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  1. There is so much it could be, any response would be shot gunning.
  2. This sounds right to me. A couple of years ago, I might have changed the fundamentals of my swing based on a "tip," now I will consider whether that tip works at all with what I am trying to do. For instance, I might hood the driver if I am hitting right, for the round I am in, instead of trying to work out during a round what is going on, but I wouldn't incorporate that compensation into my swing, as it would end up being a band-aid that retarded my development. Building a swing for some of us, especially those of us who started late in life, takes a lot of faith and involves steps backwards in results, even as they move us closer to an effective, repeatable swing. Beginners just want the ball to go down range in bounds. The best instruction I ever got took 30 yards off of my distance, at first, but after working on it for a couple of weeks, I got the yards back, plus some, and more accuracy.
  3. Easy, play five times a week. Maybe start keeping a handicap, after a couple weeks, anyway.
  4. Good point, the ground was wet, and I am sure I was sinking in to it. Making a fat hit more likely. I think the thin hits were about fear of fat hits, since I don't hit it thin that much off the matts.
  5. That's how golf starts too... But it turns out that guitars have levels, like golf, and as you master one level, you begin to understand the next, and want to do that now, and on an on.
  6. You know, this seems obvious, but then I thought about it and I think I know the problem. When I do catch one exactly right off of the mat, I can feel it, and see it in the flight, but instead of thinking "There! I did that one right and I have to do that every time if I can," I would think "Wow, that was a great shot, wish I could do that every time, shrug..." So much of golf is mental (Captain Obvious alert). As it is, I am going to swear off of mats. If I can only find a range with mats, I will just hit off of tees, in the future.
  7. I spent the whole winter in Florida playing very little golf, but I took a couple of lessons and hit off of mats almost every day. I noticed a huge improvement, at the range... But yesterday I got out on the course here in Vermont for the first time and what a mess! I was longer off the tee, after slicing the breakfast ball into the woods anyway (I was alone at the course :^) ) which was nice, but my irons were terrible, I was either topping everything, or hitting it fat. I think it is sort of like hitting live pitching vs the pitching machine at the batting cage. I also feel like I can't even sweep the grass, it's like my first swing with an iron, when I was expecting my great flight I had been getting at the range, and I hit it really fat and it went 20 yards into some water, I got gun shy and started hitting everything thin. Any suggestions for exercises I can do to get over being psyched out by the grass. The course is also pretty wet, so I have that to worry about.
  8. Well, what I have learned is that the "solid strikes" I used to get were kind of accidental through luck. I have completely rebuilt my swing with the help of lessons and I am getting a lot more repeatably decent strikes with far less spraying of the ball, though I did go through a 50% duck hook phase. I have gotten a couple of 220 yard drives at the range, and I think with a little work, a top end drive of 260 a couple times a year is not out of the question. I still am not swinging freely, due to thinking about the swing mechanics too much, and grip is still too tight, which I know is robbing me of yards, but that is one thing more than I can think about in a swing right now. Coach says I need to do a thousand reps of the swing like I did on video, and it will be mine forever. A fundamentally sound swing that I can tweak to improve, but won't have to rebuild again, hopefully. I have done about fifty today on a mat in the back yard today, just working on address, takeaway, and final position and holding it for a sec each time. I am starting to understand it better and to have a feel for all of the parts of it, and what I am doing wrong when I miss instead of being stumped why I hit it fat, or bounced the driver off of the ground before the tee, topped the ball, etc, etc... It was nice that he only gave me a couple of corrections today, and they were simple ones, rather than a laundry list, as I have gotten in the past. Mostly I hit balls today rather than listen to swing theory. It's funny that it gets so much simpler once you understand it.
  9. ESPN has become all politics all the time. It's almost worse than Twitter in that regard. There is probably a political agenda behind the comment. I couldn't say because I haven't watched ESPN in quite a while. I used to love it. Thanks to God we have the NFL network, MLB, NHL network, and of course, The Golf Channel now.
  10. I don't know anything, really, but have you thought about tilting your left shoulder higher to change your angle of attack? Like Rory here
  11. Went to GolfTec and the guy fixed my problem for me really easily. He said I needed to tilt my shoulders far more than I was on the driver, differently than the wedge, and more than I was comfortable doing, and he showed me video of pros and I saw they were doing this, and move the ball even with my shoe laces of my left foot. Like magic it worked. I was hacking down on the ball with my driver as if it were a wedge. Hence why my hybrid worked better. The tilt, raising my left shoulder, sort of tilted my whole swing. He also gave me this neat tip about sort of locking my right knee by keeping the knee inside of my right foot, which kept me from rocking back in my swing, I won't go through the whole lesson, but anyway, there it is.
  12. You know, all of those things may be factors. It is kind of late in the season here, the ranges are all closed, to make a swing video, but I think I really need to do that. I have tried teeing the ball lower, and experimenting with different ball positions, but maybe I need to be more scientific about it. When I get to Florida in a couple of weeks, I will try to make one. On difference is I love that club and swing it with confidence, because it always seems to work out great. IIt's hard to get confidence in a club you can't really hit, and no, I can't really hit the three well either, nothing under a four. I like my five hybrid a lot too. And the shorter irons, I hit pretty well. It's like a sawtooth for me, game gets better, then falls back, but it's on a positive trajectory. I was hitting the driver decent a month or two ago... Sigh...
  13. I can hit my 4 hybrid 210 yards on a solid strike, 20% loft Calloway XR. I can't hit my driver more than 180 without an exceptional bounce and roll. I play kind of a short course, so I don't actually mind leaving the driver home and using the hybrid, but on the other hand, it is very frustrating. Any ideas for what causes this? One thing is that the ball flight on the 4 hybrid is lower than the driver. I have this tendency to hit pop flies on mishits with the driver. The other thing is that the 4H has a small head, maybe it forces me to hit the sweet spot. The ball flight is straight as an arrow too, unlike my usual "pronounced fade" with on or two slices per round I get with my driver. It's kind of funny, I left the 1 wood in the car the last nine I played, and played mostly bogie golf. That driver is costing me a ton of strokes, with my chipping being the other thing that keeps me from being a solid bogie golfer, which has always been my goal.
  14. Yeah, I knew it didn't add up. But I did fall for it, I am ashamed to admit. Still, I knew a guy who was so cheap he would never give up without at least coming out with two more balls than he lost.