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  1. This one time at band camp...
  2. Men want to be him, women want to be with him and sometimes it's the other way around! How does he keep his beer cold? It's the ice cold stare.
  3. Who'd win in a fight: Brooks or Chuck Norris?
  4. One positive thing about the rain... my local course enlarged the pond on hole 3 this off-season and it's filling up pretty fast. One negative thing... my local course enlarged the pond on hole 3
  5. I guess I have to let @ChetlovesMer and @onthehunt526 know that I think I've changed my tune about the driver. It's only been about 12 holes (one nine hole round interrupted by storm) but I was hitting my driver pretty well. not completely under control but good enough to have some good holes and actually some bad holes because all of a sudden I'm at distances from the green that I'm not used to dealing with.
  6. @ChetlovesMer, I appreciate your response and your passion. Re: instructors There aren't a lot around here and 2/4 that I saw just repeated whatever they read in Golf Digest that week. The other two were better. One was great (my club's pro) but he got a better offer and left the area. Additionally, there's a time component at play here. I have very time consuming outdoor hobbies (bicycling and golf) as well as yard work at home. So on the days that I decide to golf (versus the other things), I then have to decide if I go to a range (good one is 30+ minutes from my house) or just go play (~3 minutes from my house). When I first started playing, I put a lot more time in at the range. Now I just like walking around smacking a ball around. It is what it is. I really enjoy golfing on my terms. That means no scores, no HCI, and no stress. I'm getting better very very slowly and that's cool with me. I put a lot of time in to develop my profession skills, I like taking things easy in most other things. I originally responded to this thread just to let the OP know that the Golfing Police aren't going to get him for not using his driver and that golf can be enjoyable without it.
  7. Right, only "hood rats" sleep around on their wives. And DEFINITELY no one with money sleeps around.
  8. My forehand is crap and I throw backhand with my left hand and forehand with my right, so I can never get a right-to-left flight.
  9. I haven't carried a driver for years. When I'm playing all right, I hit my 3W as far as my regular playing partner hits his driver (he's about 20 years older than me, though). I have tried lessons with different instructors and never got anywhere. Trying to swing a driver made me hate playing so I took it out of my bag and haven't looked back. I may never break 90 but the way I play, breaking 100 again is questionable.
  10. Get with the Disc Ithaca group. They're a good bunch of people and always welcome new players.
  11. Brooks Koepka: 'No one has the balls to penalize' slow play | Golf Channel Brooks Koepka has been pretty upfront about his disdain for slow play, calling it 'kind of embarrassing' just last week. But now he's taken it a step further. And Brooks Koepka on slow play: 'Kind of embarrassing' | Golf Channel Three-time major champ Brooks Koepka took issue with the plight of slow play in professional golf, calling it "kind of embarrassing." That last part really kills me. If you're waiting for someone else to take a shot, why aren't you figuring everything out then? These are the same a-holes that go to fast-food restaurants and don't look at the menu until they're at the front of the line. "Oh, it's my turn? now let me think... what I am in the mood for...?"
  12. I need glasses to see and I don't use contacts. If it's sunny, I'm taking every shot with my sunglasses on.
  13. Walk 9, ride 18. I don't deny that I'm not in great shape but I also have a wonky back. I could walk the entire course without swinging a club but when you add in pushing my cart and actually playing the game, sometimes I'm lucky to finish 9.
  14. I think it'd be pretty tough to balance. I would much prefer the GolfBoard
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