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  1. Dress Codes: Good or Bad for the Game

    But "big stinks" go both ways, don't they? Why do my cargo shorts affect your day at the golf course? And what's so special about a collar? With exceptions such as t-shirts with the f-bomb written as large as possible, why do my clothes matter at all to other people on the course? After experimenting with different clothes, I found that standard "golf clothes" are the most comfortable for golfing (shocking!) so I usually wear a collared shirt and either golf pants or shorts; sometimes those shorts are cargo shorts. I hope I can still get into heaven.
  2. Winter Depression Thread

    Well, everyone needs to find some reason to be happy living in Charlotte. :)
  3. I started that badly and after 5 (I think) seasons, I'm still pretty bad. Things started coming together after the first season but they periodically fall apart again. (This can be an infuriating game.) I don't know what you think you should be shooting score-wise but golf is really hard and you sound impatient. If I were you, I wouldn't keep score. After 5 years, I rarely keep score. Usually score is kept when I'm playing with a friend who insists on it. (I don't know why he cares, we're both shooting in the 100-110 range.) I try to play with humility, patience, and humor. I almost always enjoy my round. :)
  4. One more voice for the "pick it up and give it to the pro shop if no one claims it sooner." We have one guy in my area who went farther than that: A buddy of mine left a Mizuno iron in a tree (he didn't intentionally throw it there, for whatever reason he let go of the club during his swing). This was before the season officially started (during a couple unseasonably warm days in Feb) so the pro shop wasn't open yet. He went back the next day with a friend and a ladder but couldn't find the club in the tree. So he asked me to swing by the course to see if I could see it. When I got there the club wasn't in the tree and it wasn't on the ground. I had to pass the pro-shop building to get back to my car and there, laying on the deck, was his club.
  5. Airplane geek thread

    Is it me or is it silly to have an "airplane geek" thread and no pictures of... ya know... airplanes!? I'll try to maximize my aircraft-to-picture ratio here and post a few from the museum at Boeing field in Seattle and the Evergreen Air Museum. I went to both back in 2015...
  6. Why is America so fat?

    I rarely hit fastfood anymore but I recently went through a Wendy's drive-thru and asked for "medium." I still can't get over how big that freakin' cup was.
  7. Congrats! Sounds like you recovered really well from that bad hole.
  8. That's what I don't understand when I see that Ericsson was all excited about Dan's attempt. His (Ericsson's) paper on deliberate practice even mentioned that:
  9. You can express your excitement for doing something without that expression being an implicit "suck it" to those who aren't. If the golfers not playing in the Solheim Cup can't be happy (or if not happy, at least indifferent) for their peers who were chosen, that is their problem.
  10. Parity on tour

    Why would there be less drama? I was glued to my chair for the last 9 holes (and playoff) of the Master's this year. For me, the fact that Rose and Garcia are buddies (at least friendly) and were giving each other fist bumps actually made it better; two guys matching each other shot-for-shot and and acknowledging each other's play made for great viewing.
  11. This article says he was allowed to drop so it must have been found in the hazard.
  12. League Players vs Regular Players - Etiquette

    It sounds like the only thing you can do is tell the pro shop that you're taking your golf someplace else. At my local course, the leagues stay on 9 holes, leaving the other 9 open for play.
  13. My Swing (krupa)

    I have not, but I will now. Thanks!

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