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  1. My son and I are interested. I gotta check with the significant other. Also, my son just had his appendix removed, so he'll be rusty and sore. But it ought to be fun, and I've heard great things about the course.
  2. I picked 15 out of the Sweet 16. Pretty fly. My Final Four are LSU, Michigan, Purdue and North Carolina, and I have my Tar Heels winning it all.
  3. My club has an event every year where we play with 7 clubs, and at the first tee your opponent can strike 1 club from your bag. The scores aren't really much different than if we carried full bags. Last year they added a twist where you can only use 3 clubs on any given hole. The main thing that happened there, is that if you got in trouble on a hole you probably wouldn't have a putter available. So you had to putt with a hybrid or wedge or something.
  4. Congrats! And now you can qualify to play in the PGA Championship, right?
  5. Welp, I'm playing a league match today. It's 95 with a heat index of around 110. I'll be out there walking and carrying my bag. Thank goodness we only play 9. 18 would be really tough.
  6. My son, until recently, used the US Kids clubs. They're very good clubs, probably the best kids clubs around. They have the Ultra Light series and the Tour Series. They UL's are lighter and more flexible than the TS. For a beginner, I'd go with the UL series. For a more athletic, more serious kid, the TS are a better fit. When my boy hit 5 foot, instead of getting the TS-60 clubs (the sets are numbered but a kid's height in inches), I just have him my previous clubs, adult sized. He choked down on them for a while, but now, at 5' 3", he just plays them normally.
  7. Yeah, at the DC&P there were boys that could kill it 250+. On the other hand, my son came in second in driving because he kept all 3 of his 210-220 yard drives in the fairway.
  8. Yup, I golf with my son all the time. He's 14 and is hoping to play high school golf next year. He has played for a number of years now. For the last 3-4 he has done the PGA Junior League with our local municipal course. He enjoys the team aspect of it. He has also done a few tournaments, although that hasn't gone as well. Also he's done the Drive, Chip and Putt, although he's never advanced out of the local qualifying. He's taken lessons from several pros, and we've settled on one that he likes and seems like a very good instructor. This year is he has sprouted up, and is now out hitting me. I'm still more consistent that he is, so he's only out shot me once. 🙂 Don't know how long that will last.
  9. Kirklands are back, if anyone is interested. I ordered another 4 dozen. Also now they have a cheaper 3 piece ball.
  10. The golf league I'm in has three different flights, A, B and non-competitive. The NC flight just goes out and hacks it around, no scores or anything. There are some really bad golfers in NC, but they have fun, so it's all good. I've seen other leagues at my local muni that is also non-competitive. I got sent out once with folks in the Marriott league. Random people who work for the company just go out for the fun of it. It didn't seem like most knew each other either, since it's such a big corporation. Basically the company just reserved a block of tee times, and anyone in the company could sign up.
  11. North Carolina Tar Heel basketball. Went to grad school there in the 90's. Got to see them win the national championship live in '93 and several other Final Fours.
  12. Interesting article. They seem to be pretty optimistic about golf as a business. I'm not sure I buy it, but it'd be nice if it were true.
  13. I'm just a bogey golfer who's watched a lot of video, so take my comments for what they're worth (not a lot). Two things about your swing that stick out for me is that your set up could be better and you have a lot of head movement going on. As far as set up goes, I think your knees shouldn't be bent as much. You need to bend more at the waist. And your arms should fall naturally straight down. You are reaching out arms in front of you. For the head position, look up some of the Five Simple Keys videos about about Key #1, Steady Head. I like the drill where you keep your head against the wall and work on making your turn while maintaining contact with the wall. The goal is to try and keep your spine angle the same throughout the swing.
  14. Man, are those irons ugly. I have the driver and think the woods and hybrids look good. But no way would I get those irons, even if I could afford them.
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