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  1. I've been getting familiar with the swing speed radar I recently purchased, and things are getting pretty much settled in. Anemic as my SS is, I am getting readings of around 65 with six iron and up to about 75 max with driver. I am hitting into a net and I suspect I am holding off a little with driver and I believe that the net is sort of a visual "barrier" sort of thing and I am a little hesitant. . This seems to be about right as from what I have read, the conversion with SS to yardage (carry) for a driver is 2.4 times the SS, and for 6 iron about 1.7 times. This would put me in the 180 yard range carry with driver (high end). Am I missing anything? Also, someone posted, that the portable monitors such as the SSR reads 5 or 6 MPH slower than Trackman or Mevo. Then again, some report the opposite.
  2. just another reiteration of the same, tired, thing...…..I reversed mat placements, standing on smaller mats which are secured, and hitting off the larger mat. The reason being, that I find that standing on the larger mat, it will shift a bit owing to weight shift, toe spinning e.t.c. while club striking does not affect it much. Also, one doesn't have to move the mats around because of different club lengths.
  3. something like that. Akin to a different "field", more interest, more golfers. Golf is now more in vogue, than say bowling. Now there are more high schools with golf teams, along with a variety of sports as well. Physical well being is more prevalent, dedicated exercise regimen. Not that there wasn't before, but there is just more focus on it. well, I know where I stand. Prolly won't change all that much as I am chronologically impaired, even though I am a better ball striker with a decent short game. Less stamina and all that normal stuff.
  4. It's not so much that golfers are getting better, than there are more better golfers. One reason might be that attitudes have changed in that more are interested in improving owing to better informed instructors, equipment, testing parameters e.t.c. In the past, many considered golf a mere past time and to some extent not as competitive. It was the opportunity for leisure, comradery. Social media, golf forums, the onslaught of gimmickry, have brought it all to the fore front (Pun intended). More interest brings more wanting to improve so that those so inclined will devote more effort taking advantage of more available instruction. Golf is more of a sport now, and in general, more people are somewhat sports oriented than before. Also, commercial marketing and merchandise is a lot more prevalent than the bygone days of Wilson, Ram, Top Flight, Spalding e.t.c. Even for those who really are not into competition, the availability of portable swing monitors, GPS watches, range finders make golf interesting and one can enjoy a round solo owing to the instant feedback. "It's not your father's Oldsmobile" anymore.
  5. Hacker James

    Power Edge Golf

    I Picked up this putter at veterans store for $6.00. Off brand, but feels very good. The grip is a molded design with flat surface on the top. I just like the balance and how easily it swings. I could not find much info on the company other than an article stating they cater to teens and young adults, not that it makes any difference. I also found them on facebook and seems to be a Japanese company as evidenced by the posts being done in sanscript. Not earth shattering news, but posted for any curiosity seekers and fellow thrift shop miners.
  6. Hacker James

    Amount of practice?

    My practice regimen is tantamount to being an obsession in that I spend every day swinging into a net at various times throughout the day and sometimes even after dark. I do work on specific drills for specific purpose. It is just outside the sliding bedroom door which makes it too easy to jump outside. I might read a tip or idea and try it, sometimes finding an "A ha" moment (most of those are fleeting and sometimes NOT what one should do). It is done on a mere whim. One could say that my golf game is not evolving but rather revolving, going back to tried and true routines that are consistently proven to be valid, but not discounting new ideas from time to time. Back to Basics is a good, sound, theme for me. I have not really counted, but I probably get in six or more hours per day, counted in usually no more than frequent, ten minute, sessions. Full Swings, Chips and Pitches from 45 feet, flops, shot shaping, low, high, left, right. Putting not so much. That being said, I do not get out on the course more than 2 or 3 times a month owing to other priorities stemming from needs and dictates from S.W.M.B.O. and the frequency of gaming trips to a number of local casinos.
  7. Hacker James

    High Lofted Fairway Woods

    The highest loft fairway wood I have hit would be the 7W. It was an Orlimar miraged tri-metal. One of my many regrets in not keeping it. Should I spot these in a thrift shop again, I will definitely snag one.
  8. Hacker James

    Personal Launch Monitor

    I read a tip the other day (that I have as yet to try) regarding how to measure ball speed with the Swing Speed Radar. The device was designed to measure swing speed and/or tempo but not ball speed. Instead of placing the device at a 45 deg angle and a few Inches in front of the tee, lay it down flat on the ground, face up a few feet towards the target. It is supposed to measure ball speed. You would want to be careful as not to hit any screaming worm burners and be mindful of ball path. They also make a speed shield that is wedge shaped and placed over the device for protection but leaving the face uncovered. I suppose one could use 2 devices and get read outs of swing speed and ball speed simultaneously. I should add, that obviously you could use a monitor designed to do both such as the Swing Caddie, but if you already have the SS Radar, you can expand the use.
  9. Hacker James

    Backyard Practice Net

    Put some rope loops on either side of the platform for dragging. Probably get by using heavy duty staples/staple gun. If going separate, the real feel won't move that much (only a few inches) unless you really chunk it.
  10. Hacker James

    “Casting” my hands in my down swing

    you might also google "no turn - cast drill" by Monte Scheinblum (sp). He demonstrates that even though you "feel" as there is no turn, there actually is plenty and even though you are casting, the club face squares up automatically as the hands play "catch up".
  11. Hacker James

    Backyard Practice Net

    liking the garage door setup, I can imagine it would not be too difficult to affix a "roll up" mechanism, like an old fashioned blind shade. Not feasible for me though as my garage faces the street inviting neighbor critics/complaints.
  12. Hacker James

    Backyard Practice Net

    no end to many ways. I have done just about everything imaginable, platforms, separate standing mats, inlays, moveable "divot" mats. For attaching carpet, mat, artificial turf to plywood, I would suggest carpet adhesive. If you use screws or staples to fix the hitting mat to the platform, the mat will tear through. I once considered placing a horse stall mat under the turf mat for better feel, but they are very heavy and if you go used.....well.....not exactly aromatic. Unless you have a very stable foundation, plywood will rock, hence the placing of "boards" underneath the ends and center (to prevent bowing). As far as tee hole, you can always drill through the platform/mat wherever you wish.
  13. Hacker James

    Backyard Practice Net

    Really Nice Set up! That's one thing I lack is putting greens. Not so sure that S.W.M.B.O. would tolerate that. I only have about 50 X 15 feet to work with. I put in artificial turf a year or so ago.
  14. Hacker James

    Personal Launch Monitor

    yeah, I know. The SC units are to be placed about 4 feet behind the ball. The Swing Speed Radar is placed about 4-6 inches ahead of the ball at 45 degrees. even so, carry distance should not be more than 10% less that total under normal situations i.e. fairway conditions, slope, roll e.t.c. Mevo would be more accurate, but not in my budget.
  15. Hacker James

    Personal Launch Monitor

    fwiw, the unit I purchased seems defective. Most swings do not register. The yardages seem very low, but I suppose could be accurate. I am awaiting an RMA to send it back for diagnosis, replacement, refund.

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