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  1. Shot my best round of 83 yesterday to win a junior tournament at my local club. Had a 2 under par front 9, almost died of shock, and had a 13 over back 9. Still, solid overall score so I'm fairly pleased.
  2. I don't like that 2-putt instead of 3-putt school of thought. I'd much rather think 1-putt instead of 2-putt. I find a positive attitude to each putt makes it much more likely to drop. Besides, I don't see what more risky about going for that birdie than going for a 2-putt. If you miss the hole by 3 feet you're not too bad, if you miss a 3 foot circle around the hole by 3 feet, you've left yourself an awkward par putt.
  3. I'd guess what happened was you realised you were ripping it and subconsciously started going at it more, which is fatal to good rhythm. Try and pick a specific target to aim at. Know what your practice is aiming to achieve, be it rhythm, consistency, a certain shot type, a swing move, whatever and focus on that. It is very easy, having hit a few good shots, to tense up and try and hit the ball.
  4. My ideal set, if I had the skill to play it: Titleist 909D2 9.5 Diamana BB Stiff Titleist 909F2 15.5 Diamana BB Stiff Titleist 909H 19 Diamana BB Stiff Titleist 710 MB 3-PW DG S300 Titleist Vokey SM 52.08, 58.12 DG S300 Scotty Cameron California Coronado 33"
  5. As far as I was aware, the one plane swing supposedly decreases the chance of back problems, so its more likely the amount of time you've spent practicing. Take a day off.
  6. Yep, assuming it does indeed have 13 degrees of bounce, then it will change to 11 degrees of bounce. The difference will probably be unnoticable.
  7. Thanks mate. Mmm, you wouldn't think so till you see my short game, and that's where my attention is focused at the moment. I haven't handed in a card in a while, so that largely explains why its stuck where it is. Typical miss depends on the day. If I'm swinging well then its usually a block. On a bad swinging day I can lunge at the ball and hit pulls/slices cause I get on top of it and leave the blade open.
  8. Hi all, Just thought I'd post up a more recent version of my swing and see what people think. Any comments/criticisms are welcome. All three shots were fairly well struck. The 3rd was slightly thin if I remember correctly. Cheers, James
  9. Hi all, Looking for a new shaft to either fit my current driver (Ping G10 10.5) or a new one and wondering if anyone had any recommendations. Looking for a Mid launch, responsive shaft. Don't like a boardy feel. Preferably low spin, but that's not normally much of a problem. Swing speed is probably somewhere near to or just over 100 mph so stiff flex is probably right. I have a reasonably smooth tempo. Obviously fitting is the best thing, but as I have access to a Titleist fitting trolley, I'd like to shortlist without having to go through every shaft. Will probably be testing them in a 90
  10. I suppose the argument is that you should be trying to get the best possible score either way. If you know that you need birdie to win, and you try something risky, you could end up much worse off than if you'd followed your regular strategy for that hole. Its also very easy to say, I can get away with a bad shot, or, I can get away with a double, and then do even worse.
  11. How about a flip flop four holes. Beat this: Hole Par Score 1 4 10 2 4 4 3 5 12 4 4 5 Camping and walking 40Km in a weekend clearly does wonders for your swing.
  12. It depends on what kind of chip I'm trying to hit. My stance is open, shoulders square. Face open depending on the height of the chip and whether I want it to run out or not. I'd suggest that if your chunking it, the problem is either that your wrists are breaking down through the shot, or that your weight is shifting. Next time you chip really focus on getting your weight forwards and set your wrists before you start and keep them that way.
  13. I tried the MX 200s and, while they had the great Mizuno feel on a decent strike, the clubheads just seemed massive, especially coming from my Titleists.
  14. No one here can tell you how you will hit the R9. You may hit it well, you may hit it terribly. Certainly, the wiser investment by a mile is lessons or at least a fitting. I'm sure you can find 30 mins here and there for that.
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