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  1. right.Jack's book has also been mentioned in videos I have seen. I subscribe to Tom Bertrand's you tube channel for several Hogan videos. For some reason, I am not able to copy and paste here. Works fine everywhere else. I am pretty sure its something on my browser. (Chrome)
  2. noted an article in February edition of Golf Magazine about Hogan's swing as analyzed by AI technology and Swing Index. I have of course read about some of his prime moves before, but seeing the photos in the article gave me much better perception. The twist move he had at take away was not addressed, but the backswing and "lay off" was. This has been discussed in many threads and videos on you tube.
  3. nothing wrong with DIY, if doing several, but for me not worth the hassle one at a time, purchasing materials, shaft vice e.t.c. I have the UTX middies on my Tour Edge, but they are not available in over-sized and is why I went with Crossline. The over-size were recommended by Lamkin's web site calculator. I am probably on the borderline between mid and jumbo. (middle finger barely touches palm on the mid-sized). I would agree with comments above regarding what feels comfortable.
  4. Moto G5 and Moto G4 for SWMBO. Use Consumer Cellular as my needs are minimal and also they piggyback on both AT&T and T-Mobile. The cameras are decent as well.
  5. Recently took 5 iron purchase of the 695 MB to Golf Mart. I got the Lamkin Crossline ($5.00) and another couple bucks for install.
  6. This reminds me of an ad I saw once for a 100% guaranteed device to kill cockroaches. The package contained two small blocks of wood with the following instructions: 1. Catch a cockroach 2. Place the cockroach on block nr 1. 3. Firmly strike block nr 1 with block nr 2. Note: I am not ridiculing your invention, its just that that devious thought came to mind. Good luck with your enterprise, I love its simplicity. another idea for you would be to mount the clips in the middle of the frame and attach a ball mount to the middle of a third "rail" between the clips. This w
  7. 1955 Ford Fairlane. I bought it off my High School Coach (Ohio). I had just joined the Navy in 1959 and drove it to my first duty station in Washington D.C. (actually in Cheltenham MD). I have owned 21 cars since then plus 5 motorcycles.
  8. My S2 works okay, but battery does not maintain a charge very well. I need to plug it in every three or four days. It does permit complete rounds however.
  9. Count me among those who do not have an "official" handicap index. I do maintain a spreadsheet that contains all the relevant formulae and it is accurate. Some might say "What's the use?'. They are right, but at least gives me a constant reference when playing various courses. I no longer compete and am chronologically impaired.
  10. That's dedication! I really do not know if the regimen advocated by the manufacturer has any real basis for strict adherence to their protocols, but I suppose does lend justification for their marketing of the three different weights in the clubs. From what I gather, they maintain that the exponential increase through the exercises is necessary for optimum results. In any event, whatever steps one takes should be somewhat beneficial (or not). I still would exercise caution and make sure adequate warm up is taken to minimize potential injury.
  11. I would definitely lose then, unless I put wager on the other guy 3 to 1
  12. yes, that is what I thought, but the company literature and others posts seems to indicate the opposite. Ignorance and Apathy. (IDK and IDC)
  13. let's make in $10...(you now see my problem?)
  14. Curtail Casino Gaming. (yea, right....good luck with that).
  15. I had to look that one up, but my guess was correct. "Skip"=Trash (community collection bin). I normally take my discards to Veterans' store or local thrift, so a bloke like myself might benefit. Tit for Tat as it were.
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