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  1. Trending in a solid direction...94 Wednesday, followed by a 103? today. It's all good...bump that handicap up a bit so I can put some money down lol
  2. Lot of fun this weekend, thanks @iacas for setting up another good outing. Good to meet all of you guys, looking forward to the next one.
  3. Shortly after getting drilled with a skulled flop shot from our own @RFKFREAK (I'll post that video too lol), I nailed it. Bonus footage 😂😂
  4. Twice in the last week or two, I've borderline shanked a tee shot on a Par 3...then left my pitch short and ended up chipping in for par. That and my handicap went down. Other than that, I only crap on my golf game lol
  5. Any chance I can be in a later group Sat so I don't have to wake up at 630 AM? 😂
  6. He's in. So we have our 16th. Not at a laptop, so I can't edit and quote the list.
  7. Another routine par. Par 3, slicey thin tee shot way right. Pitch way short. Chip in from 15 yards. Easy 🤣
  8. If we haven't filled the 16th spot yet, my buddy Christian is seeing if he can make the day trip. Should know soon. Our skill levels are pretty dead on even, so whatever I end up at handicap wise, just mark him the same.
  9. TownPlace Suites in Erie 2090 Interchange Road, Erie, PA 16565
  10. Par 3 today. Shank my tee shot...and follow it up by underestimating a 75 yard shot. Chip in from about 15 yards for a routine par lol
  11. There's "best", and then there's my favorites. Best I've played are mostly private. 1. Fox Meadow CC 2. Medina CC 3. Sleepy Hollow (Public) 4. Grey Hawk 5. The Quarry My favorites: 1. Bunker Hill (Close, challenging enough without being annoyingly hard and well kept) 2. Copper Top (Thursday league course. Very well maintained, inexpensive, and a really solid layout. Some good scoring holes and some real tough ones) 3. Royal Crest (Dirt track...I know the course like the back of my hand and play here to boost my confidence) 4. Sleepy Hollow (Course is extremely difficult...one of the hardest in the area and eats my lunch every time. But it's such a great layout. 5. Springvale (Another well maintained inexpensive course with a fun layout)
  12. Shot a 38 in league tonight. Best round ever for me on that course. Two pulled irons and a 3 putt were the only blunders preventing the perfect round.
  13. Planning on staying in the Erie area, not sure where anyone else is staying. Few Marriott Brand hotels there...gotta use them free points lol
  14. Man, it's been a minute. And my swing has changed quite a bit. Gonna try to get some video tomorrow. Still struggling with going too far back on my backswing, but my posture has changed as well as my swing path. Not slicing the ball anymore, but my miss has become a pull hook lately. I think I'm not sliding my hips through, but we'll see...
  15. Shot an 82 at a new course. Would normally be good enough to win, but my buddy shot out of his mind with a 79.
  16. A toss up between 2 shots. About 20 yards out on the fairway. Decided to putt all the way up and drained it for a birdie. Then on 18, I'm losing by 3 strokes and the guy I'm playing with is in position to make a bogey. I bombed a drive in the rough to the left on a long par 4, leaving myself 160 out. I know I have to hole out to force a playoff. Grab an 8 iron and pure one right at the pin. Ball mark is about 2' away and rolls out to 8'. Obviously a VERY long shot to actually hole out, but it felt good to think there was a chance while it was in the air lol
  17. Nothing spectacular, just good scrambling today. About 150 yards out...pushed my tee shot behind some trees. Had a gap and decided to try to hit a low punch cut under and around the trees with a 6 iron and pulled it off to about 20 feet. Feels good to talk over a shot, picture the shot, and then execute it exactly as planned.
  18. New course, played really well for me. 41-40: 81 at a course I've never played. Short though, played safe and didn't hit driver once. 2 iron or 5 iron off every Par 4/5. 2nd best round ever after breaking my record 2 rounds ago. Hoping to keep the momentum going...
  19. I'll be staying at the nearest Marriott. Got them freebois.
  20. My first couple times out after a lesson with @iacas, I played like absolute garbage. After about 2-3 weeks I broke 90 for the first time and it sort of started to click. So for me, it's just as long as it takes you to work on the current change and get the muscle memory where it needs to be. The less I had to think about what I was working on, the better it got.
  21. Golfed yesterday in 96 degrees. Golfed 2 or 3 times in about 113 degree weather in Las Vegas. One of those times I got my best (at the time) score of 82. In other words, it's never too hot!
  22. I'd have guessed the +2.8 guy consistently wins, the other 2 lose close ones. Looks like I wasn't too far off.
  23. Saturday (Practice) at CHQ: @georgep @Hardspoon @BradSomrak @Bonvivant @Carl3 @vasaribm @ChetlovesMer @Grizvok @Divot Master @GolfLug @Slice of Life Sunday (Playing) TBD: @saevel25 @georgep @Hardspoon @BradSomrak @Bonvivant @vasaribm @ChetlovesMer @Divot Master @BrettZenewicz @GolfLug @Slice of Life
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