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  1. well in an interview he mentioned he cries. So I forgave him and became a fan. I have a hard time dealing with sports and emotional discharge. But he admitted it and that made me feel better about him. i'd probably cry too if I had that payday...Go Bubba!
  2. I took up golf at like 30. leagues have been favorable or non-favorable to me, depending on course, etc. most of the course do offer an alternate's slot if you can be available in an hours time. I remember in the 90's, around here, you had to be in an association, lodge, union, etc to get on a league board...and league play was 5 nights a week on my local course. Today, they are one night, need alternates, and play sixsomes on 9 holes...not my bag "O" fun. Granted given the time in the summer I could see starting a league for all, and just have fun.
  3. Good stuff here...and to comment on the shaft flexology stuff from my post yesterday a good point was made, My MB's have NS 950gh-S shafts and my Vokeys have the KBS wedge-S shafts, so I can relate to why I hit my 52 as far as my 47-PW. I got the NS 950's on my MB's because I liked the way they hit on my cleveland 588 wedges?...crap...I got the wrong wedges in the wrong bag...f***...born blond...to die bald...Ciest la vie....
  4. Funny, I was thinking that today. I have started hitting my Vokey 52 SM4 as far as my 714mb PW, which is 47 degrees. (110-120 yds) My wish however is that I can take the PW out of my bag and install a third (draw) driver. I don't want a 48 degree vokey that I clock out further than my 9-iron, but I like the play of the Vokeys... so I'll ditch the PW
  5. Oh dang it!...just traded my SLDR for 2 burner 2.0 superfasts, an HL , a Tour Issue and a scotty cameron putter. If I knew the SLDR would come in white...well I'll never know....
  6. Thought I had it all...2003 Lincoln Town Car. Last of the V8 frame over road cruisers!!! Huge trunk! Woo Hooo!..but only holds maybe 4 stand bags worth of clubs. I have had to leave it at..." I can haul three"..in luxury" it has a cassette player"...bring your Molly Hatchet tape...
  7. a Wilson M3 putter...$40. I run two bags, in either trunk of either car. I got stuck the other day with an Odyssey 2-ball putter. The Odyssey putts fantastic, but cannot pick up the ball like my Scotty. Of course I tried out the Majors...Ping, Odyssey, TM, Yes, etc.. and sank most the putts with them from 15ft on a dead flat surface . I rimmed the 6 putts with the Wilson, like clockwork. It has a decent grip and picks the ball up just like scotty..ciest la vie.
  8. Keep it up you will get there! I played golf from 1993 to 1997 like a religion and gave up after never breaking 100. Well I'd play here and there after that. Then I got to play a really nice course, like a PGA course. It was groomed and I could have putted my way to a 100. That is how nice the fairways were. I did exceptionally well and was hooked again by 2008. I played 45 rounds in 2008 and averaged 111 and never broke 100.. Got some lessons and a divorce in 2009...score goes down score goes up, but i broke 100 with a 99 on memorial day 2009. When I started to shoot in the 80's back in 2
  9. Well my SLDR 430 tp 10.5 is a work in progress. I did the Aldila Beta rip'd 70 stiff, still on neutral setting, hits a nice draw, which I need but is 30 yds shorter than my Titleist 910D3 which hits a nice fade, hopefully I can tweek it mechanically and not have to get an X-stiff shaft. keep ya posted..
  10. Well I am Gonna have to bail, couldn't block sunday out of schedule to golf..or travel.
  11. Okay..is it on?..because I am windowing my weekend around this event ...April 6th Timbers at troy...just off I-95 Baltimore south. I have these peeps down there that make plans for me when I visit, so I need to block golfing off to the minute...Let me know ASAP if it is ago or not...John
  12. 47/47 for 94..best march score ever...70/119 slope. nothing to write home about..except... bouncing a 119yd, sky high, wedge shot out of the cup, it went down the flag stick and bounced out of the cup probably 10 feet in the air and landed on the fringe. I have played this course probably 100 times and never saw anything like that. Even the Geese (my gallery) thought it was amazing honk, honk they jeered..closest to a hole in 3 on a par 4 for me..I chipped, and putt, putted the hole for a DB. I also passed a whole crew of Gollums fishing "precious" golf balls out of the castle moat. I already
  13. i plan on being in the area that weekend, visiting relatives...
  14. found this for those interested....http://www.timbersgolf.com Well I am looking forward to it...John
  15. yesterday could only play 9 but shot a 44 par 37/3209 yds but 70-119 slope rating. They converted a par 4's into one of those par 4/5 the tee boxes are only 10 yds apart. Avg drive 171(using Wilson smart-core cheapo balls), straight but way short, 3gir, 5/7 fairways. the course was littered with balls from years past? with the vegetation gone/dead found a couple Hi-end Pro v's etc. I am 11 strokes better on first three 9 hole rounds of the season compared to last year, at this rate I should be shooting high 70's in may...
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