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  1. When I think about it now, I will actually be able to go the driving range and practice after school on weekdays :P
  2. I'm 13 years old and right now my handicap is 36. I wanted to improve over the summer but I didn't have time to with holidays and everything :( I want to get my handicap down to around 9 or 10, or less, by the start of next summer. With school it's gonna be tough to get out and practice during the weekdays but on weekends I'm free. How much should I practice so that I'll get to that skill level?
  3. Thanks a lot for the awesome reply. I got a membership in my local golf club so I can play whenever I want My full time goal is to become a pro, but that will take a lot longer. Also, good luck with your son.
  4. Nice read. What should you practice more out of that 65% of full swing shots. Driving or Iron Shots?
  5. Sorry, let me rephrase that. What should I practice? Hour of irons, hour of chipping, hour of putting, hour of driving? Or should I just play a round of 18 everyday? Sorry, I'm kind of new to golf.
  6. How many balls would that be?
  7. I just joined here and I'm starting to play golf more and more, especially with a 3 month summer break coming! Anyway, I'm only 13 and I have a 36 HI and I really wanna get down to at least 8. How often should I practice? Also, I really need to improve my driving.
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