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  1. Why did I trade in that club???

    similar story, but in my case, it was a set of Orlimar Tri-Metal Miraged (low profile), I practically gave them away to an older gentleman who purchased some other stuff from me. He was absolutely thrilled!
  2. Need help identifying this club

    Still in use in some parts. I had one as a youth, pretty effective as I recall, if you kept the blades sharpened which would probably be a lost art today. or ask Clint Eastwood in "Get off my lawn". (Gran Torino).
  3. Need help identifying this club

    Wouldn't be the first time one of my nutty,half-baked, often mocked, ideas take on a life of their own. As for my motivation, I tend to offer up things on the spur of the moment, regardless of what others may think. Most are silliness, some worthwhile, but all are original thinking notwithstanding that they are often having been influenced by something or someone else. I take no credit for the good, but accept the criticism of those that are not. Regarding the above, recall Sam Snead's frontal "penny pitching" style that was outlawed and he opted to go side saddle.
  4. Need help identifying this club

    Yup pretty much, except for colour. The ones I saw were S/S About that same time frame, I seem to recall seeing Drivers and Fairway Woods, that were sort of mallet shaped. I don't know if that was some sort of weird dream, or I actually saw them at a pro shop. Maybe "The Hammer?". Looked like a sledge hammer on a shaft.
  5. Need help identifying this club

    not all that unusual design. It is older but, I remember seeing similar about twenty years ago that looked to have been CNC Milled, cylindrical, but not with end caps. The head also did not have a flat face. The idea was to impart top spin. You would hit just like any putter, not like a croquet mallet. Not sure of the legality, but if I were to design something like that, I would have the ends as wheels and use a push stroke as in shuffle board. Dumb? Maybe, Effective?, probably, Different? definitely.
  6. importance of filming speed

    @billchao, Okay, thanks
  7. importance of filming speed

    ha ha, good luck with that. I am not really concerned about TST purposes, and do not intend nor have a desire for evolvr. Just need something for self analysis.
  8. importance of filming speed

    when you say 120, is that for normal speeds? The reason I ask, is that in reading the specs on the Moto G4, it states only 30 fps front camera (I think), but in professional mode, you can manually select speed and they say 120 fps in slow motion. It also gives 16 megapixels.
  9. importance of filming speed

    Yah, I generally know what I am after and actual clubhead movement while important, is not curcial. If it were not for the fact that I am also in need of a cell phone, sounds like that would suffice. I also get that, I am not sure of which subtle movements are really necessary. Drawing head boxes, plane lines, provide that info and do not require much speed. I guess the query is just too subjective. I believe most posters such as myself, kind of know what they want, but not necessarily what they need to know. Its kind of like seeking affirmation of something you already know or suspect. Oh well. Thank you very much for your inputs, gives me something to think about.
  10. I have read many of the threads regarding filming and speed necessary and realize that a high speed camera is necessary to see what is occurring at impact. My question is, how important is seeing impact? Realizing this is very subjective. Many have stated that cameras or smart phone filming at even 60 fps are sufficient to observing angles, path, drawing lines and squares using appropriate software, lacking only the ability to slow the speed down enough so there is no blur. Probably a tough question to answer. I am just trying to decide on an all around solution for getting the right cell phone and do not wish to spend the money for both that and a high speed camera that would only be used for specific purposes. I have mentioned in other threads about the Motorola G4 which has only a 30fps video capability at normal speed, but does have adjustable shutter speeds and can provide 120 fps at slow motion speed. I mention it again, as the price is right and the Moto has many of the same features of the higher priced Galaxy.
  11. A variation of the old "walk and swat" drill, where you start walking down a line of balls swinging back and forth with an ever increasing pendulum, not even stopping along the way, develop a rythym to your stride, step, sweep, step sweep. You will be surprized at your accuracy and won't miss a single ball. The prior "friend" drop thing is an out take from the film "Bagger Vance" (Will Smith) where he had the player close his eyes while putting and imagining the ball going into the cup. After a few shadow swings, Bagger placed a ball in the path, and the player made the shot.
  12. working the ball easier with low lofted irons?

    I may be totally wrong, but I believe that lefties adapt swings that are more than mirror images of what a right handed player does. Often times it looks (to me) that they have to do a lot more manipulation. This indeed is talent. Just look at the way a left handed person writes on a tablet, he/she seems to have to distort their hands in weird (to us right handers) positions looking as if they are writing upside down. In the swing shown of Bubba, he uses a LOT of wrist action. It is even more apparent in a person that does only one task with the opposite hand, example, a person who does everything with his/her right hand, but perhaps swings a golf club or tennis racket with the left. Bubba is a phenom in many respects.
  13. we are starting to drift off topic just a little, but in regards to the SLDR Mini, although the name would indicate it has a "slider: it does not. TM is always coming out with some particular aspect or gimick to satisfy the insatiable needs of the consumer, often times to re-package an older product. They did use technology aspects of M.O.I, C.O.R, weight distribution. Even their commercials talking about "lofting up", the Mini came in lofts up to I believe 14 degrees. What is that - a 2 wood? One of the best TM Clubs I have ever owned was their R-7 Limited. with three interchangeable weights. What I liked best was the head shape and smaller mass. I am thinking 430cc? At the end of the day it is still "New, Improved, Tide".
  14. A short while back Taylor Made came out with their SLDR Mini Driver. The marketing pitch was that it was also a club that could be hit off the deck. I don't know if the appeal lasted or not, but aside from other bits about technology et all, to me it was just a driver with a smaller head. "Back in the day."......yah yah,I know....but frequently hit my Persimmon or Laminated Maple driver off the deck without too much trouble.
  15. App for showing swingplane "live" ?

    i should add that in further observation, it appears that the Moto G4 has a professional mode where you can select speed, aperture e.t.c. They went on to say that if you film in Slow Motion, you get 120 fps otherwise it is only 30 fps with the front view camera at normal speed. I guess my next question would be whether or not that would take care of the problem in that if you did film in slow motion, you could then have a good look at impact. I am only beginning to learn some of this stuff.