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  1. Round 2 results: . . . . . . Different groupings and different weather conditions (hot with gusty winds out of the northeast; IMO ideal for this course). The pros were grouped with a 12 and 6 (the 12 shot his career best). I played with 3 other mid to high single digits. Member 1 and Member 3 were paired with a former Div 1 collegiate woman golfer and a 10. Member #1 – 67 Pro #2 – 68 Pro #1 – 70 Me – 74 Member #3 – 77 For S&G’s the former Div1 collegiate played from the woman’s tees and shot 86. Nerves
  2. Yep, all round in the books. Feel free not to guess or participate @billchao. From the feedback I'm receiving many others are enjoying the suspense. Wagers? What's that 😆 As for the Symetra pros kicking our butts.......round 2 results coming right now 👇
  3. awesome, but I didn't search the form. Sure, but there are variables that cannot be calculated into a mathematical equation. "genuine" eh. Welp, I'm a "genuine" scratch and I got my butt kicked the first day I played with them.
  4. Yep, agree. But as mentioned in my previous post he chooses to play to his strengths. We are veering way off course. The intent of this thread was to provide a real-world experience of low cappers playing against established women professionals. I have been around this game an awfully long time, had the luxury of playing against some Nike Tour players back in the mid 90's and some senior tour players in the early 2000's...both times I was throttled and left in awe of just how good those guys were/are. However, this opportunity to play with the women was nothing short of extr
  5. Good thread Shindig. I close my stance and shorten my swing on any P-60 shot. One big difference is I always play the ball middle - back. However, this approach doesn't lend itself to great results where I play. As mentioned above, our greens are hard, elevated, and small. A higher trajectory is much more desirable. Something to work on before the club championship next month!
  6. Didn't miss your point at all. He is NOT a tour player, just a dynamite amateur that chooses to play to his strengths, stats or no stats. Our greens are fast and firm, and agreed, not to PGA standards. His club selection is completely irrelevant to this thread.
  7. Off topic but I will answer the original question. The +2.8 that averages 290+ hits more 3 woods and irons than drivers. Why? Because he feels that gives him the best opportunity to score. Now, with that said, he played in the Michigan AM at Boyne a couple weeks ago (7100 yds) and his club selection changed drastically. Position outweighs distance where we play. As for the pros, guess they approach the game with a similar a mindset. Curious as to why you guys are questioning this..... Throw the stats out the window @Vinsk and @iacas, thick rough, tight fairways, hard and elevated gr
  8. Why? Quite a few 350-380 yd par 4's. 50 -70 yard approach shots on rock hard lightning fast greens are way less desirable than 90-110 yd approach shots. Holes 3, 5, 7, 12, 14, and 17 all require shot shape off the tee. Both pros hit 3 wood off many of the holes listed above.
  9. Results from round 1: . . . . . . . . . Groupings: Pro #1, Pro #2, Me, Member #3 (member #1 played behind us in a separate group with single digits). Temps were in the 70’s, winds steady out of the east at 10mph, greens were lightening, and pin placements were extremely difficult (Sunday best per our greens keeper). Pro #1 - 70 Pro #2 - 72 Member #1 - 68 Member #2 (me) - 76 Member #3 - 75 I started off bogie, bogie, double…..hard to recoup from that. Nerves definitely got the best of me and anything r
  10. They were both spectacular around the green. One thing they do completely different than most of us amateurs is.......preparation. I spend a combined 30 minutes stretching, warming up, chipping and putting (usually in that order). They were always there well in advance, not sure if it was 30 minutes or more but I can say they were completely warm by the time I arrived. Every range swing was methodical and approached as if something was on the line. Gonna try to get 9 in before the rain.. I'll post day 1 results when I get back.
  11. No truly drivable par 4's, only 1 par 5, and 2 par 3's in excess of 200 yards.
  12. I'll add some more info. Both pros hit it a long way. Pro #1 - 265yds (tour stats, actually let the LPGA tour in driving distance a few years ago) Pro #2 - 270yds (no tour stats, but she was consistently out-driving Pro #1) Member #1 - effortlessly long, 290+ if I had to guess, however, he always plays to his strengths (i.e. lots of 3 woods and irons) Me - effortlessly short 265ish but hit 75+% of fairways Member #2 - longest I've ever played with (and I've been playing for 40 years). Won't even throw a number out there for fear of being called a BS'r.
  13. That is exactly how I would have guessed if this question was posed to me. I found it tough to balance nerves and positive swing thoughts.....well, at least for the first few holes of the first round 😎
  14. Exactly what I thought too. Keep in mind course knowledge plays a pretty big roll in this equation.
  15. Woman’s course and slope 77.6/142 6300 (back tees) 72.4/128 5600 (woman’s tees) BTW, they played the back tees with us.
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