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  1. Swing weight explained please

    Think teeter totter or see saw, whatever you wish to call it. As alluded to above, you are simply moving the fulcrum of a lever.
  2. Laurie Davies to play in a Senior Men's tournament

    parallel to Billie Jean King vs Riggs?
  3. donate them to a thrift shop. Somebody will have a use for them.
  4. Anyone use a lightning detector?

    I just use a one iron. I got that tip from Lee Trevino.
  5. follow me around, you will most likely "find" a few more. OTOH, I found an unopened sleeve in my bag, or perhaps I should say not yet opened. Its not that I cannot find the middle of the fairway (I average 73%), but I often find the middle of the woods or pond.
  6. Ten finger grip - amazing

    I figured that out. My grandchildren are Schwartzman. Their father grew up in "Flatbush" and at one time was a "drummer" in a band there.
  7. Swing weight explained please

    I was tempted to chime in with swing weight calculator e.t.c. just as @WUTiger correctly alludes to. In spite of all the tech stuff, the swing weight has more to do with how it "feels" to you. Sometimes, you can make a change and do nothing else in the way of compensation and it feels and performs well. Just like true loft and dynamic loft. For instance, there might be a 1/2 degree difference in a club's loft, but the same thing can be accomplished by a simple adjustment in stance/ set up or the way you hold a club. If you google swingweight calculator,there are any number of them online and with all the technical explanation you could want (or lack of, for that matter).
  8. Ten finger grip - amazing

    ha ha...thought as much...the reference to "Schwartz" threw me.
  9. Ten finger grip - amazing

    don't attribute someone else's posts to me. I get into enough trouble on my own.
  10. Ten finger grip - amazing

    It is actually very easy to groove a perfect golf swing...heck, I have done so dozens of times! They all worked! at least once.
  11. Ten finger grip - amazing

    a lot of us have had a myriad of those aha, or Eureka moments. Ten finger, split-grip or whatever. And, they do in fact seem to work splendidly, for a time and for the reason(s) mentioned. The thing you rarely hear about is the aftermath from these same people after the moment(s) have passed. This does not mean one should totally disregard these discoveries, for they are sometimes very helpful to fall back on in times of need. They are a kind of "short-circuit" when repetition of a particular habit creeps back into a swing and allows for one to regain the basic fundamentals and mechanics which have proven successful in the long run. The one danger is however, that this temporary "band-aid" masks a flaw that needs to be overcome.
  12. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    As I have previously stated, ad nauseam, I am one of those who track my own with a home made spreadsheet. It gives me the ability to enter solo rounds and the flexibility to create "what-if" scenarios. The method I use, conforms to GHIN system. I do not compete or enter any tournaments. It simply meets my needs. I no longer own a smart phone so I do not feel the need to have a commercial GHIN system or be in their database. I would consider a tablet however.
  13. Just out of curiosity. It is my understanding that Mr. Snell was involved in the design of Pro V1's awhile back. I wonder how close Snell balls are to Titleist and whether or not he had to sign a non competitive agreement or something when he left the company. I recall that I had to sign some sort of non disclosure agreement when I left. Or, perhaps I do not have my facts straight?
  14. Stretches to improve flexibility

    what makes you think @Maric771 is male? I did not see any reference to gender.
  15. Computer data transfer

    That was also a concern. Actually, I am in good shape now that I got my one drive sync fixed. Also I do not have a lot of files, so the ones I would want to keep do in fact fit in my 16mb flash drive. They are also in the cloud (One Drive) and data changed on desktop or from online One Drive, will appear on both. Although I have read and have been somewhat reassured, I am a little cautious about the privacy and security of files stored on the cloud. I guess one just has to trust it.