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  1. Have you tried a stronger grip? Alignment problem? if you have an open face and path at same angle, you will have a ball going right. If you favor an open face, then you need to have the swing path a little "more" open to create differential between path and face angle. or...like my girl friend once told me..."why don't you just hit the ball straight?" now, why didn't I think of that?
  2. I also vote for RockBottom, GlobalGolf, 3Balls , Mr Topes. I have used all of these and a couple of others on ebay and amazon.com
  3. not same thing, but recently I tipped a driver I had and in boring out the hosel after cutting the shaft, I drilled a little too deep and a piece of material dropped into the clubhead. Now I have a 43.5 inch "rattle".
  4. 20.2 currently. Low of 18.6 maintained on homemade spreadsheet that follows GHIN formulae. Lowest score 78 (after a nearly ten year hiatus from playing), but can't seem to break 80 now. I don't get out to actual courses much more than 2 or 3 times a month if that. Lots of outdoor swatting though (with purpose). I make pretty good use of outdoor space, net, turf, training aids, pitch/chip from about 50 ft. btw, my comments regarding use of monitors and such was in general. I seemed to notice that several mid to high cappers have them, but as you point out, they are not quite as expensive as I imagined. Also I am a compulsive "tinkerer", making things from whatever I can piece together.
  5. add a camera, tripod, music and potential for broken camera lens/tripod. "look at what's coming at ya".
  6. Did you ever notice that people with higher handicaps tend to have more expensive toys? Not a commonality mind you, just an observation. Perhaps the + golfers do not need them as they already know their numbers and such. Of course, those who are also instructors and/or coaches normally also have the more expensive monitors e.t.c. "I think I will buy that $500 driver and all my woes will be gone"
  7. Being Military Retired as well as senior citizen, it usually wouldn't pay for me to join any sort of card type membership as the benefits derived are about the same as I would normally pay without any monthly obligations or fees. Some have restrictions on weekends and holidays, but others I frequent are acceptable discounts any day. One local course however has a pretty good deal after 1 pm for only $14 (cart fee only), and also $20 worth of range balls each month, the monthly "card" fee is $39 I believe. So, I guess it amounts to how often one would play.
  8. or have a sharpie that is not dried out...meanwhile after applying several coats, I was able to squeeze out five... six iron. side note: this particular club is literally tearing up my balls, after over aggressive sharpening a week or so ago. Hopefully will dull up a bit. There are a lot of variables in this. Exact placement each swing is essential, if you are off by even a 1/16th it will show markedly difference. Suggestion is to use logo on top that has a line that you can place perpendicular to spot on the ball, and have spot just touching the deck.
  9. mebbe that's where the term "tinkering" comes from. PVC and fittings are like Duct Tape. Now they even have a "furniture grade".
  10. just messing around. Hit through the window drill.
  11. Oh, I know and its only a mild curiosity. No descriptive title, most just say "My Slide Show". Maybe one or two static photos may have the word "net". The main reason I asked was that just for the heck of it, I tried to google "golf net" or similar things just to see if it could come up. I gave up after ten pages or so. Most search results are about commercial offerings, E-Bay, Amazon. Possibly someone could have got there by my name. anyhow.....quite trivial.
  12. I was pleasantly surprized to see that this map appears on my Google Drive which I discovered when I clicked on the "app" button on left of my Google Chrome Browser. Now I can go right to it from anywhere
  13. Happy Birthday:dance:

  14. Perhaps so, but using this reasoning, Jack Nicklaus, Furyk, Casper, Trevino and others all have flaws in their swings, but all had one thing in common as to getting to effective impact positions. Just like the saying "If it ain't broke, why fix it?". In any event, the offset club makes me more aware of club face alignment. I even have to make sure my draw does not turn into a hook.
  15. This should be a "sticky" thread, if it is not already. Or someway to access the map easily without having to try and find this thread. (probably is, I just am too blind to have noticed).