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  1. AndyLL

    Stubbornness on Short Game vs Long Game

    Today I tied my best round at 83. So close. In the past I would have blamed my 3 3-putts, 1 blown chip and 2 missed 4 footers for not breaking 80. However after reading threads like this I review my round (golf tags) with an attempt to try to determine where I lost the shots. I had 1 triple and 2 doubles. In all three cases I had horrible tee shots that lead to poor approach shots. In all 3 cases I had to make a great chip/pitch to just to save bogey. I normally play those hole 1-2 over and today I was 7 over. In addition... 2 of my bogies I missed the GIR with a 9 iron and a Gap wedge. 2 of my bogies were the result of poorly placed and short drives on holes with water resulting in me having to lay up instead of being able to go for the green. ( in the past I would have tried risky hero shots with the typical results ) An outstanding day of putting/chipping would have allowed me to break 80. However... just better focus/execution of 4-5 full-swing shots that I already know I can hit would have achieved the same result.
  2. AndyLL

    how much is too much?

    Yes... this is happening to me in my (9-hole) league in a way. My league only uses 10 best of last 12 league rounds to calculate handicaps. ( about 16 a year ) Last year I averaged between 55-65 every round ( PAR = 35 ). This year I started 63 and 62 I went out and bought a range package and have hit/played at least 5 days a week for the last 2 months. As expected... my scores have improved to the point that if I shoot a 47/48 I'm disappointed. However... because of rain outs and me missing 2 weeks, my handicap is going down slowly. Last week I shot a 42 for an incredible number of stableford points which put be 3 points behind the leader. Shooting around 50 the rest of the season should easily give me the win. There were certainly some comments. Most good natured but some were not.
  3. I've played in a 9 hole league for the past 3 years. Last year I averaged between 55-65. Lots of penalties... lots of trees hit. This year I started with 62 & 63 and fed up I paid for a very nice range package and have hit at least 5 days out of a week since. The practice as paid off. My scores in league since then: 50,51, 50, 49,48 ( 2 rain outs were I would have been at 50 or below ) Last week I broke through... shot a 42. It could have been better but I peeked at my score after 7... realized I could break 40... and preceded to 3 putt the last 2 holes from 15 & 20 for a double double. I drove poorly ( my biggest issue ) but every drive was in play. Old style tree lined course. The few times I was in the trees I never tried the hero shot... just got it back to the fairway. Today I played my 1st 18 in a while. Plum Creek in Castle Rock, CO. A challenging Pete Dye course. I played from the 2nd set of tees at about 6300. A bit windy and a little raining but that was ok because it chased some of the crowd away. Shot a 94. Surprised at the score... it felt much worst. 4 penalties. 4 3-putts and 1 4 putt. As bad as the putting sounds ( I usually average 2 putts ) I hit a 35 footer for par and a 15 footer for birdie. Most of my 3 putts were very long on faster, trickier greens then I am used to. As usual my issue is driver. Out of my 13 drives only 2 were good. 10 of the other 11 were playable but most were short and off the fairway... and I struggle when I am off the fairway. If I could be just average with the driver I'd been in the under 90 thread because the rest of my game has really improved.
  4. AndyLL

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    50 in League play... my best ever. 68.9/124 6542 Could have been better... I started with a 3 putt, 4 putt and 2 holes later a 4 chip(!?!). However I hit 4 out of 7 fairways and had shots on the misses. I had Zero mis-hits which was a first. ( and exciting ) Before this year I had played 3 rounds in 4 years and not much before that. Because of that I haven't tried hitting a longer iron then a 6 on the course and have been shooting for bogey golf. I've been working on long irons a lot at the range and this week I'll use a 4 or 5 which will either give me more chances at pars/birdies or make my score go south again.
  5. Me and my buddy bet on everything... our golf, bowling at the work outing, which engineer created the bug we were looking at, whether his people missed testing something. But our bets are only $1... it's for bragging rights, not the money. Over the decade we've worked together we've traded the same dollar bills back and forth. I currently have 3 one dollar bills of his taped to my cabinet for everyone to see. I'd never bet a friend enough where I'd even think about it while playing. If the amount was more then the cost of a pitcher of beer I'd be uncomfortable.

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