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  1. Slice of Life

    NFL 2017-2018

    My immediate thought was that Hue wanted him and the FO botched it on purpose. Dysfunction fo sho
  2. Slice of Life

    Best Shot of the Week

    It's between 2... First hole I hit a short slicey drive...then worm-burned a 3 wood, leaving me 140 out. I hit a 9 iron, but with the wind in my face, it ended up 10 yards short. Hit a perfect pitch that 2-hops and rolls right to the center of the pin...dropping for a Par. The other was a 190 yard Par 3 over water and then WAY uphill to an elevated green. I hit a nice tee shot but it hits the front and bounces/rolls all the way back down the hill in the rough. Grab my 60 and chop it out the best I can to a blind pin. Walk up the hill and it's 3' to the right of the cup.
  3. Slice of Life

    My Swing (Slice of Life)

    Went out for a quick solo round today. Went to just play 9, but was moving so quickly I just did all 18 in a little under 2 hours. Started off guns blazing...par, par, bogey, par, par, par, bogey...and then it was downhill from there finishing with back to back double bogeys lol 42 on the front, 46 on the back. Irons and wedges were all solid, driver was typical...everywhere. Short game saved my butt a few times.
  4. Slice of Life

    My Swing (Slice of Life)

    Ok good, that's what I'd assumed and was trying to do.
  5. Slice of Life

    My Swing (Slice of Life)

    @iacas are you referring to the downswing/followthrough? I was messing with trying to get that "feel" today but don't want to be drilling something in the wrong way.
  6. Dude, that's awesome!!! Hopefully you don't get too big now...I'm planning on scheduling a dual lesson with you prob in November or December lol
  7. Slice of Life

    NFL 2017-2018

    Go Tribe!
  8. Slice of Life

    My Swing (Slice of Life)

    Thanks, I'll give that a whirl over the next few days and see what we come up with.
  9. Slice of Life

    My Swing (Slice of Life)

    Working on a drill @iacas showed me about 3 years ago. I still can't stop the wrists from coming through (releasing? I dunno the word) the way he can yet, but I'm gonna keep working at it.
  10. Slice of Life

    My Swing (Slice of Life)

    If I actually practice and work at it, I know I can drop to single digits. Problem is, I haven't really "practiced" anything golf related in over 2 years. And when I did, it was for less than a year...and not consistent. Not gonna cut it lol
  11. Slice of Life

    My Swing (Slice of Life)

    Cool, let's hold each other accountable. I'm gonna start by actually keeping a handicap...even if it's unofficial at first, I'll log every round and calculate. Starting tomorrow at 9:42 AM!
  12. Slice of Life

    Best Shot of the Week

    Short par 4...hit my drive on the right side of the fairway. About 60 yards out, hit my 60 degree a hair thin and it doesn't hold the green...rolling off the back. Chip up and it follows the slope perfectly...hits the pin and drops for a 3!
  13. Slice of Life

    My Swing (Slice of Life)

    Sick of playing shit golf. Time to actually practice again...net's up and I'm gonna see if I can focus on some shizz over the winter. Heated range down the street from work, and a new co-worker into golf. No excuses. The goal is Newport Cup 2019. Right now I'm just trying to shorten the swing...been waaay overswinging lately. Then I can get back to what I was working on before I became a lazy sack of ass.
  14. Slice of Life

    NFL 2017-2018

    Yeah it was rough. Fortunately I knew better than to start him. Wanted to see how they'd play him first. Didn't look good lol P.S. Browns were definitely Brownsing hard yesterday.
  15. Slice of Life

    NFL 2017-2018

    Glad I drafted Kerwynn Williams in the 15th round...

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