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  1. and there are not a lot of super fast players on the PGA Tour either...are those guys cheating also? To me, you can categorize reasons for slow play this way: Easily to Avoid/Improve Upon- i.e. not ready to hit and other inefficiencies like leaving clubs/cart in the wrong position or taking more than 5 minutes to look for your ball. Bad players tend to make these mistakes but occasionally you see good players do it also. Hard to Avoid/Improve Upon- LACK OF SKILL PLAYING THE GAME. i.e. hitting too many shots and having to find too many balls Trying (too?) Hard- taking a lon
  2. Looks like Vegas is recovering also from PGATour.com Vegas has surgery on left shoulder http://www.pgatour.com/content/pgatour/tourreport/2013/02/23/vegas-has-surgery-on-left-shoulder.html Vegas won in 2011, so that would normally give him full PGA status through 2013, but he likely will get an injury extension and get a chance to play 20 events or so after he is healthy.
  3. I think the US Open is already low 60 and ties and should not be cut further. Turn it on later or fast forward if you don't like watching guys who are out of it.
  4. Maybe...David Duval seemed to slide big time after getting fitter, but I seem to recall Rory being pretty buff when he was ranked #1 and winning. Adam Scott looks pretty built also.
  5. I play a variety of courses, days, times, etc. so you are right that it evens out for me. However, I don't think the same is true for all courses and all golfers. If a guy plays once a week at the same course/time of day, there could definitely be biases for many reasons including the following examples: 1. Courses that make it intentionally easier on certain days (i.e. Sunday mixed couples day) 2. Courses that make it intentionally harder on certain days (i.e. Men' comp day) 3. Courses that routinely move certain tees up in front of where they are rated (i.e. for spe
  6. When did Keegan "find weights" and when did he lose his golf game? While he has missed the cut in 3 of his last 5 tournaments, he also had a solo 2nd last month. For the year he has won 2.1 M making 12 of 16 cuts and finishing in the top 25 eight times, the top 10 six and ranks 20th in scoring. In 2012 he ranked 18th in scoring and was 30th in scoring his rookie year when he won twice but only had 4 top 10s to go along with 10 missed cuts. All in all, he seems like he has been pretty solid all 2.5 years he has been on tour.
  7. That was kinda my point- course conditions change all the time but rating and slope stay the same. Some courses intentionally make it play harder/easier which causes biases in handicaps.
  8. To be clear, I think slow play is usually caused by many other things besides the rules like players not being ready when it is their turn to play, being inefficient, lacking skill, strictly playing honors off the tee, taking a long time to analyze wind/breaks/etc, long pre-shot routines, etc. However, if more golfers followed all the rules without improving on any of the above, then I think there would be even slower play. Just imagine if every guy shooting 90+ followed all the rules and holed every putt on every hole!
  9. It looks like you play in the Desert, so maybe that is different, but it has been a very wet spring here in France. Off the top of my head I can think of 6 causes of unexpected lost balls- wet turf, animal holes, blind fairways with uneven bounces, moderate rough where the ball sits down, leaves, and players from another hole playing or picking up your ball. I tend to average about 4 provisional balls a round, but if I hit one every time there was the slightest chance a ball wouldn't be found, there might be some courses where I might hit 10. After having a ball embed on 1 and d
  10. I am not a big fan of unsolicited advice, but that was pretty harmless- either meant to be funny or so stupid that you could ignore it pretty easily.
  11. I agree with Lefty and Dad, but what do you think a typical scratch golfer would have shot at Merion this week? I doubt they would have half their rounds average to the course rating (whatever that is)...
  12. Your overall speed of play might be fast, but there have to be times where the rules slow you down like an unexpected lost ball.
  13. Seems like an after the fact prognostication- I didn't see what you voted in the poll, but your original post in this thread gave no indication of what side you were on. As it turns out, Tiger was talented enough to overcome adversity and regain the #1 ranking so I am not exactly sure what you correctly "predicted." At the very least, Tiger will be considered the greatest player of his generation, so option 2 on the poll is clearly going to be incorrect (and that is the one you seem to be going with). If you want to take credit for early prognostication, you should have at least writt
  14. Great stuff so far- It seems that most of us like VARIETY whether it be in terms of difficulty, length, clubs used or look of the holes. RE fairness, I realize that some of this comes down to maintenance, but am not a big fan of lots of random undulations or holes where it is better to miss 30 yards off line than it is to miss 10 yards off line.
  15. Very inefficient indeed! I guess it is not just France that has stupid red tape to deal with, although I have never encountered what you are experiencing anywhere in the world.
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