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  1. Breaking a Windshield Playing Golf

    There are no actual signs. When I have brought it up in the past, because it causes you to drop down a club and end up being short usually, the owner said they should realize they are at a golf course. Then when it happens he says I am at fault. I feel the same way though, I play in a softball league and the same night a person hit a foul ball into a car and dented it and everyone went on knowing it is the owner of the cars fault for parking there and accepting the risk. I do not see how it is different.
  2. Breaking a Windshield Playing Golf

    Ya, I was wondering about the car owner though. There are parking areas away from the course but they are too lazy to park there and instead park 5 feet behind a par 4 green. If I was dumb enough to park there I wouldn't expect someone else to pay for my damages unless it was done purposely. But thanks.
  3. Breaking a Windshield Playing Golf

    This is my first time at The Sand Trap. I had a question for fellow golfers. I am a member at a local country club and have been for a few years. The set up of the course is a 9 hole course with a few holes on the "back 9" using different tee offs with the same greens as the front. Hole #2 green is right in front of the clubhouse/bar. Between the clubhouse and in bounds is about 20 feet of driveway. There are two different parking lots to park in but sometimes people going to the bar( never golfers as they realize there is a golf course there) park along the driveway. There is about 2 feet of rough after the fringe, then posts marking out of bounds, then the driveway. I have complained of cars parking here many times and the owner said it is their own problem. Now yesterday I hit an approach from 150 with an easy 9 iron and it looked pretty good, but it carried long and went through the back window of a car. I told the owner of the club and he said it was my fault and would be covered under my home owners insurance. Is this true?