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  1. Favorite Sport/Team Besides Golf

    North Carolina Tar Heel basketball. Went to grad school there in the 90's. Got to see them win the national championship live in '93 and several other Final Fours.
  2. My Swing (Antneye)

    I'm just a bogey golfer who's watched a lot of video, so take my comments for what they're worth (not a lot). Two things about your swing that stick out for me is that your set up could be better and you have a lot of head movement going on. As far as set up goes, I think your knees shouldn't be bent as much. You need to bend more at the waist. And your arms should fall naturally straight down. You are reaching out arms in front of you. For the head position, look up some of the Five Simple Keys videos about about Key #1, Steady Head. I like the drill where you keep your head against the wall and work on making your turn while maintaining contact with the wall. The goal is to try and keep your spine angle the same throughout the swing.
  3. New Callaway Epic.....Irons!

    Man, are those irons ugly. I have the driver and think the woods and hybrids look good. But no way would I get those irons, even if I could afford them.
  4. I walked the course during local qualifying last week. It was played at a muni that I'm pretty familiar with, Northwest GC. The greens might have been a bit faster than usual, but the rough wasn't too bad. I think I could break 127 playing from the tips as a 14.9 handicap.
  5. The road to Erin Hills

    My son and I walked the course at the local qualifier at Northwest in Silver Spring MD. The winner was -6. 6 guys were in a playoff for the last spot, tied at +1.
  6. Apple's Awesome Thread (was 9/9 Event Thread)

    VS for Mac? Is there much call for that? Anyways I'm more of a command line person, so even though I code on Macs, I don't use Xcode.
  7. Looks like one of those Golf Channel infomercials except now it's on Kickstarter.
  8. It was good being cart-mates with you @JGus and meeting everyone else on Saturday. And especially thanks to @DaveP043 for being a terrific host at Stoneleigh. I played pretty poorly too. My front 9 on Saturday was ok, but then the wheels fell off. But, hey, a bad day of golf is still a pretty good day.
  9. 2017 U.S. Open Qualifier

    Best of luck to you! There's doing a US Open qualifyer tomorrow near us, and I'm going to take my son to check it out.
  10. It's official. I am IN! I don't think I can stay for the Aimpoint or the afterparty, though.
  11. DC Golf League?

    Hey mozes21. I live in Bethesda, MD, just outside DC. I think that most of the public courses in my area have golf leagues. I mostly play the Montgomery county public courses. You could give them a call. I think East Potomac in DC runs one too. In fact there's a league page on their web page (golfdc.com). I play in the NIH golf league. We play 9 hole on Tuesdays and Thursdays after work. Unfortunately our season just started and the league is full, I think. You could also check out the DC Golf Tour: http://www.dcgolftour.com A friend of mine runs it. I played one of their events. A lot of very good golfers, so I was kind of out of my league. I ended up dead freaking last, so I'm kind of reluctant to play another one.
  12. I'm a probably yes for golf on Saturday. I'm doubtful for other activities, although an Aimpoint clinic would be cool.
  13. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Thank you ?