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  1. I don't think physically impossible is correct. This is golf, not basketball or football. Let's not forget that an almost 60 year old Jack Nicklaus took 6th place in the Masters, placing ahead of the last year's winner (Tiger Woods) back in the 90s.
  2. After what we saw from Alex Smith, I'd say nothing is out of the realm of possibility. But as others have said, I think it's highly unlikely that he's ever a competitive golfer again. Edit: Now that I've scrolled through the rest, I see I'm not the first to bring up Smith lol
  3. Almost everyone I've met from here has been cool. Even when they hit me with golf balls (@RFKFREAK)
  4. Par 4 in league Thursday night...push my drive just into the rough on the right. 140 yards out, and I hit a perfect 9 iron that hits off the flagstick and rolls to 7-8'. Sink the birdie putt!
  5. Thursday league... Par 4 over water...230 carry or so, pin at 250. I normally hit an 8 iron to the right, but decided to YOLO a drive at the green pin high about 30' right. 2 putt birdie.
  6. 98 in post monsoon conditions. Rough day, putting greens were shag carpet, fairways were garbage, and rough was about 6" tall and THICK. My buddy Christian at a 12 hdcp shot a 108 lol
  7. Nothing spectacular during my weekend trip to Northern Michigan. My 2 best probably came from bunkers. A fairway bunker 165 yards out, had to hit a cut and landed it soft to about 15 feet. The other was a deep bunker about 40 yards out. Hit one that checked up to about 3 feet. Barely made the putt lol
  8. Vokeys. 56 and 60. Haven't used the 60 much, have been using the 56 for almost everything inside of 80 yards. Spent this weekend in Michigan playing some pretty tough courses in pretty brutal conditions. 1st round was an 85 in the rain, 2nd was an 82 at one of the toughest and nicest courses I've ever played (and that was with an ugly 9 on a Par 5), and I finished with an 86 on Sunday. All better than I expected. Starting to come together...Hoping that my bad rounds are in the mid 80s next season.
  9. Sorry, my swing was off due to being nailed in the arm by a bladed flop attempt. 😂😂😂 Couple more hours at the range today. Really starting to feel more natural already. Spent about 30 mins yesterday trying to pitch/chip into a bucket in my backyard. AND finally bought 2 new wedges today. My 56 and 60 degree wedges were about 12 years old. Almost no grooves left 😂
  10. Thanks homie! Back tonight to do more of the same. Just going to keep focusing on not dipping that leading shoulder until it becomes a natural part of the swing. That and tempo are really the only things I'm trying to dial in...then once I'm comfortable, back to work on the next step. I have a 4 round golf trip this weekend at some pretty tough courses...so it'll be interesting to see if I can focus and not fall into old habits.
  11. Really grinding at the range lately. About 3 hours yesterday... Extra focused on tempo, shortening my backswing, and not dipping my left shoulder and head (thanks @iacas). Progress is being made, but it's slow...and still feels unnatural.
  12. Broke 80, and Eagle. I shot under Par on a disc golf course 2 weeks ago, does that count? lol
  13. Foursome was filled lol Heritage and Legend I think?
  14. Shot a record (for me) 78 yesterday morning. Yankee Trace near Dayton, OH. Not a super easy course. Funny thing is...I don't feel like I struck the ball particularly well. But, only one penalty stroke, and I managed to stay out of trouble and get up and down a lot.
  15. Mixture between two shots from today. 175 into the wind, hit a 6 iron to 8'. My buddy talked me out of the 5 iron. But my favorite...Par-5, push my tee shot into the hazard on the right. Drop, and pull my 2-iron. Pure a shot way out there about 240 (not an average distance lol), and the head of the club goes about 80 yards. Club's about a month old lol. Pitched onto the green and made a 12' putt to save par.
  16. Trending in a solid direction...94 Wednesday, followed by a 103? today. It's all good...bump that handicap up a bit so I can put some money down lol
  17. Lot of fun this weekend, thanks @iacas for setting up another good outing. Good to meet all of you guys, looking forward to the next one.
  18. Shortly after getting drilled with a skulled flop shot from our own @RFKFREAK (I'll post that video too lol), I nailed it. Bonus footage 😂😂
  19. Twice in the last week or two, I've borderline shanked a tee shot on a Par 3...then left my pitch short and ended up chipping in for par. That and my handicap went down. Other than that, I only crap on my golf game lol
  20. Any chance I can be in a later group Sat so I don't have to wake up at 630 AM? 😂
  21. He's in. So we have our 16th. Not at a laptop, so I can't edit and quote the list.
  22. Another routine par. Par 3, slicey thin tee shot way right. Pitch way short. Chip in from 15 yards. Easy 🤣
  23. If we haven't filled the 16th spot yet, my buddy Christian is seeing if he can make the day trip. Should know soon. Our skill levels are pretty dead on even, so whatever I end up at handicap wise, just mark him the same.
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