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  1. Getting to the golf course and finding out there 30 high school kids in front of me.
  2. I've never played Bridgestone before. I won a box of e5's today at a golf tournament. Can't wait to get back on the course to try them out.
  3. You're right. Even the video is there. Slice off the tee.
  4. I'm surprised there's no thread discussing Bubba going off on his caddie Ted Scott on the 16 hole at the Travelers Championship. The caddie does more than just carry clubs. He's expected to know the course layout and make club recommendations in certain situations. In this case Ted Scott recommended the wrong club and paid for it. So is he at fault or should it be Bubba since he ultimately swung the club.
  5. I recently purchased a Ping Sydney Putter. I after reading the reviews online (Something I should have done before I made the purchase), one of the chief complaints was the sound the putter made. I can understand feel and performance, but I don't understand how "Sound" can make a difference with a putter.
  6. Every since I got serious about golfing a few years ago, all my friends and family feel the logical Christmas and Birthday gift would be balls. I have Tour Ball, Soft Balls, Yellow Balls, 3-piece Balls, 4-piece Balls, Refurbished Balls, and every other Ball you can think of. Not sure If I should commit to one ball or count my blessing and never half to worry about buying balls again.
  7. I think the saying is: How do you know when a parolee is lying? His lips are moving.
  8. I am an undercover Parole Agent somewhere in Southern California. I'm also a part-time Radio Dj in a mid-size market. (Nights and weekends)
  9. Hey everyone, I'm obviously new to this site. I been playing golf for about four years, but only play about once every two or three months. I'm just now starting to understand my swing and able to shape my shots. Unfortunately, I injured my lower back at work and the doctor is using the "S" word. My biggest fear is not the back surgery, but how will it affect my game. I'm on Workman's Comp so I can't even swing a club in public for fear there is a investigator with a camera watching. It's all good though. When this thing is over I hope to get on the course at least three or four times a month.
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