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  1. I just saw the story and this is -- word for word -- almost exactly what I was going to say.
  2. 1. We have an Upstate NY group. 2. What's the point of a sub-forrum called "Member Outings and Meetups" if not to discuss meeting up and having an outing? @RFKFREAK my summer has been really chaotic (in a good way, but still very crazy) and I don't think I can do a golf trip to Rochester this month. I need to recover from my June and July.
  3. krupa

    Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    Mine is obviously a joke. I don't maintain a handicap and can't even if I want to. I play probably 98% of my rounds alone and would never get in enough official rounds get an HI calculated. My Game Golf HI is currently 35. I don't know how GG calculates it but if I don't follow the rules to the best of my knowledge/ability, I don't include the round in my stats.
  4. I still don't completely understand what he's actually measuring. Before the round he gets a sheet that shows hole positions and he has a book with the contours of the green. So when he gets to the green he can see that the hole on the sheet isn't exactly where it is on the green? And then he's using a compass (I almost said protractor) to figure out on his book where the hole really is? 1. I either didn't learn or have forgotten how to use a compass. How is he doing this? 2. Can he possibly be accurate enough to matter? The photos that I've seen show him with his putter in the crook of his arm while holding a floppy book in one hand and a protractor ... dammit... compass in the other. (I love how Ads by Amazon is now offering me a 16-pack of plastic protractors when I few this page.)
  5. I thought I had read that it was going to be allowed but I guess I was reading someone's opinion and not the official ruling. I'm not terribly surprised at the ruling; I don't see a lot of difference between using the compass to figure out the "true pin location" on the green and using a range finder to find the "true location" of the pin from where the player is standing.
  6. krupa

    2018 Military Tribute at The Greenbrier

    Tidbit: The Walker Cup is named after George H. W. Bush's grandfather. And yeah... presidents like to golf.
  7. krupa

    MLB Pace of Play Rule

    They definitely need a pace-of-play rule in baseball. A few years back there is/was a pitcher for (I think) the Cubs who was taking almost a minute per pitch. Granted, it was during the playoffs but he'd take forever even when the bases were empty. I love baseball and one of the reasons is that there isn't a clock. And while I am one of the most patient people you will ever, that game was completely unwatchable.
  8. krupa

    2019 Masters Lottery

    I don't remember what days I signed up for. Doesn't matter though, I too was denied.
  9. krupa

    How Hot Is Too Hot to Play?

    I teed off yesterday at 9am and it was about 80 degrees. We finished at noon and it was 95+. As we were finishing, I saw some people on holes 10 and 2. So there were some hardy golfers out there! I probably wouldn't have started playing if it was 95 degrees but it wasn't terrible.
  10. krupa

    Game Golf Tags on a Droid

    I have found that my phone (a Motorola X) has a fairly small sweet spot for NFC. You can be close and the phone makes a sad little noise, basically saying "I saw something was there but didn't know what to do with it". Then move the tag less than an inch and it reads it fine. When you put the phone in your pocket, do you hit the power button to turn the screen off? If so, don't. When the first hole comes up either put the phone in your pocket or hit the "half-moon" button in the center. (See attached, tiny picture I grabbed from their site.) Also, it's a little OT but how do you like that phone? I'm looking for a new one and was considering that one.
  11. krupa

    Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    Undercover Tour Pro
  12. Walked nine with my wife. She doesn't play but will push my cart for me which is nice. I was playing pretty well tonight but making an effort not to total up the score while we were waiting on a couple tees. Finally on the tee of the par 4 9th, my wife says, "You've got 45 so far." Great. If I par the hole, I'm sub-50 and I know it. I hit a decent drive, and then a 9-iron into a bunker. Chip out of the bunker (the sand was hard as a rock) and sink the putt for par. So 49? Not so fast. I total up the card (didn't use game golf tonight) and come up with 53. We go back and forth and I finally underline groups of holes that total 10 to discover I was counting one hole twice. Final score... 47! This is the second time this season that I've broken my best 9-hole score. I had no triple bogies and only one penalty stroke. I wish I had time to play full rounds.
  13. I don't know; I wasn't trying to adjudicate it. I was simply pointing out that (a) the only decision I found about compasses was about the magnetic kind and (b) that on the surface, "using a device to measure something" sounds like it would be against the rules.
  14. When DeChambeau invites you over to dinner... I couldn't resist.
  15. There was a decision, 14-3/4 that sounds like it was intended for the directional compass: Using the geometrical compass sounds like he's using a device to measure distance which, on the surface, sounds like a no-no.

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