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  1. Hole 19 GPS

    Thank you. I do use a GPS watch as well and find it accurate enough and unobtrusive. I just thought the cell app would give me more versatility. I will probably down load it, or swing x swing. I can always simply not use it if I find it too costly or eats too much data (I only have 250 MB for now). Post round stats are something of interest as well.
  2. Having rebuilt my pvc golf net frame numerous times, it would appear that the last re-iteration has stood up pretty well. It has not broken, but merely tipped over in one piece, albeit not without a fitting or two coming loose. Winds are still gusting fairly heavy (up to 90 mph in some places), but subsiding a lot since two days ago. Maybe only 30-35. Fires....that is an entirely different story.....really, really, bad (see news media). The fire has spread as far as North San Diego County (but different fire), most recent being in the Bonsall, Hwy 76 areas. Last time this happened, it was pointed out to me that the heavy, archery net, acted as a sail. This is true so I removed and replaced with regular net, however, still some sail effect owing to the poly impact panel that is suspended. I will leave it on the ground for now.
  3. How Important Is a Straight Left Arm?

    I guess that makes me a hybrid then. Call me "Prius".
  4. TrueStrike Golf mat

    @inthecup, the link you put up mentions using the GC2 so I am assuming it can in fact be used with Trustrike. but, obviously, I have no firsthand experience.
  5. Golf apps

    thanx...I guess one still needs data however, plus WiFi, is not available everywhere and/or need a password for the WiFi spot you are using. I have adaptive brightness control, but it seems to work backwards, i.e. brighter screen when turned off. I may look into a couple of those free apps, including GolfLogix, swing x swing, Hole 19, or if works well, go ahead and splurge for Game Golf.
  6. Golf apps

    I discovered this in PlayStore on my new Android and posted without searching.(my bad) How does it perform in bright sunlight? Battery drain? data usage? TIA James
  7. Has anyone used Google Hole 19 app? Although I already have a Garmin s-2 Approach, it is limited and I thought the smart phone might be something I could use. One concern I have is visibility under bright sunlight.
  8. How Important Is a Straight Left Arm?

    and in each of those, the arms are pretty much in front of the chest. The chest is turned towards the back. Not centered in front mind you, but more in front than the arms past the chest. A way to demonstrate this, is to hold the club in front of you as if you were going to bonk yourself on the forehead, then without moving your arms turn into the top of the backswing, turn your head to look at the club, then again without moving your arms, turn back as facing in the same direction as you were at address. and note the club is still in front of you (more or less).
  9. upload images/files from smart phone

    Thanks. This is more or less what I ended up doing. Good suggestion on the photo app and I discovered I can upload to Google Drive as it is already on my Android. I am not as well versed as some in these things, but eventually I figure things out.
  10. upload images/files from smart phone

    Thank You. It was simple when I had the Iphone. Simple usb connector and it is automatically uploaded to another drive (Usually F on my PC). for some reason, does not work with Moto. I did a bit of research and found that Moto has a photo tool app for that purpose. It was kind of odd, the cell phone appeared as a discoverable device, but it would not then upload images without the special app. Not really more steps, just upload to the drive, and then at my leisure, download to the web site. I also would not have the patience to try to view the page from a cell.
  11. upload images/files from smart phone

    probably so, With Android however, it seems as if you need a special app to upload, it appears as a device in my "f" drive, but it does not do anything. Thanks well,I would have also after I discovered it. Buy I do understand why you did do. (you could have waited a bit). oops, no, you are right, I would NOT have been able to delete. sorry
  12. upload images/files from smart phone

    OK, fwiw...(and remember, I am a novice at this) I was able to view, log in to TST from my cell, make post, add photo, but when I then went to my desk PC, it was not there on the site. Also I find navigation on a cell phone is a bit difficult owing to screen size. For me, I discovered a better way...I simply uploaded photos on the cell to "My Drive" in Google and then was able to easily upload to the web site in the same manner as any files/images are uploaded and then imbedded. I could also make a link for any photos there. Another benefit "might" be would be the ability to "edit" (crop, size, whatever...) in one of several photo apps. Thank you for your patience.
  13. upload images/files from smart phone

    OK thank you, I am sure it will become quite simple once I try it.
  14. upload images/files from smart phone

    no help. 1. I take a photo on cell phone (android) 2. How do I upload to this message? 3. I am guessing I have to first get the image from the phone to the PC 4. Before I simply took the SD card out of the camera and uploaded to My Pictures on my PC 5. If I accessed the web page from the smart phone using my WiFi/carrier, would I then be able to upload images already in the phone? I am sorry if I do not understand. .

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