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  1. Unforeseen circumstance precludes me from participating in this event. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank You. HJ
  2. without reading the entire thread, according to an explanation offered by a couple of the agencies, having available (unused) credit helps improve your score. They like to see a 30/70 ratio of credit balance to available credit. If one is in the camp that believes that, then arguably asking for an increase will widen that margin. OTOH, it is my understanding that every time a report is pulled or hard inquiry made, it is detrimental. Best thing is to pay down debt, make your payments on time and as early as possible during the billing cycle on those accounts that utilize an average daily balance to compute your interest charges.
  3. ha ha, is that what they call a "Faldoism" ?
  4. I think the best advice I've had came from my gf....she was riding with me in the cart as an observer. Once after an errant tee shot, she exclaimed "Why don't you just hit it straight ?" Now why didn't "I" think of that? what made it so funny, was she said it with a straight face.
  5. I really do not like to use those tee time traders. I usually simply call the proshop at a particular course directly, or if I have time, look at their website to see what's available, state my case i.e. Senior, Military Retired, local. Often times I am able to get a good spot they have to fill. Even as a walk on, I am pretty lucky.
  6. I would agree with a lot of what you are saying. A lot has to do with perception and expectation. Similar (somewhat) to comparisons with brand names and a generic drug/medicine. Some people will only buy the brand names, when a side-by-side comparison will show the two are identical, yet the people buying the brand name will swear it is better for them, and indeed it might be owing to perception. The placebo effect is in this same vane. I am an older golfer, and I believe that I have a fairly good grasp of what a sound golf swing entails at least to the point that I can recognize good advice from that is not so good. Like a lot of people, that does not isolate me from looking at different tips from time to time which is not always a wise thing to do. While I do not have any serious physical disabilities, I am nearly 75 and not as limber as I once was, my coordination is sometimes lacking, but on the flip side, I have a lot of endurance and strength for my age. Should I give advice, I always try to include the caveat....this is what appears to work - for me. I also realize that I probably am lacking in the expertise to adequately impart any knowledge I have gained effectively and I would defer to the professionals. So in essence you have to be able to "separate the wheat from the chaff, realizing that there is a lot of chaff".
  7. acid rain in certain parts....anybody got any cubes? awe.shucks! Youse guys make me feel foolish as I stand here with slumped shoulders, hands deep in my pockets, head down. Now I simply feel nuts!
  8. As I said, I did NOT authenticate it. I doubt very seriously if he were the originator, but merely passed it on as did I, without checking. That happens all to often, unfortunately. Thanks for the fact check, at least I wont be going outside to view the non event. Regarding cannabis, I was considering planting it on the bank that is behind my golf net, but decided not worth the hassle of doing it legally. They are pretty however in their infant stages prior to budding.
  9. An astronomical event that occurs about every 429 years is supposed to happen tonight. For about 90 minutes, the moon will appear the color green owing to the line up of several planets. The causation, I am not sure. A high school friend of mine posted it on FB and I have not checked the authenticity.
  10. @Kalnoky yup, I have even written a couple of small golf swing articles, but not for the purpose of publication. Mostly just to toy with in case I ever wanted to start another blog. I already have a motorcycle blog on blogspot.com. I think the name I gave it was: Jimsmotomuses.blogspot.com But I will have to check (its been a while since I even looked). It is a combination of places visited, with the older posts, instruction and maintenance tips. The last golf thing I wrote was on Shot Shaping (basically just how to use ball flight rules in hitting draws and fades). I also wrote a set of instructions for building a golf hitting net out of pvc.
  11. As mentioned in several responses above, a handicap index is not necessarily any indication of the value of advice given. There are many who have a good knowledge of the golf swing. Many of the well known instructors, coaches, guru's have come out with screwy ideas. There are those instructors who seem to be very well versed in the technical aspects, can "talk the talk", but at the same time, owing to something as simple as "vibes", or even personality, I would never even consider taking a lesson from. Knowledge is great, but far more important is the ability to pass on that knowledge to a variety of people in a manner that is easily understood, appropriate to the readiness of the student to learn and incorporate e.t.c. This is not so far removed from the posts regarding the relationships between caddies and players. Trust is a very important factor. "Oh, I am not a golf instructor, I am a golf Monitor, I only inform people when they have a shitty golf swing - you have a shitty golf swing"
  12. This is one of those topics, that seem never-ending. Similar to "Oil" threads on motorcycle forums. Anyway... as one who has tried various configurations of mats, I have found the best arrangement is to use three 12 x 18 inch mats. One to hit off of, the other two to stand on. This gives one a lot of flexibility in terms of width of stance, closeness to ball. I have used the Real Feel Hitting Strips, as well as small pads cut off a 5 x 8 foot "Monster Mat". To be honest, the often touted "real feel" is not all that much better, but it is a little tighter weave. I used to use the larger single mat to both hit off and stand, but after awhile, I noticed that it would become a little worn in places making it hard to place the ball at the same spot each time without it rolling. The three piece arrangement simply makes placement quick and easy. Once I find the ideal set up for a variety of clubs, I nail them into place with six inch lawn nails. I can tell readily whether or not I have hit thin or fat, so that is not a problem and I have also found that moving to a real grass driving range is not detrimental. For driver, I use a rubber insert that one can place a real "tee" in, or use the, "The Tee Claw". That being said, I also realize that others have had different experiences.
  13. not quite the same thing, but I wonder how many players have had Butch Harmon as an EX coach?
  14. Many are aware of the idea of "bumping" your lead hip forward just as you start the downswing. (Think Tom Lehman). The other day, I was watching a drill by Sam Snead where he would thrust the lead hip towards the target during the back swing. This seems counter intuitive, but I did notice that it would result in what "felt" (key word there), like a more powerful swing, that seemed to get the ball up a little faster). As with any of these things, they often are short-lived. I just thought it noteworthy of mention after viewing Snead's drill. I can also see how it could do more harm than good for some.
  15. This in effect is what is advocated by Jim Waldron in his "arm swing Illusion move". He wants the feeling of moving your hands/arms out at a 45 degree angle for about 4 inches or so, then allow the torso to turn while keeping the hands in front of your chest at all times. Supposedly, this helps with the syncing of torso, arms, and hands. The problem is, that some focus too much on it and lose connection. I use it as a "trigger". I do not know just how far the hands/arms move, but it is not much when done right. So in that regard, I would agree with it being a "feel" that will vary between individuals, BUT there is some initial movement before the torso begins its coordinated turn.