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  1. Update: I spoke to the pro shop manager. It isn't a league, but a single-elimination, match-play tournament. I'm leaning towards signing up. The entry fee isn't much and I've donated to tournaments (pool) in the past.
  2. Thanks. I don't mind losing but I don't want it to be a 10 and 8 every week either. I'm hoping to catch him tonight to get some more details but he wants people to play so will be trying to sell me a bit. I wanted some unbiased opinions as well.
  3. The pro shop manager at my course asked me if I wanted to join a singles, 18-hole match-play league. On the one hand, I'd like to meet more golfers and play more. On the other hand, after he told me about it, I went out and shot 105. I had a nice, 6-hole run of bogey golf on the back nine before the wheels came off on 16 and then I recovered decently for the last two holes, so maybe I'm not that far off from "decent" playing. I assume with a handicap, I could be competitive making bogeys? I don't understand how handicaps work when competing and I don't have one so I don't know where I'd start. I also don't want to be "that guy" that the other guys feel is taking up space and should improve more before joining something like that. I realize a lot depends on the other players. I play in competitive pool leagues and some people are great with new players and some don't want to deal with them. Would you care if you played someone like me in a setting like this? Would I be out of my depth jumping into a singles league before getting some experience in other league formats? Thanks!
  4. walked 18 tonight. 55/50 = 105 On the front 9, I had 3 consecutive 8's. Blah. On the back 9, I played bogey golf for the first 6 holes. Then my back said, "enough with this shit" and I shot a 10 on 16. I played the last two holes +2, +1.
  5. Lostgolfballs.com is a good place to get cheap, used balls as well.
  6. krupa

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    And knowing is half the battle.
  7. krupa

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    I feel like this requires a mic drop.
  8. krupa

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    That's what they're saying https://www.golfdigest.com/story/bizarre-turn-in-story-of-dqed-high-school-golfers-players-administrators-say-rules-official-told-them-to-hit-from-wrong-tee-then-denied-it There are a lot of people quoted in the article which makes it a little hard to follow, but basically the kids asked a coach who asked a rules official.
  9. krupa

    Newbie Observation

    Muscle fatigue, mental fatigue, the general fact that golf is hard and you'll hit the ball great one day and shit the next. But really it's all "growing pains" or whatever you want to call it when you learn. Golf is hard and takes a lot of time to get consistent.
  10. krupa

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    The 4 groups that were DQ'd were the first four groups that played the hole. If they had just moved the tee markers up, everyone else would have played the same course. I know nothing about tournament golf. Are there technical reasons for not simply moving up the markers?
  11. krupa

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    I guess that sums it up.
  12. krupa

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    I'm surprised 4 groups made the same mistake.
  13. krupa

    Poor Lucas Glover

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/golf/2018/05/15/lucas-glover-pga-tour-wife-arrested-domestic-violence/613142002/ This woman needs some help.
  14. The only use I could see for this is if I were to walk around Ireland and play every course I could find, then write a book about it. http://www.tomcoyne.com/a-course-called-ireland.html ...guess I don't need one of these.
  15. krupa

    changing balls during play

    So what's the ruling if a golfer tosses his ball to his caddy who isn't paying attention and the ball goes in the nearby pond? Is it the general "playing a different ball" penalty?

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