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  1. Hacker James

    Black Oxide removal

    not sure I would call it a benefit, but an observation after removal of the oxide coating is that you can readily see the dimple pattern (brand new ball an exception) on the club face without the need for foot powder e.t.c. It may also be possible that this much smoother face may reduce spin (probably only seems so), as my drives are much straighter. Here is a photo of two hits in succession. (into a net). Just wipe off with finger and reload.
  2. Hacker James

    Ball Striking Is Improving, but Scores Are Not

    not scientific, but I read an article somewhere claiming the brain will disregard certain words in context. For example, you might say or think "Do NOT hit in the water"....The brain then ignores the negataive modifiers DO NOT, and therefore is left with "Hit in the water". Or DON'T go right...….and of course you GO RIGHT.
  3. Hacker James

    Smaller Club Head to Increase Consistency

    well......the smaller the head, you may hit the sweet spot more often, mainly because if you miss it, you whiffed! (not really, but you get the idea). I sometimes carry my Persimmon and have found it helps me get sync back for some reason or other. As for ball compression, it had indeed changed. IIRC the last truly 90 or 100 that Titleist put out was "The Professional". The ball that was most common before that was the DT wound.
  4. Time to get another. I have this vinyl target from Cimarron Golf that I have been using for a few years. It has held up fairly well and is still quite usable, but shows signs of wear by virtue of compromised borders, target stripe completely gone, grommets about to fall out e.t.c. That being said, it has had thousands of impact hits from every club in the bag from distances as close as 8 feet to 45 feet. As far as the hitting surface, no holes whatsoever. So, asthetics aside, nothing really wrong with it. Here is a photo which actually looks better than reality. (Replacement cost $22).
  5. Hacker James

    Looking for a New Golf Ball

    you may want to try OnCore Elixr. Join their club and get discount when purchased directly. I think I paid around $25 a dozen, but went with a two piece instead. I would buy them again though.
  6. Hacker James

    Top Flite Golf Ball Deal

    I haven't used Top Flight for awhile, but did try the "gamers" a time or two with good results. I kind of like the Wilson Ultra 500's from Target for $9.99 /15 and no minimum purchase. I've tried others since, but keep going back to these as my ball of choice. I tried refurbs Pro V1 from LostGolfBalls.com and I was disappointed in them, quickly lose their lustre, weren't any better than the new Ultra 500's and ended up in my backyard practice set up.
  7. Hacker James

    2017 TaylorMade Driver Weights

    I got some on E-Bay for my old R7 limited
  8. Hacker James

    Clip towels

    old thread, but in lieu of the traditional carabiner and club towel, I use the "S" hook. easy to remove and replace o n your bag.
  9. Hacker James

    5 wood vs 3 hybrid

    I used to own a few Orlimar tri-metals including a 7W. I kinda wisht I hadn'tn sold em.
  10. Hacker James

    Need help identifying object

    Could it be epoxy? I found something like that in a driver head. When the shaft was pulled, there was a rattle. It turned out to be a small black cylinder of what proved to be epoxy after I was able to finally shake it out.
  11. Hacker James

    Black Oxide removal

    I am not sure I would go that far. My motivation is not all that relevant but merely a matter of personal preference. I was mostly trying to demonstrate the process involved may be helpful in case others that may be interested in refinishing clubs as has been addressed by multiple threads in the past. Once I had mitigated the scratches, I had little choice but to continue to present a more uniform appearance.
  12. Hacker James

    Black Oxide removal

    thanks. it came out okay- tks haha..so what else is new?
  13. Hacker James

    Black Oxide removal

    did you not see where I mentioned the scratches?
  14. Hacker James

    Black Oxide removal

    I had a few light scratches on the face of my Titleist Driver. I was able to buff them out with some fine grit sandpaper (or emory might be better), but that also left an abrasion patch. I then took a sponge and swiped on a generous layer of brown vinegar and let stand for awhile. After a bit of elbow grease with grit paper, the result was a smooth club face, score lines intact and kind of bronzed look. You can't really paint the face as that would not hold up. The vinegar works pretty well to remove the black oxide. Another remedy I am told is "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner which contains hydrochloric acid (HCL). or you can use commercial HCL diluted 30%. Not too shabby!
  15. Hacker James

    CP4 titanium hosel

    I recently had some lengthy discussions with Tom Wishon and he told me about his sourcing a softer, more ductile titanium that enables clubmakers and fitters to bend a fixed hosel to any lie and face angle desired. He has incorporated this into virtually all his driver models assuming they (the club makers) have the proper bending equipment. He also showed me how some of the manufacturers are off by as much as 8 degrees in their stated lie measurements.

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