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  1. Asheville

    Swing and a miss

    From the Rules of Golf Definitions: A "stroke" is the forward movement of the club made with the intention of striking at and moving the ball . . . .
  2. Asheville

    Cheating in tournament

    In stroke play, you may not ignore a fellow-competitor’s breach of a Rule. (D33-7/9)
  3. Asheville

    Phil Mickelson Rule

    I ruled 1-2 at the time, only to be overridden by those smarty pants on the Committee. :)
  4. That would be the commercial enterprise known as the PGA Tour. 😉
  5. The USGA isn't interested. The "Tour" is. Can't have a "clown" messsing with their "circus."
  6. Asheville

    Phil Mickelson Rule

    What's with the endless parade of critics decrying "stupid " and/or "poorly written" Rules? Yet, they never offer up a solution. Back up the big talk. Go read Tufts and then put pen to paper.
  7. Asheville

    does a hazard have to be marked to be a hazard?

    From the excellent USGA publication, How to Conduct a Competition, page 35, tells us how to mark water hazards and lateral water hazards: Stakes or lines should be so placed that they include in the hazard not only the water, but also rough banks and unkempt growth related directly to it. In general, they should be placed where the ground breaks down to form the depression containing the water.
  8. In case you missed it, R27-1a says: At any time, a player may, under penalty of one stroke, play a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played (see Rule 20-5), i.e., proceed under penalty of stroke and distance.
  9. Yes, you certainly may, and here's the Rule. It's R27-1a: At any time, a player may, under penalty of one stroke, play a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played (see Rule 20-5), i.e., proceed under penalty of stroke and distance. http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-and-decisions.html#!rule-27
  10. From Appendix I: Stones are, by definition, loose impediments and, when a player's ball is in a hazard, a stone lying in or touching the hazard may not be touched or moved (Rule 13-4). However, stones in bunkers may represent a danger to players (a player could be injured by a stone struck by the player's club in an attempt to play the ball) and they may interfere with the proper playing of the game. When permission to lift a stone in a bunker is warranted, the following Local Rule is recommended: "Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions (Rule 24-1 applies)."
  11. Asheville

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    I've refereed quite a few high school and college golf tournaments. In my opinion, coaches are the bane of high school and college golf. During competitions they should be confined to the clubhouse veranda. 😉
  12. Asheville

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    From someone who knows the course and posted this first-hand account on another forum: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I talked to staff today, so here's the story... Each involved player was interviewed individually, away from the coaches, that afternoon. The players independantly identified a COACH as the person who initially instructed the players to play from the 172 box "because that's what the card says". It steamrolled from there until the officials became aware and stopped the 5th group. The end result and decision came down to this observation: The kids' versions of the events were consistent. The adults' versions of events were not. I think we probably need to put the pitchforks and torches away when it comes to the marshall. Every coach had the phone numbers for the rules officials. Nobody called. The blue markers were, in fact, supposed to be at the 172 box. They weren't moved when the course was set up. The rules sheet clearly said competitors would play from the blue markers. In this case, they were left at the 212 box. They should have played from there. I paid attention as I walked from 12 to 13 today. The markers today were at the 212 plate. They were clearly visible on the approach. Any claim that they couldn't be seen because they were "elevated" is completely untrue. ----------------------- cm
  13. Asheville

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    The furor would be just as great, though of a different flavor, had the Committee "John Wayned" the thing by departing from the Rules of Golf and invented some new procedure.
  14. Asheville

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    You're correct. You don't understand competitive golf. While you might "understand" noodle it around in the fairway and gimme golf you don't know Conditions of Competitions/Notice to Competitors golf.
  15. Asheville

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    It's not "unfortunate" at all. Golf must be played in accordance with the Rules.

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