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  1. hey guys, i know most people here are tall fella's so your input on my swing would be helpful cause we are all in the same boat. thanks, jake http://thesandtrap.com/t/74515/my-swing-jbarufkin#post_989009
  2. Ok guys, so I am tired of shooting in the mid to high eighties and would like to start to shoot in the low 80's with looks into possible shooting in the high 70's by the end of this season. However, my off-the-tee "yips" (miss hits) are killing me and I'm always getting at least four double/triple boogies a round. I can make birdies and eagles on the par 4 and 5's cause of my distance (driver carries 295-305 with solid contact). However, I have this aggressive attach into the ball becuase my swing is pretty home-made and have trouble properly releasing the club (chicken wing at the end). Also, I can't keep my head steady. Any advice or other analysis on my swing would be helpful. Thanks guys, I've been Playing Golf for: 7+ Years My current handicap index or average score is: 13 My typical ball flight is: Power Fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Pull Hook or Push fade PS. I am getting my clubs re-fitted this season cause they were fitted to me when I was a freshman in high school (3 inches shorter if that makes a difference) Videos:
  3. Hey Aveo, So my problem with buying golf clothes is that I'm too tall, not big. With this said, I'm always buying an extra size up for the length of the shirt, but the width ends up being way to baggy. Any chance you guys have tall-slim wear? I'm like 6'5''' or 6'4'' (somewhere in that ball park). -Jake
  4. Thanks guys for all the info. I've been playing with the flex on my driver and noticed it was pretty similar flight. although i did switch from a stiff flex 9 degree to an x flex 10.5. I will post my swing this weekend from multiple angles and please give me tips. should have it up sometime Saturday
  5. Thanks WU Tiger for the comment, I'm going to get fitted for all new clubs (well not all new, im keeping my mp60's and my cobra hybrid 2H). I love my 3 iron and will never part with it; just updating my shafts from stiff to x-flex. The 4-wood is a good idea, but i dont know how much distance that gives me over my 2H. The 2H is my bread and butter off the tee on a majority of the par 4's. The problem with the 3 wood is hitting it off the deck, i cant seem to get it up into the air and it always seem to hook ( i play a pretty straight ball, but im known to have a slight draw every once in a while). And even when i decide to hit it off the tee, i could always hit a driver rather than the 3 wood, so its almost serves no purpose in my bag other than for the off the green chip and runs. I also made the change to only play 3 wedges (pw, 52, 58). Im going to try out the titleiist 1H and the ben hogan 1H, but if that doesnt work i might just put another wedge in, which isnt what i wan to do but we will see. the advice really helped. i gotta figure this bag out.
  6. I honestly don't remember my stats on swing speed or anything, but i hit my 9-iron about 150-155 (fairway and off the tee yardages respectively), and same for my 5 iron (195-210-ish). I am playing a mizuno mp-60 with S300 steel shafts. I am 6'4'', but i got my clubs fitted in high school some 5 or 6 years ago (they added 2'' of length when i was 6'2''). Ive decided to upgrade everything i have (new driver, new shafts in old clubs, new wedges and putter). I need recommendations to anything really, but more specifically the debate between steel vs graphic x-flex shafts (matt kutchar plays graphite). My iron shots tower over everyone's, so im looking for a lower trajectory. any help would be great. anyone know of styles of putter better for tall people? currently playing a center fixed never compromise from back in the day.
  7. Okay so im pretty much done with attempting to carry my 3 wood in my bag. its so unreliable and im pretty sure its almost at 50/50 shot of me keeping the ball in play when i pull this club out. Ive hit a one iron hybrid (bobby jones hybrid 15 degree) and loved it. didnt go as far as my 3 wood but hit it 7 times out of 10 straight with the other three shots fading. any thoughts on the switch, or should i only play a driver and 4 wood and start my irons off with 3 rather than 4. (i play 4 wedges) thanks, Jake
  8. Hey guys, So I was at the Open yesterday and took a bunch of awesome photos. I wanted to start a thread for those who want to upload their photos to share with everyone. Below is a photo I got of tiger chipping his approach onto the green (within 10ft of course). Please add to this, I would like to see other shots people got of the groups out on the links.
  9. One tip is to try not to compare your swing to that of the pros. Everyone's swing is a little different and needs to be adjusted differently in order to make the ball do as you want it to. I noticed that you stay on a one plane swing for the most part (which is good, just observing), but you have a very strong left handed grip. Most golfers can look down at their hand position on the club and are able to see 2 to 2.5 knuckles. I think you might be able to see 3, which is similar to that of Zach Johnson. This is not a bad thing to have, but in order to work on your swing, you need to understand how a swing is suppose to look with a strong left hand. From here, you can better research the web or look for a book or two. Hope that helps.
  10. Hey guys, So I have started to play more now I'm almost a senior in college and didn't have lot of time my first four years of school and noticed I need to upgrade all of my shafts and grips. I was fitted while playing on my high school team and was given Stiff-flex in everything but now I am X-flex, or tour-flex, or something along those lines (swing speed is around 109-ish avg). I'd rather do it all myself if I can but at the same time don't want the head of the club falling off during a round or having it not square and off my a couple of degrees. Should I even attempt to do this myself or go to someone and have them do it for me? Has anyone done this themselves or have any prior experience doing this? thanks for the input. Jake
  11. Thanks for the info guys, I was at the range earlier and was hitting the ball so clean! I noticed the shortened backswing help me so much. It showed me I was off plane at the top of my backswing when I was not shortening it up. I also noticed I had a large stance for some clubs which didn't need it (I had a 3 wood base for a PW). I've been trying to go back to the basics becuase I really haven't had a chance to keep up with the sport in college. Keep the comments coming, any info could always help. I'm 6'4" and only 190 lbs, so it hard to relate to other golfers who aren't as tall as me. thanks guys. Also, I had my clubs fitted when i first bought them in 2008 and they are all lengthened 2'' and the lie angle was adjusted too.
  12. So the title pretty much explains it. I can hit my driver fine and my 2-iron utility clean as butter, but when it comes to hitting my 3 wood, I just can't do it. It's getting to the point where I might just take it out of my bag and put my 3-iron back in. Off the tee or even from the fairway, it just always slices or hooks, never straight, fades, or draws. I normally play a 5 yrd draw on a majority of my clubs, but I can't hit a consistent shot with any pattern with a 3 wood. Any pointers or help would be great. thanks guys
  13. Oh true, that could be the problem. I did grow a little since I purchased my set in 2007. Thanks for that reminder, I'm definitely going to look into that.
  14. Hey guys, So I was at the range for a couple of hours earlier today and my swing just wasn't feeling right. Anyone got small tips for us tall golfers out there? Posture drills, alignment step up tips, etc.. even workout routines that I should be doing regularly. Thanks
  15. Ok, so I have been having some trouble deciding if I should keep all three of my wedges in the bag (52,56,60) and leave my 3-iron out, or buy two new ones (52 and 58) and put my 3-iorn back in. I hit a pretty big ball and found that the extra wedge in my bag, when hitting approach shots, can really save me on in between yardages. Whats your thoughts and whats in your bag?? Driver - 9° Adams, stiff flex ( 290* yards) 3 Wood - 15° Callaway X (270* yards) Utility - 21° Cobra (255* yards) Irons - Mizuno MP 60: 3-9, pw (5 iron, 210* yards) Wedges - Titleist 52°, 56°, 58° (56°, 100* yards) Putter - never compromise *all yardages are carry distances
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