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  1. Agreed. You need to watch your shot land or you're going to spend more looking for your ball than it took to watch it. A lot of the time that won't really be necessary but if it's heading toward trees you want to watch to see if -- and which direction -- the ball bounces off a tree.
  2. It was a reference to Happy Gilmore. :)
  3. Survived 18. I was using GameGolf on my phone with the belt unit. My phone died and although I know the belt part kept going I'm not going to bother getting the data. I played the front 9 in 58 and the back was just getting worse (I was tired and my back was tightening up.) Ah well, I enjoyed myself.
  4. Poulter needed $31K at the Valero to keep his card and missed. Does that mean he needs to regain his Tour card in another way (e.g., winning an event)? If he makes money at the Zurich Classic, does that count towards the dollar amount he needed before?
  5. Looking at some of the teams, I wonder if they had this conversation: Golfer 1: Hey wanna play on my team? Golfer 2: Sure, then on the weekend we can go bowling and hit the Sizzler!
  6. Did you hear that? It was my head exploding. Not that people hate golf but that people actively hate it to the point that, apropos of nothing, they post their hatred online. But thanks for the link, I can't stop smiling at the idea of it!
  7. Oh come now... do you expect us to believe that you can't remember what you post on Facebook?
  8. This forum has made me forget how uncivil and crazy arrogant the rest of the Internet can be. For a fun read, check out the argument about how many days are in a week and how to "count days": https://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=107926751 My hope for mankind is that some day we're all educated and understand things the way David does.
  9. People are strange. But before the Internet, you had to go to bus stations at strange times to really experience the crazy. The Internet is basically a bus station where every hour is the "crazy hour." Case in point: )
  10. So what should the official do instead, ask each player if they intended to play with 15 clubs? "Excuse me, but did you intend to break the rules? No? Then we won't dock you those points. Funny how no one ever says yes..."
  11. Why? Why should we have to be willing to accept possible death/rape threats, doxxing, swatting, and other retribution just to notify a rules official when someone breaks a rule in a golf tournament? It's not as though it was an anonymous, "poison pen" letter accusing her of doping or something. There was evidence to support the caller and that evidence didn't need HD slow motion replay to see. What if it was a spectator near the green and they notified a rules official? Should their identity be revealed if they call a rules official?
  12. Thanks. I thought it was closer to that but didn't want to guess and be even more off.
  13. Shot a 54 tonight. Double-bogey every hole except two: one triple and one bogy. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/krupa/round/1528882 So not a great round but felt like I was mostly hitting the ball well. And I got ice cream at the end. Golf + ice cream = good round. :)
  14. If he also calls in rule violations, we may have found Joey Cheeto!