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  1. Parity on tour

    Why would there be less drama? I was glued to my chair for the last 9 holes (and playoff) of the Master's this year. For me, the fact that Rose and Garcia are buddies (at least friendly) and were giving each other fist bumps actually made it better; two guys matching each other shot-for-shot and and acknowledging each other's play made for great viewing.
  2. This article says he was allowed to drop so it must have been found in the hazard.
  3. League Players vs Regular Players - Etiquette

    It sounds like the only thing you can do is tell the pro shop that you're taking your golf someplace else. At my local course, the leagues stay on 9 holes, leaving the other 9 open for play.
  4. My Swing (krupa)

    I have not, but I will now. Thanks!
  5. My Swing (krupa)

    High-level: My shots off the tee, my shots are all over the place. I think my problem is in some fundamentals, especially my grip. My grip, especially with the 3-wood and driver, is wonky. On a practice swing it feels fine, when I set up to the ball and do the backswing something is off. I don't know how to describe it; I don't know if it's just a bad backswing or my grip is in a different position or is lighter or tighter but at the top of my backswing the club doesn't feel right in my hands. I have, on occasion, even hurt my left thumb trying to swing these long clubs.
  6. What a rough day :(

    This happens to me all the time. I usually don't bother to keep score anymore. I pay attention on a per-hole basis but not writing down a number or caring about a final score means I'm more likely to shake off a bad hole and play better for the rest of the round. And, if I don't play better for the rest of the round, who cares? I'm not keeping score and it's a beautiful day and course and I'm not going to let something as silly as golf ruin my free time!
  7. My Swing (krupa)

    Still dancing between wanting to practice and improve and just go out and play. So I went to the driving range today and recorded my swing. My big problem this summer has been getting off the tee. If I can get on or close to the fairway, I'm all right my irons. So here are some unedited videos of 5 iron and 3 wood. once I started thinking about a slow backswing I was hitting the 3 wood pretty well. When I got home and looked at the video, I was surprised at how fast the backswing still was. My "miss" these days is everything. On the first tee, I hit a duck hook. on the second a big 'ole slice. On the third, I'll set up for the slice and hit a laser straight into a tree. You get the idea and why I have decided to make a couple trips to the range every week for the rest of the season. (And yes, the lines/angles aren't great. I can barely see my phone's screen in the sun.)
  8. I'm interested but can't watch it while I'm at work. The scoreboard is just numbers so not much to comment on, except that Grayson Murray had the first tee time (7:20) and it looked like he finished after 12:30. Is that correct or was that lag between when he finished and the pgatour.com leaderboard got updated?
  9. Is this the same long drive competition that Bubba was all pissy about 2-3 years ago? If so, I hope he's gotten over himself and gives it a try:
  10. 2017 WGC - Bridgestone

    Nah. I think Speith would get my vote; he has three wins and one was the Open,
  11. 2017 WGC - Bridgestone

    Wtf, CBS!? You show three shots between commercials!? I think they spent more time showing old soap box delivered cars than they did golf. If this keeps up, I'm not gonna be watching long.
  12. Stubbornness on Short Game vs Long Game

    Yeah it was a huge generalization and the guy made some caveat that he was talking about the people at the top of the leaderboard. But it perpetuates the "work on your short game" mentality that so many people have.
  13. Stubbornness on Short Game vs Long Game

    I once heard a commentator say something like: all pros get on the green in the same number of strokes so what differentiates them is their putting.
  14. Airplane geek thread

    Holy shit. I had never heard that before. When I lived in Portland people were too distracted by aliens and chemtrails... and the beer, of course.