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  1. Asheville

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    I've refereed quite a few high school and college golf tournaments. In my opinion, coaches are the bane of high school and college golf. During competitions they should be confined to the clubhouse veranda. 😉
  2. Asheville

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    From someone who knows the course and posted this first-hand account on another forum: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I talked to staff today, so here's the story... Each involved player was interviewed individually, away from the coaches, that afternoon. The players independantly identified a COACH as the person who initially instructed the players to play from the 172 box "because that's what the card says". It steamrolled from there until the officials became aware and stopped the 5th group. The end result and decision came down to this observation: The kids' versions of the events were consistent. The adults' versions of events were not. I think we probably need to put the pitchforks and torches away when it comes to the marshall. Every coach had the phone numbers for the rules officials. Nobody called. The blue markers were, in fact, supposed to be at the 172 box. They weren't moved when the course was set up. The rules sheet clearly said competitors would play from the blue markers. In this case, they were left at the 212 box. They should have played from there. I paid attention as I walked from 12 to 13 today. The markers today were at the 212 plate. They were clearly visible on the approach. Any claim that they couldn't be seen because they were "elevated" is completely untrue. ----------------------- cm
  3. Asheville

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    The furor would be just as great, though of a different flavor, had the Committee "John Wayned" the thing by departing from the Rules of Golf and invented some new procedure.
  4. Asheville

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    You're correct. You don't understand competitive golf. While you might "understand" noodle it around in the fairway and gimme golf you don't know Conditions of Competitions/Notice to Competitors golf.
  5. Asheville

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    It's not "unfortunate" at all. Golf must be played in accordance with the Rules.
  6. Asheville

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    When you're in a hole, stop digging.
  7. Don’t let this be you. 😠 Stroke play championship final round. Player in the last group misses left off the tee, punches out to just in front of the green, chips on and two putts for a bogey. In a huff, player signs his card and storms off. Scoring checks for two signatures and eighteen scores, adds them up and posts the score on the scoreboard. (Notice to Players defines “returned” as posted on the scoreboard.) It now looks like we’ll have a playoff between two competitors for the trophy. However, it becomes known (and I don’t know how) that “player in a huff” had made a 5 but signed for a 4 on #18. The difficult task falls to the tournament director in explaining to him why he’s DQ. Player understands, but won’t let it go. Another player (incidentally, not his marker) takes home the trophy. Don’t let this be you. That’s why the scorecard has a tear-off strip at the bottom.
  8. We get some dandies, no doubt. The post-round debriefing over a cocktail most often has us wondering how the average player can be expected to not only hit good golf shots, but comprehend the intracacies of the Rules. However, we all hope the 2019 version of the Rules will be a win for everyone.
  9. Though information (either correct or incorrect) on the Rules is not advice, bewildered youth should have given his fellow-competitor a wedgie.
  10. The Rules generally don't like it when the player starts doing things and then decides what course of action they now prefer. Those two 18-2 Decisions and Decision 13-4/37.5 reflect that notion.
  11. There are those two Decisions in R28-2/27 & 28 which both reference the player's intent (or lack thereof.)
  12. There are a couple of Decisions which may be cited to support their position. D18-2/27 which references intent is one.
  13. The USGA has spoken. The player was in breach of R18-2 when they lifted the ball without the intent to proceed under R28.
  14. Thanks, Martyn. Your view is appreciated. I think I'll send this one in to the USGS Rules and see what they say.
  15. The form of play is individual stroke play. Responding to a call on the radio, I arrived at the scene of the crime to find a bewildered youth, ball in hand, deep in the woods. “Tell me about it,” I asked. “I hit it in here and tried to play out back to the fairway, but the ball hit a tree and rebounded deeper into an even worse spot. My fellow-competitor suggested that I pick it up and come out and play on using my provisional,” says bewildered youth. It seems about then a coach arrived on scene and initiated an SOS. I directed him to put the ball back on the spot from which he lifted it and reminded him that as he has found his ball, continuing with the provisional isn’t permitted. We now explore the options of R28. Back on the flagline and two-club lengths (even multiple applications of same) looks unlikely. 28a is his best bet. He then drops in the correct location and, expertly this time, punches out and goes on to complete the hole with six swings of the club plus two penalty strokes. One for 18-2 and one for 28a. Hours later I’m summoned to scoring where the youth’s coach is arguing against the 18-2 by saying to do the 28a, the player must pick up the ball. I ask the player what he was intending to do when he picked up the ball. Did he intend to: a) abandon it and go for the provisional or did he b) intend to invoke 28. He selected a). Scoring records an 8 for that hole. Coach isn’t happy. Youth thanks me for the help.

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