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  1. I bet you are a delight to play with. Rule book on ever time. If someone played out of turn, I'd suspect you'd be the type to incur a penalty on them lol. You're not getting it are you? Marking a ball with a putter is just stupid, why is it even allowed anyway? It's not different from marking your all with your knob, it's still the same result lol. To me that rule should just be a round object and nothing else. Different argument all together. Enjoy your day
  2. If you were on a golf course, and someone fell on their ball, maybe tripped over a log or something, would you call a penalty on them? Would you be that old fashioned, pedantic enough to be willing to do that? I know I wouldn't, the only time I'd call that on someone is if I felt it was blatant, or when playing in a match with a referee present. Anyone who says they would call it, are lying, because the majority wouldn't. P.S the committee has decided it was attributable, so they are right, that's the way it is, no one has cameras, no one has TV's, so it will always come down to co
  3. They had his permission, and he agreed to the new ruling. I am pretty sure any committee can reverse any decision before the closure of the competition. Please not Tiger Woods in the Masters. Signed for a card lower than what he actually scored, still got in, My Fathersigned for a higher score, so could never ever be DQ'd for it. I wasn't on the green when this happened, however I don't think it's clear cut the guy slipped and nudged the ball, while pretty much on his knees marking the ball. I don't care what they rules say, that's attributable in my eyes. He was actually marking it
  4. How's it not pointless? You're allowed to mark a ball with a putter, and if it moves you can replace it, but falling on a ball or slipping, and nudging it, is classed as a penalty. For me the marking with the putter is far more suspect to cheating, as people could just be going about nudging their ball with their putter while they mark it. Just saying!!
  5. Yes this fits, however the putter wasn't dropped, it was next to the ball, the toe of the ball hit it, so technically he could have been going into to mark it with his putter, even though he wasn't, people could still easily say that '' I bent down to mark with putter ''. Anyway to me it is the most pointless rule in the game, because either way, you have to replace it, and what advantage would it gain if you moved it? Only thing I can think of is to move it closer, but that's a different argument all together. The rule was noted as under 20.1 and reversed, and to note I wasn't playing
  6. Interesting discussion. What happens if a white marker post is clearly removed from the ground, and the ball would be in play if this post was present? visible square hole where it should be. This was years ago, went back to tee as the post being missing would have it out of bounds. Just had to assume the greenekeepers had moved this purposely.
  7. Hypothetical Scenario that I noticed in a game once. If you're ball is in play, but a large fence, net or boundary is out of bounds, and isn't a boundary for the course ( the white posts are ) can a free drop be giving? So pretty much can you stand out of bounds, and hit a shot with the ball laying in bounds? What is the ruling on a large net, pole that is outwith the course. I mean you'd just have to hit the shot assuming it wasn't there, however how can you take an unplayable lie anyway, when this object is actually out of bounds. Probably an easy answer to that.
  8. But how is it? It can't be, it states in that meaning of attributable that, putter would be to the side, marking the ball with one hand, and moving ball with hand or equipment would not incur a penalty. Unless this is trying to say marking the ball with your putter is acceptable, that would make less sense, considering we could all do that and say '' Oops moved it with my putter while marking it with my putter '' so to sum it up, it's better to mark with your putter lol? Kicking the ball is different, because that's not an attributable marking procedure is it, where as putter to one
  9. Using a coin, under rule 20-1 you should read it, then come back see what you think. Just trying to get a feeler out here. I'm 200% positive it's not a penalty. Only time it is, is when you move the ball with equipment when not attempting to mark the ball.
  10. Hi All, I have a question that I know the rule too, however would like peoples ' First thought ' answer so I can get an idea of what the majority of golfers think. So my father was on the 9th green yesterday in our Club C 2nd Round. He missed a putt from inside 5 feet, then went to mark it from about a foot, however he slipped while in the process knocking the ball with his putter. He replaced the ball with his playing partners in agreement, and tapped out. At this point he assumed he'd been giving a penalty, but wanted clarification after his round. The club committee made the dec
  11. I play off 0, and have done for several years. Sometimes I go back up to 1, and one one occasion went back up to 2. However Scratch is where I have been mostly since around 2008, with a spell of 2009,2010 at +1. Anyway, back when I was off +1 I practice at least 3 times a week, with medals on the weekend. Now I would say I practice 9-12 holes once per week, with a competition day on either Wednesday or Saturday, and sometimes both. I have had a very solid season, winning two out of three of our major club competitions I also include my rounds on a Saturday as practice. E
  12. We do have determined tie breakers, but it's what we have been used to over the years, we all just expect it to be better last round, or back 9 count back if tied. I just really mean if they wanted to do play-offs they would have to introduce that and notify everyone before the tournament actually starts. They didn't do that, so I'm not going to accept a play off, and rightly so. We have an Open every year as well, and I also won that, so I Well my name will be on the trophy ;)
  13. It's 4 rounds, picking the three best scores of 4. The ruling last year was the player with the better last round wins, if that was tied on the same day, it would be a count back. I was told the competition generating myself as the outright winner. I was then asked if I would have considered a play off, to which I said NO. The reason I said no was because last year the champion won in the same circumstances. The only reason I was asked personally was because the runner up last year (also tied) was not happy about there being no play off. On this occasion, my opponent hadn't completed
  14. No play off on the day, nor the following day. Would have to be the tied payers with the lowest round wins, or better last round, if tied, lowest round.
  15. We had our clubs Annual strokeplay championship today. I shot a 71, and finished joint 1st. It is a 4 round even throughout the year and the best 3 of 4 scores from each round are added to your total. My best three rounds were 73, 65, 71 (-4). My opponent who I tied with was 68,70, 71. The problem is my opponent NR'd in the final round today, but it didn't matter because he had three rounds posted. Would the winner be decided on better last counting round? My opponents last counting round being 71 in the 3rd round and mines being 71 today in the 4th round. It would then go on
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