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  1. Rotary Swing Golf

    Phil really, I made no mention of the rotary swing and I was quite clear in not embracing any particular swing style other than I have found something that personally works for me. The point of my post was to point out that a lot of people jump feet first into different techniques without looking at or integrating some of the bullets I put forth. Have a great day Phil!!
  2. Rotary Swing Golf

    Hello everyone! I'm a first time poster but a long time follower of this site and have a true passion for the game. I'm one of those golfers who took the game up in my mid twenties and spent the next twenty years basically just slapping at the ball, having some ok days (more from luck I'm thinking) and a lot more frustrating days. While I have read Jim Hardy's book on the single plane swing and am trying to follow the basic tenets of the swing I realize that there are multiple variations of the "single plane swing" and what might work well for me won't for someone else. And that's ok!! We're all on that journey to be the best we all can be with whatever natural ability we are endowed with. I wanted to share a few points I feel compliment any swing style being pursued: 1) educating one's self on cause and effect as relating to golf ball flight 2) acquiring clubs fit to the golfer 3) while there are many many swing styles, I believe there are only two foundation types, single plane and two plane, one should experiment to see which one better suits they're natural abilities. I was a two plane swinger for many years and switching to a single plane type swing produced immediate results. Lots of swings on the pga tour and those guys pay the bills with all those swings. 4) a sound golf grip coupled with a sound set up to increase the odds of returning that club face into the ball at the moment of truth 5) stop over swinging, no place for home run swings in golf 6) watch and emulate lpga pros, I've learned more about tempo and course management watching the ladies!! And more than a few are gorgeous!! 7) use a shorter driver, I took two inches off a 45.5 inch length and the results are noticeable in accuracy with no perceptible loss in distance 8) once you find the style of swing suited to you, make it yours and hit balls as often as possible, when you can't, go into the back yard and swing, a golf club has to be in your hands everyday, it must become an extension of your body 9) and finally, to all my fellow combat vets, Happy Veterans Day!! Thanks to all for putting up with my rant, if I missed anything please post, the more I learn, the less I realize I really know!!! God Bless!!