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  1. I don't have the patience for one pocket. I like pocketing balls too much. 🙂
  2. I have a Brunswick Gold Crown shoe-horned into my basement. I got it at a good price and figured I'd just renovate/add-on to the house to make it fit better. The obstructions are minimal but I just use the table for practice so if the stairs get in the way, I just move the cue ball. My main playing cue is a Poison Bolt that I won in a raffle at a league tournament. I like the feel a lot more than a custom cue I have. Maybe I'll take pictures later. Favorite game would definitely be 14.1 but the closest league is up in Syracuse (90 minutes from my house). The league I'm in plays 8, 9, and 10 ball primarily but we also have "Fast 8" where you have 4 solids, 4 stripes, and the 8-ball and then play as 8-ball. i guess it's for when the league matches run late and you just want to get home.
  3. I voted because I'm a member of the site and on some level part of the intended audience but the more I think about it, what is the intended audience in terms of golfing ability? And for the record, I voted that I wouldn't pay for it. I'm not a fan of golf instructional videos and articles. I have no idea if I'm doing the the thing the video is trying to correct and if I make a change, I don't know if I'm really doing it right. I feel like one-on-one instruction is best for me.
  4. At my course, the clubhouse and pro shop are closed and therefore so are the restrooms. There are two port-johns on the course that I think are unlocked.
  5. They've "clarified" the statement and said that public courses can also open if they follow distancing guidelines. State-run courses are closed but otherwise, it's up to the operators. My course and another in the area re-opened. No carts, no inside access, maintain 6' distancing and "if they catch you'll they'll ask you to leave." So far, I've just seen a couple grounds crew, I doubt they're worrying about how close people are getting to each other.
  6. I worked for two summers after I finished high school as summer maintenance help in a local machine shop. The shop basically ground metal/steel cylinders down into a smaller things like the pointy punches to punch holes in band-aids. They also made punches for golf ball dimples; I was never told which brand and we didn't put the curve into it, we just sent them flattened punches and they shaped them for their balls. Anyway, as summer maintenance help, I basically cleaned things got dirty all year. The big summer project was taking down the metal light shades and cleaning the years-worth of oily buildup. This required climbing shaky ladders over running machinery to get the shade off, then clean it in a metal trough of water and GP cleaning solution. We wore yellow cleaning gloves and the yellow wore off the gloves and stained my skin. I went to my HS graduation with jaundiced hands. One of the better chores was dealing with the sewage (seriously.) We were out of the city and had our own septic system. All the waste went through some on-site processing and then was drained onto a sand field (about as big as a bunker.) It dried in the sun and then I got to rake up the leafy crap and dump it in the field. I was dealing with people's shit but at least I was outside. Lots of dirty, manual jobs at that place that make me appreciate what I'm doing now (software engineer.)
  7. We went to Lowe's yesterday for some stuff. The kid who helped us said people are going to the store and not buying anything, they told him that they just wanted to get out of the house.
  8. This has been mine as well. I have trouble believing that anyone, even a PGA Tour player, can be so perfect that they'd see a difference.
  9. Do you remember any numbers? Like how much distance could you lose/gain or deviation per foot for putting kind of thing?
  10. Same thing happens in NY. Manhattan has a population density of 67,000 people per square mile. The village I live in has 1800 people per square mile (that's the entire village, by the way.) The same rules can't/won't apply. The county only has 100K people. I suspect, though, that if it were a county-by-county decision, most would close anyway because superficially, it looks bad. "THERE'S A PANDEMIC GRIPPING THE NATION AND YOU'RE LETTING PEOPLE GOLF!?"
  11. New York State just closed golf courses until the end of the month.
  12. Maybe. That's how I look at it. Everyone has their worst, best, and average scores and the majority of your rounds will fall in the average area. To me, using the word "random" just obviates personal responsibility. If I'm playing poorly and really think about it for a second, I tend to realize that I'm thinking too much about a bug in my software or my back is tight and unconsciously changed my swing to avoid pain or something. But it's never just "random".
  13. Also get a 500 error. I haven't dealt with them in a year or so but personally I've had really good experiences.
  14. My course posted an update over the weekend that says NYS courses can stay open if they follow social distancing guidelines including don't shake hands 6' physical separation no rakes or ball washers don't share clubs/equipment one cart per person
  15. Sorry, I thought the link was about his original comments, not the push back... shouldn't be trying to read this and work at the same time. Breed definitely wasn't worked up just by the words.
  16. For a person who makes their living with words, "bitch slap" is a ridiculously stupid thing to say. I agree with @billchao that there is a lot of crap on social media as well. If BC's argument really worked, we wouldn't have so many conspiracy theories flying around.
  17. I'm either going to throw them some extra money (I've already paid for my 2020 membership) or just buy some extra crap in the shop when they open.
  18. Just went over to my course last night. They're officially closed but are letting people play and asking for a donation. No one was at the pro shop when I went by so I don't know if someone is usually there or the donation should be slipped into the mail slot. They also ask players not to remove the flags and put pool noodles in the cup.
  19. krupa

    Tiny Homes

    I think they'd be OK as like a lakeside cabin where you stay for the weekend or maybe a week in the summer, but never to live in permanently. Also, if I was single and needed a place to write my manifesto...
  20. 1. Working from home for at least the next month. 2. My course never officially opened for the season. My guess is they will stay closed for a while. Members can play it, I've been out a few times and will go out this afternoon. There are usually 2 or 3 other cars in the parking lot and I've only seen people close enough to wave to (not that I'd give 'em a hug if they were closer.)
  21. The story doesn't say if he's had damage due to golf balls or is just unhappy with the number of golf balls in his yard. I would have just built a privacy fence and kept the golf balls to sell at work or garage sales. Maybe create a mural out of them on the course-facing side so everyone can see what happens to their ProV1's when they hit a bad shot. The club was founded in 1922 so I'll assume the homeowner knowingly (or foolishly, not knowing) moved into a house next to an existing golf course. I have no sympathy for people who move next to an existing thing (farm, airport, golf course) then bitch and moan about the situation they put themselves in. Farms smell, airports are loud, golf balls frequently go off-course.
  22. 1. I'm Gen-X and am filled with indifference 2. What's with the Nascar pit crew? Does Phil need new tires?
  23. It looks like Jason and that he's using an axe as a golf club! And all my patent applications have just had boring block diagrams; I didn't know I could have drawn a cartoon.
  24. The USPTO has a weekly listing of new patents. It's interesting/entertaining to take a look at what people are doing. This week, a new patent was issued for a new golf training aid. It seems to me that a good visual cue that you can turn your head is that the golf ball is no longer there, but patents don't judge the efficacy of the invention, only its novelty.
  25. krupa

    Premier Golf League

    It should have been in quotes to indicate the sarcasm.
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