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  1. What is your personal goal for golf?

    I know. I wasn't figuring any different. I also know that I stated some lofty goals. I am starting to shoot in the low 90s with dips into the upper 80s though. Just don't see the need to worry about a handicap and managing it and all that this year. Don't have any desire to play any events yet, so I don't really need one. Right now I manage to play 18 holes ten or better times a month. And I hit the range for 100-200 balls a couple times a week during work weeks with 5-9 holes tossed in. I'm actually thinking that of all the goals I listed, learning to hit a driver might prove to be the most difficult. Cheers, Jimmi
  2. What is your personal goal for golf?

    I worked in the pro shop of my local country club for 6+ years in my youth, never played more than three times a year, I was a basketball/football kid. Now I am almost 40 and a member of that club taking golf seriously for the first time in my life. 2013 is the first year I have played more than 10 rounds. I had the goal to break 100 this year, I have accomplished this, I shot 88 and 89 this week. So my new goal is to shoot 86>=
  3. Playing 9 or 18 by yourself.

    I basically work 72 hours in 6 nights, then have 6-8 days off. So I tend to play with my old man a lot during the off stretches. We are members of the same private course a mile from my house. But I played 18 by myself in the rain today and played very well. Something about being alone and being able to completely control the pace makes the round a lot more relaxing for me. I am a new golfer and playing with pops usually means playing with some of his single digit cronies which can be a bit stressful.