bringing my clubs with me. It's supposed to be rainy this weekend, but if I get the chance, I'm definitely going to catch a round and rent some clubs! Would be awesome!
  12. I'm heading to Dallas tomorrow to visit my sister for the weekend. It will be my first time being there for more than a layover. She raves about this place called Torchy's Tacos.
  13. I'm from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.
  14. As do I, as do i... It actually got up to the 30s in MN this week! woo
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