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  1. GPS Suggestions

    I have the SG3 and an older bushnell laser. The Laser can be very difficult to get a reading outside of 150 yards. (I know the newer ones with pinseeker are probably much better at this.) The SG3 is great. No need to worry about forgetting to recharge. I normally use it with my own nicad rechargable batteries and they last about 2 rounds before needed to be recharged. But hey, I can always stop at a gas station and pick up AA's if I forget to recharge! My buddy has the SG4 and if he forgets to recharge he's out of luck. The accuracy between the laser and gps are very equal. I've used the mark feature and then moved to a new place and hit it with the laser and it's always been within 1 or 2 yards. Even my laser will switch between 1 or 2 yards when it hits the flag at 150 yards. It's great to have both, but if I had to choose one, it would be the gps. It will give me distance readings on shots I've hit, distances to carry bunkers, distances to the end of a fairway on a dogleg, distances to water hazards and carry for the same all at a glance without trying to site in each of the objects. It also gives me lay up targets i.e. hit the ball 168 yards to have 100 yards to the center of the green. I know some people are dead set on laser, but I really see gps as being more usefull in more situations (blind shots, shots from other fairways etc.) I think if you can get around the fees for the sky caddie, it's a very reliable and easy to use piece of equipment. Whatever you get enjoy it and play better golf!!
  2. Mizuno wedges

    Just got fitted a couple of months ago and went with the MP-t's. (51, 56, 60 all chrome) The colors should be the same as the MP-R's. They both come in chrome or nickel. The grinds are the same as well. The difference is in the shape of the toe to hosel. The T stands for teardrop. They looked very similar to me at address. Just liked the overall look of the T's better. Absolutely have loved the clubs and for the first time in my life have been able to bring a ball back on shots to the green.
  3. What is your best score ever?

    Just shot a +3 74. I was -3 through 9 and -2 through 16 then went triple bogey and double bogey to finish. The double bogey wasn't totally unexpected as the last hole is a 400 yard plus par 4 with a lot of water in front of the green. (Ranked #1 on the course) But the triple bogey was just plain me choking! Oh well. I bought new clubs this year and my handicap went up from a 9.2 to 12.2. It's starting to come back down as I'm hitting more consistantly now with the clubs and starting to feel better with them. Hopefully there are better scores to come!
  4. (ESC) Equitable Stroke Control

    It really ends up being realtively insignificant when you think about it. Your handicap is only the 10 best of your most recent 20 scores. On top of which, it is slightly better than you 10 best scores so that you are only supposed to shoot better than your handicap around 15-20 percent of the time. So those 1 or 2 times that you take one less stroke per round in a month don't typically amount to much unless you are a scratch golfer trying to pad your scores From what I've heard from my club pro, that is the biggest problem in amatuer golf in utah. We have a ton of great tournaments and good prizes so we have a lot of guys sandbagging to keep them in the win column. Oh well! It's still a great game.
  5. Is this a back east thing? I've done a lot of golfing this year in Utah. City owned cheap courses and semi private expensive courses and never been treated like that. I've been asked by a starter what handicap I was but he took my word for it. (I actually like that they try and enforce that as I am so sick of being behind guys playing from the tips that can't drive it past the womens tees) But I've got to tell you, I work in the fire service, and I'm starting to think a lot of the attitude you are getting is regional. We've got a couple of eastern transplants on the job here (one from New York, one from New Jersey and one from Boston) and they are the most demeaning, rude and abrasive people I've met-- at times --. Other times, they are incredibly nice and generous. I've asked two of them about it and they both told me it's how they were raised and part of the culture of the East Coast. I've never lived there, but they say that they are just a very negative group by nature and act that way until they get to know and respect someone. They weren't trying to justify it, just explain it. I'd say just say as little as possible and let your game shout louder than words ever will. People like that generally stop giving people crap when they are obiously better than them in the game being played. Good luck and keep shooting low, congrats on breaking 80. I shot my all time low of +3 two days ago, had a real chance of breaking par but finished triple bogey, double bogey to end the round. I just couldn't take the pressure! Oh well that's why we love the game
  6. "Get in the hole"

    I think the big question is "just because other sports do it should we?" Other sports don't police their own action. Basketball, Baseball and Football all have players who say I didn't touch it on every play. The amount of cheating in the name of gamesmanship in the other sports is horrible. Golf on the other hand has always been the dignified sport. The quiet sport. The sport where the only person who saw the ball move or the club grounded was you. And yet, you assessed yourself the penalty stroke. Is it too much to ask to have one sport were calm curteous fans show proper appreciation by clapping when appropriate and restraining themselves from saying and doing whatever they feel because they can? Maybe the sense of entitlement in this country is why we are failing at so many things. Just because you bought a ticket doesn't mean you should have to act out against the traditions of the games. Golf certainly needs to continue to grow it's fanbase. But is it too much to ask that the fanbase be educated in the history and tradition of the game? I'm tired of guys playing at my local course getting drunk, ruining greens and seeing how far they can power slide the cart while yelling all the time. I've taken my young son with me on many occasions to the course and been emabarressed at some of the behavior he's seen. In my profession, (firefighter/paramedic) I use the golf course as a place to not only enjoy sport and be with friends at times, but also to have some quiet time to think and refresh my soul. Sorry if that sounds stupid. I love the game and am embarassed by how many of my age group are trying to change it to a party.(Rant off)
  7. Blades or Not???

    I went with the MP-60. Half cavity half muscle back. I think it's a great design that a lot of the manufacturers are coming out with. A lot of forgiveness, but a whole lot of feel. I know when I didn't hit it well as the sting in my hands and the loss of distance tells me. But slightly of center hits still play well without a whole lot of distance loss.
  8. Preach on brother. I bought a sleeve for use at a tournament. They were ok but not as good in my opinion as my HX 56's. Luckily the Callaway rep was at my local pro shop the other day and made me a good deal on some 56's so at least I have some for a little while. I guess the tour i's are supposed to be more like the 56. We'll have to see how they play when they come out.
  9. I totally disagree. I switched clubs this year. (went from MX-15's after my handicap got down to a 9.5 and switched to MP-60's. Now the handicap is up to 11 but coming back down) My yardages are completly different between these two very different sets of clubs. I can't imagine playing multiple clubs througout the year. I don't know how some people change clubs 3 or 4 times a year on this website. I'd never play bogey golf doing that! The cavity backs were very consistent, but very dead feeling. I would mis-hit and it would still go forever. Now I know when I mis-hit and I've had to get good repeatable swing dynamics. It's been some work on the driving range, but I'm making some shots I'd have never made with the old clubs. Oh well, I guess everybody is different and what works for some doesn't work for others!
  10. I bought my first cart at the end of last year. I'm 6'2'' and I did a lot of comparing and decided on the sun mountain V2. I love it! I've already used it for probably 15 rounds this year. The tires seem to be fine. I pumped them up last month and they are still full. Smooth feel and good brake. Easy to fold and unfold. Best non golf club purchase I've ever made. I've walked all but 2 rounds this year and I am loving the exercise. I also seem to play better when I have a minute to calm down after a bad shot before getting to my ball!
  11. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm a Captain in the Fire Service and fly as a paramedic on a medical helicopter. 24 hour shifts are great as I can do a lot of golfing during the weekdays when nobody is on the course.
  12. I just bought a set of Mizuno MP-60 4-PW and Mizuno MP-T 51,56 and 60. All fitted 1/2 long and 1 degree upright. This is the second time I've been fitted. This is the first time I also bought the wedges at the same time and got fitted for them. Previously when I played the standard length wedges, I felt like I was bending way over. With the new fitted ones, I feel much more comfortable and the lengths are far more consistent. I'm very happy with the decision.