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  1. Thanks! I don't really know why I did them vertically, I actually hate it and these just reinforce that opinion. Next time will be horizontal.
  2. Thanks! She's already established golf as a priority... not for her, she doesn't really like it but she's concerned that I spend too much time in front of computers and kicks me out of the house to play golf.
  3. As you noted in the other thread, I'm getting hitched this summer (and thanks for the well-wishes!) There's no way I could do it before August and honestly, there's very little chance of me doing it in August. Maybe late August would work but I can't commit to anything.
  4. Welcome! I've been playing as long as you and have only broken 100 once. So, while it's easy to compare yourself to your playing partners you're still way ahead of a lot of us. If you think your playing partners are judging you, then find new partners, but to be honest, they're probably not. This game is too hard to think too much about the other guy (that goes for you too). Of course it takes some people longer than others. No it is emphatically not uncommon to have such a "high" handicap, as a matter of fact, depending on what source you look at, you're at or slightly above average for shooting consistently in the 90s. Correct it by taking lessons from a competent instructor and make a My Swing thread. If you ask me, this is your biggest mental-game issue. Between being worried about what your playing partners think about your game and trying to "blow away someone new to golf", you are way too concerned with how you look to the guy next to you.
  5. Or are we just waking you up? only in a straight line.
  6. This (though I don't know what you mean by "the value at any point in time is zero".) Velocity is speed and direction so even though your car's speedometer says a constant 10 mph when you take a turn, you are still technically accelerating. Even though this site also mixes speed and velocity and acceleration, it hits the main point: We don't feel the Earth move because it has a constant speed.
  7. Exactly! Because acceleration is the change in velocity over time and velocity is defined as speed and direction, IF we were really moving in the paths described by so-called "scientists" (and I use that word as loosely as possible) then surely we'd feel that force every second of our lives!!! QED, beyatch!
  8. Well, instead of saying they sound plausible, I guess it's more accurate to say that it takes a second to realize what they're saying is false (e.g., they like to mix units and compare measurements of two different things), why it's false, and to come up with the argument against it. I can't/won't defend or explain their BS, but it's entertaining to read. I found this website and thought this was a particularly awesome piece of self-delusion. I don't know if this site is intentionally tongue-in-cheek, but there are others that argue the same kind of thing. Most of their "proofs" hinge on denying the existence of gravity. To summarize, the moon and sun are the same size in the sky, you can see that the earth is flat and feel that it isn't moving.
  9. Without video it's all speculation but could this be a setup problem? I had a similar problem with my driver where practice swings felt great but once I had to hit a ball, it went off the rails. A clubfitter at Dick's pointed out that I stood way too close to the ball. Sure enough, when I moved back from the ball to the correct position, my backswings were much more comfortable and I was able to make decent contact with the ball.
  10. tails. I love reading Flat Earth arguments; they sound plausible at first but then make no sense if you think about them for a couple seconds. My absolute favorite is how Round Earth defenders use NASA photographs as proof and then the Flat Earthers start by saying NASA has never gone into space and then proceed to explain why the photograph is "clearly a fake" based on how it looks. If we never went to space and looked at the Earth, how the hell do you know what it should look like!?
  11. He's only 43!!?? I would have guessed much closer to 50.
  12. At the start of this season my plan had been to not worry so much about improving and just enjoy my time at the course. When I practice, I tend to get unrealistic expectations and so when I don't see instant results I get frustrated. By the end of last season I was pretty miserable on the course. However, I feel like I've been hitting the ball better and have been working on hitting my driver again. A chance comment by the club-fitter at Dick's pointed out a problem with my setup. Not to say that my setup is perfect now but it's better than what it was. So here are some videos I took this morning at the range of me with a 4-iron and driver. I'd love some feedback because apart from working on not slicing the driver (it's getting better... slowly) I don't know what to work on. Thanks! Technical Difficulties: When I took the videos, my cellphone wouldn't play them back so I couldn't see if it was lined up correctly. Because storm clouds were approaching I decided to take my luck with what I recorded. And so, both views are too close to the camera (alternately the camera was angled-up too much) and the caddie view is centered a little too far forward.
  13. I'm listening to this on Sirius XM and the idiots screaming after a tee shot sounds like they're being murdered. I just don't understand why these people are doing that. Are they that desperate for attention?
  14. Speculation is fun: Maybe Bones had some huge bonus in his contract in the event that Phil got the career grand slam and Bones was super pissed that Phil skipped Erin Hills. Maybe it is the knees and instead of Bones just saying, "I can't do it anymore", he mentioned to Phil how, after scoping out Erin Hills he was glad he didn't have to lug the bag around and Phil just said, "ya know, maybe it's time you called it a career? You want to be able to play with your grandkids, don't you?" "yeah," replied Bones, "I've been kind of thinking about that myself..."
  15. d'oh! I didn't scroll down far enough to see yours.