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  1. Tiger uses a Scotty Cameron putter, which is not a Nike product at all.
  2. It was a friend, and immediately he told me he would replace it for me, or get me a different one. I was just curious as to how much damage was actually done. On a seperate note, has anyone played the Nike Dymo driver? They are in the same price range, and if he is going to replace it anyway, I thought about trying a different type. Opinions?
  3. I have a question for you all. Someone borrowed my driver, and evidently slammed it on the ground after a bad shot. Now, there is a dent there and a small crack. How much will this affect playability? The dent and crack or on the bottom on the clubhead, near the hosel end. Let me know please, so I can decide whether or not this will warrant another driver being purchased. Thanks!
  4. What type 6 iron was Taylormade giving away a while back? I could not remember if it was the Burner, Burner Plus, etc. Thanks for your help!
  5. What GPS unit would you recommend under $300 and what do you like about it? I really want a GPS but can't spent more than $300 right now.
  6. I bought 2 Nike Polos and a pair of Nike pants. Total $68 (The store was having a huge sale on Nike apparel)
  7. I would go 10, 15, 20. I do not think there would be a tremendous amount of difference in the distance of the 15 and 17. That would also open up a space for another wedge if needed.
  8. I am the same way. Living close to Clemson, I follow a lot of the guys who come through here, and I follow the in state guys as well. Besides that, I like people who are risk/reward type players.
  9. GO TIGERS! I am from Easley, and I was going to hit downtown Clemson this weekend if possible. Thanks for reminding me about the inventory sale, I forgot all about that. That usually takes place around the spring game, right? Either way, thanks for the info!
  10. Hello all. I am looking for some bright orange pants or shorts to wear arounf the course, something that is close to Clemson orange. I have looked everywhere I can think of, and although I have seen some pros wear orange pants (Sergio and Ricky Fowler especially), I have not had any luck finding them. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. Good info! I looked around but could not find the weight on the Nike bag anywhere. I checked the Nike site and a few others and all I could find was that it weighed over 5.5 pounds. Thanks!
  12. What is the difference in weight between the Sasquatch Tour bag and the SM Four 5 bag? The only problem I have with the Nike is that it is farily heavy for a carry bag, and was just curious as to the weight difference between the 2.
  13. 85 yards from me, but I do not usually swing out of my shoes with it. When I do, I can hit it close to 100
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