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  1. Is it me or is this happening more frequently this year? Wolff wins his third start. Last week, the winner got in as the last alternate. Did someone win a Monday qualifier and win recently too? There's some truth in this. Everyone was making birdies on Saturday except him.
  2. Dave Pelz is a short-game guy. He pretty much says so in his Chipping and Putting books. The guy who drives it long. He's going to have easier/closer approach shots which means he'll be at or inside 5 feet more often than me.
  3. It's hard to take the OP seriously after there was a similar thread about Woods after the Masters.
  4. I got fancy noise-cancelling headphones and I think I heard "ya got me..". it could just as easily be "it got me". His head was down which makes it a little garbled. Either way, I don't care. Personally, I don't think they should be listening for or broadcasting that stuff. Let the people compete in one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world without having to worry about voicing some frustration and sending the Twitterverse into a tizzy.
  5. It's not always political. I wouldn't have played his courses before he announced his presidency. I have always thought that the man is a pretty crappy human being and would never knowingly give him my money.
  6. My birthday's coming up and I'd like to give my wife some ideas. I like what this site offers but before I point my wife in that direction, I was wondering if anyone had an experience with the site. Thanks
  7. Mr. DeChambeau, I've thought it over and you're still slow, you goober. Agreed.
  8. His show was boring anyway. They need to bring back Matt Adams.
  9. Yeah... it's how fast people walk to their ball, not how they stand there staring at their belly button while the other guys hit. Someone needs to explain to these guys that professional golf is part of the entertainment industry. No one wants to watch The Hat factor in butterfly farts into his wind calculations. If no one watches, there will be no tournaments.
  10. I thought his comments were condescending. Is that condescension coming because they're women? Only Hank could answer that question, but I'm guessing probably a bit. HIs apology, like most public apologies these days, came off as disingenuous. As for watching LPGA, I like it as much as PGA... probably more because there aren't screaming morons after every shot.
  11. This one time at band camp...
  12. Men want to be him, women want to be with him and sometimes it's the other way around! How does he keep his beer cold? It's the ice cold stare.
  13. Yeah, but Bart sucks.
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