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  1. Slice of Life

    Your Workout Today

    I know that feeling lol I have a little electric snowblower. And a 3 car wide, long driveway. Needless to say the snowblower wasn't having it haha
  2. Slice of Life

    Your Workout Today

    Glad to see this thread back on track! Diet has been off the rails, but still hitting the gym regularly. Push day yesterday, off today, pull day tomorrow. No legs for a couple weeks...tweaked my knee playing basketball...hopefully nothing too serious.
  3. Slice of Life

    Your Workout Today

    Crushed the goal this week. Upped bench to 260, and deadlift to 410. So 410, 330, 260. Hit 1K exactly!
  4. Slice of Life

    Your Workout Today

    Hit 400 on deadlift. So updated maxes are: Bench: 250 Squat: 330 Deadlift: 400 Putting me only 20 lbs away!
  5. Slice of Life

    Winter Depression Thread

    30s in Cleveland and dark by 4:30. Bah Humbug...
  6. Slice of Life

    Your Workout Today

    Lazy back day today just to hit the gym. New goal is to hit the 1,000 lb club by the end of the year. Current maxes are 250 on bench, 330 on squat, and 365 on deadlift, but I think I can improve all of them in 2 months.
  7. Slice of Life

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Golfed Saturday and Sunday. 90 on Saturday with a garbage front 9 (48). Sunk some solid putts and struck some good shots for a 42 on the back. Sunday...I don't wanna talk about it 😂😂
  8. Slice of Life

    Your Workout Today

    Push day yesterday. 3 sets flat bench, 3 sets leverage incline press, 3 sets leverage decline press, 3 sets machine shoulder press, 3 sets front dumbbell raises, 3 sets dumbbell flyes, 3 sets tricep rope pulldowns. Lot of volume. Bench is starting to get stagnant...need to eat more lol
  9. Slice of Life

    Your Workout Today

    Sounds like a good day! I always say I'm gonna go to bed early. Then 2 AM rolls around, I call myself an idiot...and then roll into bed. Lather rinse repeat lol
  10. Slice of Life

    Your Workout Today

    Nice. I'm normally in for an hour or so as well. I almost never hit arms...just maybe an additional exercise on chest and back day, but my genetics blessed me with arms that grow faster than everything else (not always a good thing)...so I don't need to lol. I did have to start hitting shoulders twice a week tho for a while to try to get them to catch up.
  11. Slice of Life

    Your Workout Today

    I've never seen someone devote an entire day to biceps before lol How long do you normally spend in the gym?
  12. Slice of Life

    Your Workout Today

    Not bad! You might pass me up soon lol After a long lifting hiatus, I'm back. But no strength gains, because I had too much fat to lose. Did get 225 up for a relatively easy rep today. But probably wouldn't have gotten a 2nd one up haha
  13. Slice of Life

    Your Workout Today

    Those numbers look awesome! Great progress over the past couple/few years. Are those 1RM numbers or for reps?
  14. Slice of Life

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Never stopped, just played through the pain lol It's sort of a lifetime injury deal. It is what it is...right now I'm feeling pretty good.
  15. Slice of Life

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    42. Pretty average for me this year. Could have been better, missed 3 par putts on 1, 2, and 3.

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