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  1. Yes it is pretty much bang on $1300 US when you convert it. Its the cheapest I found them on the internet in the UK, It's went from £933 all the way down to £829 so maybe that is the best I'm going to get was just checking in case you guys knew of something I didn't. Didn't want to buy them then find out I could've got them for sub £800 if I'd only asked the experts. Cheers Mr. Desmond I think I'll just go with that website and buy them
  2. I've been looking around for a good few days now and have had a lot if different quotes that's why I'm asking what you guys would expect to pay for them now. Would you say £829 for the lot is good?
  3. Thanks I will do but what would you say is a good price? Would £829 for the lot sound ok to you?
  4. Hi there, I'm new here and pretty new to club and I'm looking for some advice and expertise from you guys as I'm totally no idea what a good deal is for clubs. I'm looking to buy the following and would like to know what I should expect to pay for such a set. Callaway X Hot Driver Callaway X Hot 3 Wood Callaway X Hot 3 iron Hybrid Callaway X Hot irons 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, SW & LW How much would I be expecting to pay? Also would you say the Callaway X Hot LW is a better wedge than the Callaway Forged copper wedge? Thanks in advance for your help and advice Keith