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  1. My Swing (Slice of Life)

    Cool, let's hold each other accountable. I'm gonna start by actually keeping a handicap...even if it's unofficial at first, I'll log every round and calculate. Starting tomorrow at 9:42 AM!
  2. Best Shot of the Week

    Short par 4...hit my drive on the right side of the fairway. About 60 yards out, hit my 60 degree a hair thin and it doesn't hold the green...rolling off the back. Chip up and it follows the slope perfectly...hits the pin and drops for a 3!
  3. My Swing (Slice of Life)

    Sick of playing shit golf. Time to actually practice again...net's up and I'm gonna see if I can focus on some shizz over the winter. Heated range down the street from work, and a new co-worker into golf. No excuses. The goal is Newport Cup 2019. Right now I'm just trying to shorten the swing...been waaay overswinging lately. Then I can get back to what I was working on before I became a lazy sack of ass.
  4. NFL 2017-2018

    Yeah it was rough. Fortunately I knew better than to start him. Wanted to see how they'd play him first. Didn't look good lol P.S. Browns were definitely Brownsing hard yesterday.
  5. NFL 2017-2018

    Glad I drafted Kerwynn Williams in the 15th round...
  6. I've only ever thrown a club for comedic value as I'm laughing over a terrible shot. If I threw my clubs seriously after every bad shot, I'd eventually throw out my shoulder and be unable to finish the round.
  7. My Swing (cipher)

    Glad to see you're still pounding away. Inspiring me to potentially bust the net out and get back to work on my own swing.
  8. Looks fairly wide open. I'm taking driver and trying to bomb my pull drive to the 2nd fairway. Leaving 230ish for a 3-wood to the green. Sounds good in theory...but I would likely screw it up and end with a 7 lol
  9. I'd laugh. So you're having a bad round...it happens. If you're gonna take it that seriously to where to toss your clubs in the lake and ruin the round for everyone else, you deserve to get laughed at.
  10. Do you pick up a club someone has left behind?

    Always. If they're in front of me...they're either gonna realize it and run into me on their way back, or they forget and I can turn it into the clubhouse.
  11. NFL 2017-2018

    Browns will win 9 games this year. Unfortunately I'm including the 4 they won in preseason...
  12. Right...how could anyone say that distance isn't an advantage? If you take two players of equal skill, but one can hit the ball 30 yards further...they have an advantage. Mistakes you make after are irrelevant to that...
  13. Best Shot of the Week

    Best shot came on my nemesis hole. 90 degree dogleg left Par 5 at my home course. I typically double bogey it...or worse. The first time I ever shot in the 80s, I had a 10 on this hole lol Hit a picture perfect drive down the left side...just about to the bend of the dogleg. I'm left with about 170 yards to the green, so I grab my 6 and attempt to hit a fade over these tall trees (since my fades are unintentional, and I'm incapable of a draw...with OB right). Ball clips the very top branch and drops straight down into the trees on the left. Awesome. I go to punch out, and hit it about 20 yards short of the green. Then, I grab my 60 degree and proceed to straight shank a pitch shot to the right. I'm again about 20 yards out, chip it up, and it rolls in for the most unusual par I've ever made in my life.
  14. Best Shot of the Week

    Yeah, I absolutely murdered it. When I hit my pull drive straight, it flies...Have a handful of 300+ yard drives on my Game Golf. Today, best was this one pictured....Pulled my drive and it hit a tree and plopped down. It left me stuck behind a group of trees...thought about just punching out safely, but went with the no guts no glory approach and tried to hit a low punch-hook with a 5 iron. Hooked perfectly around the trees and rolled just over the green.
  15. Best Shot of the Week

    A mix between 2. VERY tight par 4, with a 230 yard carry over water. Bombed a drive 80 yards passed it right in the center of the fairway. The other was a short one, 45 yards out, lob wedge pitch that bounces once and rolls...hits the stick and bounces off to about 1'.