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  1. Okay, I haven't watched Golf Channel's Morning Drive for about two years (or so) and watched it this morning. Wow. Where's Gary Williams? Charlie Rymer? Cara Robinson (Banks?) ? Damon Hack? Just curious. Dale
  2. Okay, it's time to promote Justin Leonard to David Duval's seat. Duval was a scrappy player that wasn't afraid to say what was on his mind as a player, but now he refuses to criticize any player, even when justified. I get that he's the antidote to Brandel Chamblee (who I really like, but don't always agree with), but Duval is approaching Bob Rosberg hyperbole now and it's getting tiresome. Dale
  3. I enjoy watching the LPGA on TV and had a blast following the women at the their U.S. Open here in Colorado Springs a few years ago. Most men, whether they admit it or not, have swing speeds that are in line with women than men professionals. Do I wish the U.S. players were more dominant? Of course, but right now the South Koreans are truly head and shoulders above everyone else (as a group). I'm more curious as to *why* the U.S. players are not keeping up talent-wise. Dale
  4. But damn, he's "close". Just a few tweaks here and there.
  5. Actually I like Buck. He has just the right amount of respect, but at the same time doesn't put golf on some sort of bullshit pedestal. Norman on the other hand sounds like a Neanderthal at this point., and is providing no additional insight. Pavin is decent and has potential, however Weiskopf has to go. He's out of touch with today's game, and like Norman, isn't providing anything of value. And I grew up watching Nicklaus, Trevino, Weiskopf, so this is hard for me to admit. Also, like someone else mentioned, the background audio is ruining the telecast. I do miss Johnny Miller and company. Dale
  6. Just be honest (with himself) and say he's struggling. It's obvious even to the most casual observer. Nothing wrong with that. Saying "you're close" is just sad.
  7. I can't help but think that Tiger has sabotaged his own career at this point. I get that he wants to improve his game, but completely re-vamping his swing AGAIN? Watching his news conference was truly sad. He's starting to believe his own hyperbole at this point, and I'm one of his biggest fans. No Tiger, you're NOT close to putting it all together. I'd rather see him retire at this point knowing that his 14 majors will stand for at least another 20 years or so. Dale
  8. Actually, it was Peter Kostis (or maybe Butch Harmon) that said recently some of his current students (PGA tour players) can't get the persimmons off the ground. 'Nuff said. Dale
  9. It appears that the team meeting on Saturday night was a cluster; if you believe what's coming out now. If in fact Mr. Watson was as disrespectful as it appears then it's no wonder the team collapsed on Sunday. However, Phil was STILL out of line in making his comments at the press conference. He should have had a private conversation with Tom Watson before the press conference. Dale
  10. I'm hesitant to reply the OP because I think he's trolling, but I feel compelled to reply anyway. There's no question that the golfers of today are a different breed from those 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago. However, if you gave the golfers of today balata balls and persimmon drivers, they'd be hard-pressed to break 80. Fact. That's called leveling the playing field. Obviously, Ben Hogan can't play today with new technology, but today's players could in fact attempt to play 18 holes with older technology. It would be ugly. Dale
  11. Given that the American women got their asses handed to them in the Solheim Cup, I'd like to propose the women's equivalent of the President's Cup: the Commander's Cup. Seriously. Let's take the winner of the Solheim Cup and have them play the Asians in the Commander's Cup in alternating years. Right now, the Asians are dominating the LPGA, but the Europeans are a formidable opponent when it comes to team match play. Sadly, I don't see the American's winning another Solheim Cup for years to come, so this would be a battle of the giants.
  12. Having walked with a LPGA pro-am group, I can tell you first hand that the scratch golfer got creamed. Here's a summary of what happened: - The scratch golfer consistently out-drove the LPGA pro by an average of about 10 yards (sometimes more, sometimes less). - However, (and this is big), the LPGA pro played from the fairway FAR more often than the scratch golfer. Even though the LPGA courses are short (in comparison), the scratch golfer didn't have nearly the type of skill to recover with a par every time a fairway was missed. Which leads me to... - The LPGA pro was masterful when it came to getting up and down from around the greens. No comparison here at all. In fact, the difference in bunker play alone was worth about 4 strokes. - When the LPGA pro missed the green or fairway, it was not nearly as penal as it was for the scratch golfer, who typically missed by tens of yards. - Suprisingly, the scratch golfer putted nearly as well as the LPGA pro. - LPGA pros do this for a living and the hundreds of hours spent playing tournament golf each year is something that can't be duplicated by amateurs. - The LPGA pro shot 67 and the scratch golfer shot 76. It was truly eye-opening to watch. Dale
  13. It was an interesting article, but like others have said, Tiger will surpass Snead without the help. Also, touring pros played a LOT more tournaments back then, so the opportunity to win was greater than today. Can you imagine today's pros even attempting to play the type of schedule that they did back in the day? And having to drive to each tournament, instead of fly? Yeah, I can see it now: Ah...Phil, here's your station wagon for the next 6 months. Make sure you get enough sleep between tournaments!! Ha! Dale
  14. dzjc

    Stacy Lewis

    It's amazing how once the media jumps on a story of someone, they'll ride that horse till it collapses. I think Stacey Lewis falls in this category. Yes, she had a horrible childhood disease and overcame all odds to become a professional golfer. That doesn't make her Mother Theresa. On the contrary. The media has been comparing her to Sorenstam already, and she hasn't played long enough yet to warrant that comparison. She plays with a chip on her shoulder, much like the style of Lanny Wadkins. He was an absolute bulldog when he was in contention, but he also let his emotions get the best of him, which cost him more than a few tournaments. Lewis has a very similar demeanor, and while she'll win multiple tournaments, I don't think she'll win that many LPGA majors. Dale
  15. The PGA tour (and LPGA for that matter) is a microcosm of the world, with the same type of jerks and non-jerks as other industries. How many of us have worked with (or known) jerks in our places of work? I'm sure everyone has had to deal with jerks at one time or another. Why should it be any different for professional golfers? Or professional football players? Dale
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