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  1. nothing wrong with 3/4 and for many, preferred.
  2. Years ago, I read a piece from Trevino wherein he was describing his wide, flat figure eight backswing. That is exactly what it does as pertaining to coming into the ball shallow and swinging way out to the right. No something I would adapt permanently, but it did help as you mention. Felt weird.
  3. Several upcoming and ongoing specials: I am interested in Woods Valley Senior Mondays $29 anytime with cart. I've played that course, a bit challenging and interesting https://www.jcgolf.com/specials-events/
  4. You will figure it out, I have no doubt. Just don't over think it.
  5. I rarely pay much attention to articles addressed here. I realize that I definitely should however. I am 75 years old, still have fairly good flexibility. I used to get severe muscle spasms in my back to the point I felt paralyzed. It usually occurred suddenly whenever I made a certain move. I could not stand straight, and if sitting in a soft chair, I could not get up. I had to sit with my back against a wall. If I did manage to stand up, I did so very quickly in spite of the very sharp pain, but once I started to walk, it would go away after a few minutes. This occurred 2 or 3 times a year and lasted for weeks. I went to the Naval Hospital and was told I had arthritis in my back. Muscle relaxers did no good. They referred me to an outside clinic where I underwent stretching exercises, was placed on a rack, and underwent training with a therapist. It provided only temporary relief. What did work......Chondroitin, Glucosmine, MSM, tablets! I have not an episode now in over 6 years! Placebo effect? Maybe. Swinging a golf club in my back yard daily dozens of swings at a time, frequently but in short sessions of maybe 15 minutes probably helped as well. I do not exercise much other than that, but do have a hanging bar over my bathroom door frame for pull ups, and placed on the floor for sit ups, but I am not fanatical about it.
  6. don't dismiss the using a hybrid from under trees e.t.c. The hybrid can be used very effectively in these situations. Ball well back in stance, swing easy maintaining forward momentum along the ground, holding a low finish. Another method for shorter shots under obstacles is "walk the hybrid up" and hit from the toe. Some call this the "Karnoustie". Works for me.
  7. Hard in this day and age to determine what would be considered political content .Heck, just responding to someone's post that may have had political overtones could render you an offender. Back in the 50's, Dwight Eisenhower was an avid golfer, but describing it was not considered a political discussion. Today is a little different given the all consuming nature of what is in the daily news.
  8. These have been covered in great detail before, so I will be brief. I note that lately a lot of impact marks on driver show hits near top of the face. Impact seemed okay none-the-less. Raising the tee height did not show significant difference, nor did lowering tee height. Although I know that with today's 460cc drivers it is suggested your ball placement be more off lead toe rather than the instep, I ended up placing ball opposite leading edge of lead foot or even a little beyond and was rewarded with very consistent and repeatable center face strikes. It felt strange, but the results were undeniable. The question is will this last? Time will tell. (so will range time).
  9. combine that with Goat Humping and you've a winner!
  10. not disagreeing at all, just stating the obvious motivation.
  11. ergo...the very reason someone like that would and does.
  12. ha ha...not sure either, but so far I am beginning to think he is succeeding.
  13. In looking back over this thread, it occurs to me that the OP is not looking for advice or instruction. He had an "epiphany". He found something that appears to work for him regardless of how flawed others might think it is. He made a few videos on you tube and from what I've seen, mostly words with little demonstration. He is passionate about what he discovered and deserves kudos for that. Now that I've seen the videos, I will only say that I will not be looking again. That being said, if this works for the OP, great. I would agree that sometimes "discoveries" are short lived. I have had a few of these myself that proved to be beneficial, others not so much.
  14. Not sure what the main point is, but all I can get out of it is simply "keep your eye on the ball" . Other than that, "There is no there, there...." From what I can observe from the static photos his weight is on the trail foot, little transfer. If the object is to keep a consistent contact point, this is governed by how you set up and the natural bottom of the swing arc without manipulation of arm length. As for whether or not it works for the OP, we can only take his word for it and if so, great. Not unlike other posts in the past that went on and on and regardless of people genuinely trying to help, seemed to end up with the OP going into Charlie Brown mode : "Why's everybody always pickin on me". Now, NOT saying that is necessarily what is happening here, only in that there is similarity and it reminded me of the other thread(s).
  15. I hope I will do as well. I turn 75 next month and breaking 80 again, seems not as likely, but hope is eternal. I can relate.