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  1. wilsh99

    Golf Digest's U.S. Open Challenge

    The more I think about it, the more I think the score is going to be well over 100. The guy selected is an 8 hdcp. I think most 8-10 hdcp players would have trouble breaking 100 on ANY PGA Tournament course during tournament week and playing the tour tees, much less an OPEN course. Remember the conditions of this challenge: Tour tees and green speeds, nationwide network TV, gallery, playing with celebrities, etc. Remember...every swing counts in this one. No mulligans or gimmies...and PRESSURE will be incredible. It's going to be a train wreck out there.
  2. wilsh99

    Golf Digest's U.S. Open Challenge

    I agree that's it is possible the 2 index could do it, which is why I put in the range that I did. I just don't think an 8 has a chance unless he has a career round; which is unlikely under the circumstances.
  3. Dent - 92 Craig Mac- 94 BritBoy - 95 Bump-n-MI - 96 blurry - 96 ERC7.5-97 underparnv - 98 Cizzle - 99 michaeljames92 - 100 Pinseeker81 - 101 i-Guy - 102 Wisco-Kid - 103 Klew - 104 rudygu - 104 GoingfortheGreen - 105 Rusty2228 - 106 JeffG - 107 Wilsh99-108 iacas - 109 BigAl5150 - 109 Finn07 - 109 Golf_Junkie27-114 Elsfan 117 Razorhog - 119 Reading the back story about Atkinson (cancer, etc.) I sure hope he shoots 80.....but I think it will be a challenge for him to break 110. Part of it will be what I call the "(Johnny) Miller Effect". If he plays well and it looks like he's got a chance on the back 9, it will get infinitely harder to pull the club back for each swing. The last few holes could be really ugly. I hope not...just being realistic.
  4. wilsh99

    Golf Digest's U.S. Open Challenge

    Agreed. No matter how benign the conditions are, there is no way a 4-10 index player can break 100 on TP, or any of Open courses in the current rotation. (Maybe Merion just because it's quite a bit shorter. A sub-4 index MIGHT break 100 if he has a career day, driving it long and putting well. Add the pressure of live network TV, celebrities, etc. and I would bet the farm that these guys don't come closer than, say, a 105. I expect there will be some penalty shots and at least a few "tap-ins" that are missed under the pressure of the day. That assumes they REALLY play the Open tees, rough depth and green speeds. If they wimp out (unlikely) on the setup then it's more achievable. Still, it will be fun to watch. Everyone loves a train wreck (i.e.NASCAR) and will especially love to see the celebs getting beaten up.
  5. I'm from the South Bay area of L.A. I've been lurking here for awhile and figured it was time to contribute!
  6. I have foot problems galore and wear podiatrist built orthotic inserts almost all of my street shoes and golf shoes. The only shoes I don't need them in are my Eccos and FJ Reel Fit adjustables. Both are extremely comfortable...and I walk almost every round I play.
  7. wilsh99

    Which driver do you use?

    Just switched to a TM Burner TP 8.5* with a TP Fujikura Rombax Technology shaft. Longest, straightest driver I've ever owned.
  8. wilsh99

    What make of glove do you wear...

    I love this TGW special: http://www.tgw.com/customer/category...TEGORY_ID=2779 3 great Etonic gloves for $17 (plus shipping but no tax). I've ordered three sets so far and no disappointment. I find the gloves to be the equal of FJ Sta-soft. I've also occasionally purchased the Callaway 3 glove special at Costco for about $18.
  9. wilsh99

    Most underrated equipment

    I just put the 4 wood and 7 wood in my bag. These are truly underrated. My own club pro didn't even know much about them. But these things are the longest, straightest fairway woods I've ever hit. Truly amazing. I want to try out their latest driver and see if it performs as well as the CB2 woods. Incredible weapons.

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