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  1. I have an interesting take on this following my experience playin gat the Bangalore Golf Club in southern India ... I was matched up with 2 local players and the custom is that you take a break after 9 holes for lunch or a snack, depending on the time of day. However this is more than a snack bar stop, this is an opportunity to catch up with friends, network & so on. The 10th tee is worryingly close to the dining area (think 1st tee at Merion East Course!) and you siomply re-start your round at an appropriate time. It was all very relaxed. As an aside, Bangalore Golf Club provided a wonderful experience & welcome, I recommend their hospitality & course highly!
  2. Agree with all your points! I'm from Northern Ireland & it's as somewhere that no matter the decision taken, someone feels put out. I had to add mile when I read your c.f. comment about Mr Poulter! The Olympics should be the pinnacle of that sport - it clearly isn't with golf so shouldn't be rostered. I'd be keen to know the IOC's reasoning for including it.
  3. I played Royal County Down this year, beautiful Autumn day in October, simply magnificent. GD has it ranked #4 in the world, I have no chance of ever playing the 3 courses above it, but they really must be going some to be ranked above RCD! An utterly sensational course in every respect.