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  1. Thanks for all the info guys . Looking forward to building these clubs . Start building when I get the ferrules .
  2. When I took the irons apart I noticed a different type of glue to hold the tip weight in the hossel. Is that required or can I use my shafting epoxy to put them in ? Thanks for the confirmation Adam .
  3. Kbs Tour C Taper 90 , reg flex with Golf pride Tour wrap midsize . I am reshafting with recoil ES 760 with Golf pride align standard . I found an article that suggested the difference between head weight should be 7 grams +- 3grams . I am going to redo the weights so that I achieve those numbers.
  4. What would be the weight differences of a 5 iron to a 6 iron to a 7 iron so so forth all the way to the gap wedge ? Should the difference be say 7 to 10 grams between heads ? Took apart a set of SLDR ‘S and found some weights glued into the hossel below the shaft . After taking some measurements of the weights in the irons I found the differences in weight were . Weight increasing from long to wedges . 5 to 6 was 14 grams , 6 to 7 was 5 grams , 7 to 8 was 6 grams , 8 to 9 was 6 grams , 9 to P was 8 grams and P to A was 3 grams . Any thoughts ?
  5. I am thinking the books should be deemed illegal. Why do the players get to see the subtle breaks in the book and not have to read them with their eyes. Green reading is a skill , book reading is ???
  6. If the compass/protractor is considered illegal why isn't the book he wrote in also illegal ?
  7. Thanks again Woodsie , my physician suggested that I use glucosamine condrotin when I was first diagnosed with OA in my right hip . I have been taking gc for about 10 years now . I am pretty sure without it I wouldn't be walking 18 holes now. But always looking for the magic bullet , and the way research is these days and the Internet . There is so much information to digest and why not try the ones that are easily accessible. So I am going to give the serrapeptase a try . Let you know if anything happens , or not , in two months.
  8. Good info woodzie , thanks . You seem informed what have you heard of boron for arthritis ? What I have heard is this is mineral that is no longer in our food due to farming techniques used theses days.
  9. Anybody out there trying or using this supplement ? I am trying it for osteoarthritis , supposedly there is an enzyme from a silkworm that will rid your body of dead internal tissue .
  10. You get an attaboy Mr Hughes ! Hope to see it again !
  11. Does anybody or has anybody read tour tempo ? Just read , think I am going to give it a try . Has anyone used or uses this system and what do you think of it ?
  12. Saw a commercial where Brandell Chamblis was endorsing a golf instruction system . Too bad they picked him to endorse it , they lost any credibility they might have had. Just saying.
  13. Just wondering how many SandTrap members live in and around Winnipeg . How many members are transplanted Winnipegers ? If you are transplanted , where are you now and where do you play ? I myself am a 5 year member at St Boniface Golf Club . The course is basically tree lined on the back nine and a little bit open on the front. 127 slope. Nice test of golf . What I like about playing there is it teaches you to bear down on you tee shot , if you are the least bit wayward you pay the price. When you go play a more forgiving course you tend to free wheel , and it doesn't hurt you.
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