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  1. I spied this link on my feed. I cannot vouch for it, but might be something to look into. sharperday.com/backbrace scroll about midway down to reveal magnetic backbrace for men and women.
  2. Hacker James

    Grip Revelation

    @Vinsk, that is a fairly common deal in various forms of "re-gripping" during the d/s. Mine is a bit different in that I noticed it and could actually feel the separation. It took a bit of mental re-mapping to fix. Now, wait for the next Ill-fitted trait to manifest at the discretion of the powers that be.
  3. Hacker James

    Grip Revelation

    haha....so very true...the proverbial "other shoe".
  4. Hacker James

    Easier to hit a draw than a fade?

    yah, I can relate. I find most of my shots feel more natural going right to left. In prior years, just the opposite was true. I don't know why and I simply do not consciously think about it unless there is some reason for a particular shot shape. I just try to hit straight but there is usually a pattern which is a little right to left. When I feel fatigue, the old left to right will re-appear.
  5. Hacker James

    Grip Revelation

    Much has been addressed relative to how much grip pressure should be applied in your swing by others much more qualified than me. opinions vary, and all is subjective. One thing that helps me is not to be too much concerned about how much or little pressure is used, but more in terms of firmness and ability to keep the grip from rotating or moving in your grasp. I have found that if I just try to ensure that the butt of the grip does not separate from the heel pad and that I can feel the connectivity does a lot to improve consistency and ergo results. It matters little how much pressure i.e. I can grasp firmly or not so firmly with the variances owing to the type of shot, finesse, or "touch" required. If the butt of the grip separates from the heel pad, the club in turn may rotate and be out of position, opening or closing the face from what your attention was. OTOH, there are some who are very good at finesse shots using "fingers" control, but for full swings, heel pad connection seems better for me.
  6. BTDT . They have mostly new stuff. I was also looking for a particular hybrid or fairway wood, but GOLF USA, does not have at this time. I do still recommend them. I should just learn proficiency with what I have, but like a lot of folks, searching for the non-existent Holy Grail.
  7. @billchao, Your points are well taken and I certainly am not arguing. If I could find an inexpensive shaft with correct tip, it would be just that simple. OTOH, I would rather buy the tip for $20 or so, versus buying a shaft I did not want for $40. I had not thought about cutting boring. It would seem not that good an idea as the material not as durable as the neck of a head. All is moot at this juncture, Thanks.
  8. Not to belabor the point of the OP, why do manufacturers find it necessary to change the design of the adapters in the first place, design improvements not-with-standing ? (of course then, we would only need to buy head only which would affect their bottom line).
  9. well, that is what I have been saying. Removal however, is a bit dicey. You would need to improvise, use a small bolt threaded to the existing tip, probably shaft puller, and then hope you don't destroy it with heat gun.You are right about excuse for new club though. The only reason I have three adapters is because I WAS able to find a shaft with the correct tip (it was the Fujikura Exotics Fuel which is a 60 gr Stiff. I have not found any since. But thanks for your input.
  10. Club Conex is the one who makes the Uni-fit adapter, but as I stated before, they do not make the shaft tip for the XCG7 line I referred to. (I also checked with them), You not only need their adapter, you also need a club specific shaft tip. (two separate pieces). A lot of folks do not realize you need both.
  11. that particular adapter is no longer available from the manufacturer. Not even from the company that makes the Unifit adapter. Later models I,e, EX9,10,11 are available though. Otherwise, I am capable of installing the tip myself. Tour Edge simply does not sell or carry the older tips. (at least that is what they told me). Some fitters "might", but since TE is not a name brand, most don't. I have looked on EBAY also , but no luck.
  12. More often than not, club manufacturers change their shaft tips/ferules as their new models come out rendering the old shafts useless. Case in point is with Tour Edge. The drivers I currently have are the XCG7 and XCG7 beta. This would not be a problem if the adapters were readily available, but they are not. Occasionally one might find a shaft already outfitted with the appropriate tip on ebay, but that is rare. I have been looking for a regular or senior flex shaft for awhile, but no luck in finding one with the tip needed other than a regular flex I kept from a Tour Edge Hot Launch Driver. This leaves me with Hot Launch R flex, Matrix Red Tie S flex, and Fuji Fuel Exotics S flex. Not bad, but a little limited and defeats the purpose for adjustable drivers. I think we are better off with bonded, fixed shaft once fitted for loft/lie.
  13. yah, it seems as though In have lost 40 yds throughout the bag the past 18 months or so. I am chronogically impaired,
  14. in any case, it is a moot point if you cannot hit a specified distance consistentlly. I like the unobtrusive GPS watch, just a glance and pretty accurate. Some courses these days, no longer use yardage stakes opting instead for GPS on the cart, or sprinkler head markings. As i said before, I seem to do better eye balling. Usually the club I choose gets the job done, as I am using a longer club than I would had I known the actual distance. Kinda like what I used to think were 260 yard drives were more like 210 or 220 (nowadays closer to 180 to be honest). Now I would concede that on a very large green, the rangefinder pinging off the flag would be useful providing you have enough skill,
  15. he prolly isn't either.

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