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  1. Hi Vinsk, I went in for new irons and spent over an hour trying various shafts and heads, it came down to a choice between Titleist ap3 with a project x shaft (atm?) or the JPX919 tour and forged combo with the modus3 shaft, he then wanted to fit my driver but I was done by this point, hit only a few with the cobra but had to go. i just wanted a driver that doesnt feel too stiff, my swing speed with the 7 iron was about 88 and ball speed about 127, driver was club speed of 125 and ball speed I think was about 150 but can’t be sure because I’d had enough by then He did actually say hasn’t to worried about the speeds but more so about the launch angle and spin rates
  2. Hi all, I have been playing for 15 years but never that often and hadn’t hit a club for 3 years until a week ago ( we had a kid!) I am getting membership for the first time this year so went for a club fitting as my irons are nearly 15 years old, they are Titleist 690cb. Anyway I am now looking to buy Mizuno JPX919 with the modus3 x stiff shaft, once I have got over the price tag, but the guy in the shop laughed at my driver shaft, I have a Callaway fusion with the stiff recoil shaft in it... I hit a copra f9 with the Hzrdus x stiff shaft but that just didn’t feel right, maybe cos I’m so used to a stiff shaft but was wondering if anybody could recommend a softer feeling x stiff shaftor firmer stiff? i am starting to realise just how important the shafts are and wish I had tried a fitting years ago! thanks in advance and apologies for being a bit long winded darren
  3. pretty soft metal is going to compress over time if hit repeatedly??? you can see on my low irons where I've been hitting them
  4. Liked the 714cb but every other club seemed to have a huge head compared to mine although they didn't have the Cleveland 588cb... some of the mizuno irons looked good at address but haven't hit anything yet...
  5. thanks, heading out to have a look at these now!!
  6. Hi, I have been thinking about replacing my irons for quite a while now as they are getting old. I do love my 690 cb irons, they feel great to hit and the look at address is perfect for me but recently I just get the feeling I am losing distance. I have been playing golf with the same friends for years and always hit a very similar distance to 2 of them... I now out drive them but hit one more club with the irons, is there anything out there quite similar in looks and feel that is newer... or should I just carry on with these?
  7. I guess my main question is which shaft would you advise I try?.... Also, I had an email about Krank drivers, has anybody tried one of these?
  8. Hi, First of all a little about my swing... I play off 11 and have a fairly smooth swing, more aggressive with the driver.... I don't know the club head speed when hitting Irons but with my old driver it is 112 to 115 when I was trying to hit a big one. My current irons are Titleist 690cb with s300 shafts, I hit these with a fairly straight ball flight but my bad shots start right and fade further right, pretty sure something goes wrong with the timing in my swing, anyway, these are getting quite old now and I like them but have started to feel like I may be missing out on some distance etc. I started using a Benross Quad speed driver which I liked, had an Aldila Voodoo rip launch shaft, this shaft snapped at the hosel so I am now looking for a new driver, I found it nearly impossible to hit a draw with this club but hit a consistent fade, again the bad shots started right and went further right.... I am currently using my driver from about 5 years ago which is a Hogan C.S3 neutral with the green Aldila NV-h 70-S shaft, with this club it can go both ways in the air and I don't feel like I have much control.... it also flies higher than I would like but has more loft at 10.5. I have read up on shafts but am now more confused than I was before, I am not sure what driver to get or what shaft I should have in it, any advice would be very much appreciated as I have been unable to make a decision for over 3 weeks now. My folks are going to the US in August so was thinking of getting them to pick me up some irons also whilst they are there, are they still a lot cheaper to buy over there? thanks again
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