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  1. Started strong Sunday, with a 38 on the front, followed by a predictable 48 on the back 😂
  2. 15.1 this revision. A new low (high? lol) for me. Goal of 13 by the end of the year is probably a little steep...
  3. Played a nice course just north of Louisville in Indiana on Friday. Dogleg left Par 4. I push a Hybrid to the right, but still in the fairway. Unfortunately, it leaves me with a gigantic tree right in my path to the green. Woods to the right, water left. My plan is to try to hit a low bump and run with a hybrid to get me "close". At 160 yards away, my buddy's Dad keeps calling me a wimp and tells me to just hit it over the tree. Since I'm an idiot, who's easily talked into stupidity...I grab my 7 iron and pure one right over the tree to about 15'.
  4. Have too much going on both of those weekends. Thanks for the invite tho!
  5. Always. I try to take a little something from each round...doesn't always work though.
  6. I have never once stopped a round due to bad play. If I did, I'd rarely ever make the turn 😂
  7. Not today, but Friday at Las Vegas National Golf Club. Shot a 43-39 82. In 110 degrees...couldn't ask for much more than that.
  8. Down to a 15.3 with this revision, but have recently had my 2 worst rounds of the year. So if I don't clean that up, I'll be trending in the bad direction lol
  9. Unless it's very cold, I'm always in golf shorts and a polo.
  10. Downhill dogleg left par 4. Pull my drive left into the trees...per usual. Hit a decent punch out to the middle of the fairway leaving me 64 yards. Grab my 60 degree and dunk it in for a routine birdie!
  11. I've been using an app called TheGrint. I just live track my scoring and it automatically gives me a USGA handicap as long as I have people to attest my scores.
  12. Yeah I'm with you, I cannot workout at home anymore. Too many distractions. I drive 25 mins to the gym. Because once I'm there, I'm going to get my money's worth.
  13. Playing a course in Akron a few years ago, and the last hole is an elevated par 3 over water. Buddy of mine hit a perfect 9 iron right at the pin that hit the power line and dropped straight down into the water 😂😂
  14. Wanna get closer to a 10...maybe finish the summer somewhere around a 12-13. Getting close, as I'm now starting to shoot mid-80's consistently and the short game is coming around a bit.
  15. Hole 4 this morning. Yanked a drive on a dogleg right and got a good kick off a tree to the middle of the fairway. Left me 176 yards out. Hit a 6 that almost went in and rolled past the pin to about 7 feet. Drained the birdie putt.
  16. 44-43 from the blues at Bunker Hill this morning. Little tired, no sleep...but 87 marks my best round at that course. So I can't complain, despite leaving quite a few shots out there.
  17. 85. Solid round for me, ended the front 9 with my only two doubles which sucked. But finished the back 9 with a 41 and had 2 birdies so I'll take it.
  18. Wowza. Weren't you like a 13 handicap when I played with you and Erik 2 years ago? That's awesome!
  19. Right. Fortunately though, my scores have trended down and it's using some of my more recent ones. And today I shot my best round of the year which has me trending to 15.3. Still too early to tell, but we'll see! Just nice to finally have a number instead of the guessing game.
  20. Shot 89 this past weekend at a new place from tees I probably shouldn't be playing from. Somehow managed a front 41, finishing the last 5 holes par, birdie, par, bogey, par. Fell apart on the back with a 48, but for me to shoot 80s at a course I've never played that's 7k yards rated 73.4/131...I was thrilled!
  21. Finally decided to get an actual handicap this year. Just got my revision today and went down to a 16.3. Still don't have enough rounds in for a true measure, but hoping once I'm at 20+ rounds and it revises, I'll be sub-15.
  22. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life

  23. Interesting. Definitely going to try this next time out.
  24. Boop, the touch around the green always takes me the longest to get back, too! Shot an 89 in an impromptu soggy round yesterday. New course for me...never played there. Weird round...6 doubles and 1 triple, but 6 pars and a birdie evened those out, so I shot exactly bogey golf.
  25. I honestly laugh that this is still a discussion and there are actually people still debating that it's Jack. This isn't LeBron vs. MJ, this is MJ vs. Bill Russell. The "Jack faced tougher competition" argument is laughable. No sporting competition ever gets easier. People get stronger, faster, tougher...etc., in sports decade after decade. And beaten down middle-aged Tiger just beat the best field of golfers we've ever seen. In history. If there was anyone teetering on the edge of this debate, there's a 0% chance they haven't cemented their opinion after this weekend.
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