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  1. If you can hit a ball perfectly straight to a target, what do you need a fade/draw for off the tee? If you are inconsistent, I can see why. By lining up left and fading to the middle you have three chances of getting an acceptable shot: 1, the ball fades into the middle of the fairway; 2. the ball doesn't fade and you end up left of centre but still in the fairway; 3) it fades too much and you are on the right side of the fairway, maybe in the rough. But if you are reasonably consistent you just play straight for where you want the ball to be. It's a bit different in the fairway where you may have to bend the ball's flight around an obstacle or around a corner. But Moe could do this any old time. "Fade to the back of the green. Fade to the back of the green. Fade to the back of the green." And, one, two, three ... the ball would fade to the back of the green. Every. Single. Time.
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