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  1. A couple thoughts: I don't think these changes are going to make much of a difference. The PGA Tour saw a bunch of articles and what-not about people changing the channel because of slow play and are saying what they need to to keep people watching. I don't expect any significant improvement to pace-of-play. Zack Johnson doesn't know what the word "proactive" means.
  2. I hope he counts his days correctly Full Body Workout Every Other Day? - Bodybuilding.com Forums Is it safe to do a full body workout every other day? I only have limited days I can get to the gym, and latley instead of doing upperbody or lowerbody I...
  3. Highest. Praise. Ever. Sincerely, Another Jamestown native. Congratulations, @iacas!
  4. This year, I have only played 9 hole rounds. I go to the course an hour or so before sundown and have the place to myself.
  5. But you also said you can't enjoy golf regardless of the score. I can. When I keep score, I still enjoy the round regardless of the outcome.
  6. I call it a coward for deserting its duty by hiding in the woods. I really like Erik's videos and tend to agree with this one. I, for one, am doing this because it's fun. Getting all worked up and angry over bad shots is (a) something I've definitely done and (b) something I don't do anymore. When my wife asks me how it went the answer is always the same: "Some good shots, some not-so-good shots, some really good ones, and some I can't seem to recall."
  7. Because it's enjoyable to just walk the course and whack a ball around.
  8. went to the bank with a check that could choke a hippo.
  9. Radio Lab did a show about lying and they talked about self-lying and that in a very small study, the best swimmers were the ones who consistently lied to themselves. Lying to Ourselves | Radiolab | WNYC Studios Can we lie to ourselves? If you are the liar, wouldn't you know the truth?
  10. The only thing I found confusing was how it was presented on the broadcast last weekend. The commentators kept talking about having to finish in the top 30 and because it was a playoff, I thought they meant top 30 of the tournament they were currently playing. Apparently not. So that makes calling last week a playoff kind of confusing.
  11. 1. Play with your friends at slow times or less-busy courses, even if that means playing lower-quality courses (The Golf Gods will not strike you down, I promise.) 2. Be honest that sometimes you and your friend sometimes want to play better courses and not want to deal with them OR that they have to pick up their ball if they're affecting pace of play. 3. You have your best, average, and worst scores. You can't expect to shoot 84 today because you shot it yesterday. 4. Not every round of golf has to be played for a score. Why not just go out and have fun with your friends?
  12. The last time I listened to Breed, he went into painful detail about how many pockets your bag should have, exactly what should be in each one, that you should have 3 gloves in your glove pocket, and exactly why you have three gloves. Riveting stuff. Unfortunately, I had to turn it off before he went into what color my tees should be and why. So him saying "the game of golf" a lot really doesn't bother me.
  13. That's not true, actually. Pockets are cut differently (different sizes and face angles), rails play differently based on how tight the cloth is and how worn it is, and cloth plays differently as well. And that kind of proves my point: it takes a die-hard pool fan to know the nuances enough to appreciate what they're watching. When it's only the die-hards watching it, you're probably not going to see as much of it.
  14. Maybe, maybe not. I think about professional pool. For the general public, it's pretty boring to watch because every shot is so "easy". People don't understand what goes into pocketing a ball and getting perfect shape on the next one. So watching golf, when everyone is putting the ball in the middle of the fairway, then just hitting a wedge onto the green, and shooting at the pin, will eventually get boring to watch.
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