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  1. My bag is a WWII era canvas walking bag with only one small pocket. It contains four golf balls, and an altoids tin filled with tees.
  2. This is how I feel about basketball being an olympic sport (with top NBA pros playing.) In my opinion it makes a bit of a mockery of the rest of the olympics. Trues, top athletes in all sports are professionals these days, but some major professional sports are not the same animal as other smaller professional sports. Let it be an amateur's moment to shine.
  3. Ok, in that case I agree so long as individuals qualify for each event (not imply qualifying for the olympics in "golf" and then participating in multiple medal opportunity events.) As an example, sprinters qualify for their event, and are then selected at the olympics amongst the pools of qualified sprinters for the relay teams. I believe the relays should be teams who compete and are selected as a team, not simply pooling your countries four biggest superstars at the event, giving them all multiple medal chances despite qualifying in only one event.
  4. I don't like the idea of multiple medals for the same event. I'm a huge track and field fan; a sport in which there are very large fields that are whittled away through heats, quarter finals, and semi-finals before the medal deciding final race. The same principle should be maintained for golf (as it is for most olympic sports.) Lots and lots of qualifying golf with a small field of elites at the end vying for the medals.
  5. Don't forgt that golf was invented long before the cart. Furthermore, its an opportunity to escape the high paced, zip and zoom rat race most Americans are way too caught up in. Get out there, get some exercise, breathe some fresh air, take time to admire the blue sky and the green grass, relax and have fun. And if you're playing slow, let the group behind you play through, and carry on.
  6. I found a forum of Canadian golfers who suggest TNT makes clubs that are known for quality and durability. At any rate, I think they're nice enough, and I'm not sure I could tell the difference in a good club and a bad club, so I'm sure its close enough. When did laminated wood club heads leave the market? I'd like to try to date these somewhat.
  7. I just picked up a full set of clubs at a garage sale to get started with. They cost me 20 bucks, are in very good shape, and look "classic" (not at all like the colorful exotic things I see on the internet.) To get started with, I'm sure they're more than adequate. I was just curious if anyone knows anything about them...how old they are, quality, etc. The woods and irons are all made by TNT. The woods are labeled "Touch" and the irons are "Touch II." The woods all have laminated wood club faces (something I have read isn't made these days) and they all have True Temper TT Lite Flex-R
  8. champ

    Winning money

    This is really where the heart of my question lies. Once a golfer works him or herself down to scratch level, from there, at what point are they good enough to maybe win some money?
  9. I've never played a round in my life, so I don't qualify, however I am a minimalist in life, and see myself taking the minimal approach to golf. I read this article the other day ( http://www.thewalkinggolfer.com/minimalist_golfer.html ) and really liked the idea. For example, I'm a pretty good bowler (235 average) and most guys in my average range own 10-12 bowling balls and carry at least 6 to league, and all 12 to tournaments. I own two and do quite well for myself.
  10. I just go into golf a couple weeks ago. Bought my first set of clubs on Friday. Through the summer I plan on working on my mechanics, getting to the range to learn the characteristics of each ball, and generally learning everything I can. Once fall rolls around, and morning time temperatures are tolerable (I live in Tucson, its 10:15 am and already getting close to 100) I want to start getting in a few rounds and establish a handicap. From there, 2014 will be about chiseling that handicap down to respectability.
  11. Welcome! Talk about a small world. I also grew up in Chicago, and now live in Tucson. I'm brand new to golf, and just joined the forum a few days ago. Maybe we'll run into each other at some point.
  12. champ

    Winning money

    I'm brand new to golf, and have really fallen in love with it. I think its only natural to daydream about becoming good enough to be a professional and winning at least enough money at it to quit my dayjob. Out of pure curiosity, about how good does a golfer need to be to turn pro, and make say 100,000 a year? 50,000? 25,000? I'm not talking superstar, major winner, huge endorsements, multi-millionaire type good. Good enough to tour around, get a few checks, and make a decent living type good. Its such a great game, and there is a lot of money in it, I'm just curious and daydreaming.
  13. Hello everyone, I'm brand new here, and to golf. I live in Tucson, Arizona, I'm a graduate student, working on a Master's Degree in US History. Honestly, until about a week ago, I had little to no interest in golf. Without warning however, suddenly, I'm in love with the game. I don't know where the interest came from, but I'm glad it did. I just bought a set of clubs to get myself started with. I'm doing all the reading and studying I can do. I plan on hitting the driving range a few nights this week, and once the sweltering summer passes, I'll start playing some rounds. I'm the
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