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  1. I recently bought a G20 but with the stock shaft it was way to light for my higher tempo swing. I thought about getting a different shaft but didn't pull the trigger on that. May have to take a look at a used G15 with a after market shaft....
  2. Taylormade V-Steel's....You are only going to be able to find them used but one hell of a club. Many PGA players still use these today and I absolutely love mine. Good luck in your search.
  3. Love this thread as I'm currently looking for another older driver that plays well as I just put my FT-5 back in the bag after buying a new G20. Had an R7 a while back and still wish I had that club too. Keep them coming..
  4. Thanks for the input...I will give that a try...did you see any difference from the 1st video to the last?
  5. So more hip slide or less? Anyone?
  6. Updated Video 7.21.2012 please take a look.
  7. Nice swing....keep up the hard work!
  8. I would say that swing is pretty solid. Good temp, good weight trasnfer and good balance. Left wrist looks square at impact....
  9. Working on a slower take a way and more hip slide. I think I'm closer as I've see a change in ball flight. Something with the slower take a way has helped the hips move more? Any and all thoughts would be appreciated. I've been Playing Golf for: 25 years My current handicap index or average score is: 8-9 My typical ball flight is: high fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: hoselrocket Videos:
  10. Fredrik Jacobson -8 Jeff Overton -8 Robert Rock -6
  11. More hip slide....ahhhhhh thanks iacas!!!
  12. Can you please show me an example? And some tips on how to finish lower? Thanks!
  13. any other ideas on why the picture above is bad? I'm think not enough weight shift/hip slide?
  14. I thought the 7 wood was going to be the answer to my gap too but I actually hit my 7 wood just as far as my 5 wood? I ended up getting a 4 hybrid and now everything fits the correct way from a yardage stand point. I guess you will have to try both to see what is best for you but that was my experiment with a 7 wood.
  15. I bought my Mizuno MP 57's off ebay a few years ago and had no issues what so ever.
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