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  1. This should be a blast to watch!!! I love the major as it brings "the gods of golf" to human status. :) can't wait for the wind to come.
  2. I feel bad for the guy...this can not help his self esteem. I was rooting for him to do well as I like to see him play more. Just a couple years ago he was battling tigers at Harding park in San Francisco. Hope he keep his chin up. Go John!!
  3. We gotta rout for Rocco and Norman. I would love to see Rocco bounce back from the US Open and win this one. This would be an absolute dream for him!! Go ROCCO!!!
  4. John Daly is 10 over...one infornt of Phil. WOW!!! Hope Adam Scott can continue to hold the -1 lead.
  5. Gotta be Adam Scott, Sergio, Kim and long shot Jim Furik. Can't wait to see it!!
  6. Sorry but how is that related to the 64* wedge? :) How do you find the 64 useful if you don't mind me asking because I wanted to try one out. Thanks!
  7. I think having 4 wedges is good for you since your handicap is not at the desire level. That way you can do full swing with each club instead of tryin to measure 25-75% of the swing. Have fun trying out the combination.
  8. I Shoot a 45 at St. Andrews with Tiger woods 2005 Xbox.
  9. That is a bit harsh if you think about it. I am sure that two weeks out of the year they could accomidate two event there. I would think that right after the Masters they could have the LPGA play there but I guess non of us are Chairman of Augusta so we can't make that decision. Now what would we call the LPGA event at Augusta?...Slaves? hahaha
  10. I hope he will play for a long long time. The Masters would not be the same with out Arnie, Jack or Gary involment of some sort.
  11. Here is another question. Why can the LPGA have an event at Augusta for themselves? I think women should get a chance to play at Augusta in some profesional form. I would be very interested to see how the lady do on this course. So chairman of Augusta, why can't the LPGA have an event there? "I am woman, hear me roar"
  12. that seems to be the plan from what I gather. Hope he has a speedy recovery...so now who are we going to watch for the next 2 months?
  13. Why is it that golf pros both on PGA and LPGA seems so proper and polite? Wy can't golf be more like happy gilmore? I think the pros need to have more fun and get the crowd involve more. examples: - talk more smack on the course with each other. - throw T-shirts, balls, etc. in the crowd each time they make a birddie or eagle. - Wear shorts? How come I never seen a PGA event where they never wear shorts and it could be 120 outside? - of there is an event on Holloween then they should dress up and play. What are some ideas you guys can think of?
  14. Did you see that Japanese guy wearing a cowboy hat last year in the PGA evets? It's kinda cool. I think someone needs to wear a beret or something to spice things up.
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