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  1. Thanks Fellas, I think that on the course that I may be swinging from out to in or trying to steer the ball, but I don't do this at the range. The course has lots of trees and skinny fairways whereas at the range it quite open and I don't worry about the trees. I may also be tightening up under pressure of match conditions as it's a member only course and I play competition several times a week. I do get lessons, but the lessons are at the driving range, my instructor doesn't see me at the course so he doesn't see what changes. I think I'll need to have a game with my instructor on the course under match conditions.....
  2. The ball starts off straight at the target then draws to the left at the Driving Range, on the course it starts left of the target then goes right
  3. I've been playing golf for 2 years now and when I'm at the driving range I hit either straight or draw shots with my driver, I very rarely hit any slices no matter how hard I hit the ball. Whenever I play a round at the course I very rarely hit a draw or straight shot with the driver, it's usually a big fade or a slice. I've tried to slow down my swing speed, I make sure my alignment is still the same but it doesn't seem to help. Any ideas on what the problem is and how to fix it?