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  1. Jeremie Boop

    Crypto Currency (Bitcoin)

    I just recently set up my home PC to mine, originally just when I wasn't using it to play games and whatnot. I'm just using a simple program called winminer that let's me get paid out in cash via paypal when I hit a minimum of $20 earned. Pulling it out costs me $1.57 per $20 *that's the fee from the website and paypal together* and now that I've got it running pretty solidly it's averaging ~$8 a day. I don't really care to buy into any of the coins and hold on to them, I just like that my PC can make me some extra money for nothing besides the less than $1 a day in electricity costs. I'm not even running anywhere close to the ideal set up with the "best" graphics cards and my PC is only a 4th gen i7. I'm actually planning on setting up a dedicated mining rig, because I don't even like to use my PC now because it means it's not earning money rofl.
  2. Jeremie Boop

    How is this guy leading the HSBC so large?

    I'm sorry, why is this a bad representation for the tour?
  3. Jeremie Boop

    Wearing a Wedding Ring while Playing

    I have a similar issue with my ring, in that it's a bit big in order to fit over my knuckle, which may be part of the issue. We went with non-traditional rings made of titanium with a black ion plating. I don't think they will be going out of round, which may be another issue. So it seems I'll probably have to go with the carabiner or other similar option to put it while golfing. I think I pointed those rings out sometime before we were married and mentioned something about getting them. I got a look that from her that similarly ended the conversation quickly.
  4. Jeremie Boop

    Wearing a Wedding Ring while Playing

    I ask myself that all the time. I don't wear a necklace, so I am pretty sure having something around my neck would throw me off too. That's why I mentioned that if I wore a necklace I would put in on there while golfing.
  5. Jeremie Boop

    Wearing a Wedding Ring while Playing

    I've heard of those muscles before, I believe mine have atrophied too much over the years Plus, don't you know, showing emotion adds wrinkles and makes you look older!! In all honesty, I pretty much hate getting my picture taken so it tends to show.
  6. Jeremie Boop

    Wearing a Wedding Ring while Playing

    Well, here's a couple. One from the courthouse after the ceremony with the kids and one from the beach in Puerto Rico.
  7. Jeremie Boop

    Wearing a Wedding Ring while Playing

    I think I'll pick up one of those small carabiner clips, seems to be a good compromise. I may even have one at home already. I appreciate the feedback fellas.
  8. Jeremie Boop

    Wearing a Wedding Ring while Playing

    I actually thought of something similar, something I can put my ring on so I don't lose it. If I wore a necklace I could put it on there. I just don't want to put it somewhere that it could easily come up missing. She was understanding when the first one got lost, I'd rather not push my luck!
  9. Jeremie Boop

    Wearing a Wedding Ring while Playing

    As some of you may know, I recently got married. I had not had the opportunity to golf or go to the range since that day until yesterday after work. There was some annoyance/discomfort while golfing with my ring on and that made me wonder if this is a common issue that other people go through. If you have had a similar issue, what did you do to resolve it? Hopefully the answer isn't remove the ring, because I had already lost the first ring while we were in Puerto Rico on the beach and the possibility of losing it again.... Well, let's just say the consequences aren't exactly good.
  10. Jeremie Boop

    Tour Pro Tries to Make Hole in One with 500 Balls

    Not too surprised he didn't make one, a lot of luck goes into making a hole in one. I bet several of those would have gone in at different times of the day too, with the changes in the green.
  11. Jeremie Boop

    The Films and Movies Thread

    Have you watched Baby Driver? That's a pretty decent movie about a getaway driver. I just watched that his weekend. I was pretty happy with the movie as well, the R rating allowed for much it to be much more graphic but they did not go overboard like sometimes can happen with that added freedom. The young actors were definitely fantastic and I am very excited to see what they do with chapter 2 with character role filling and such.
  12. Jeremie Boop

    Do you pick up a club someone has left behind?

    I have always picked up a club if I see it, put it in the cart and watch for someone coming looking for it. Same with head covers. If nobody comes around I drop them off in the clubhouse. I lost 2 new wedges one night because I was practicing different shots around a green and got distracted by a text leaving them on the ground. Once I noticed they were missing I went back to every hole I had played and checked the clubhouse but nobody had turned them in. Thankfully they weren't expensive by any means, but it still angered me a little that someone just kept them.
  13. Jeremie Boop

    Hurricane IRMA

    Right, but the storm has steadily moved north more than the projected path has shown, but they have moved the path from being off the east side of Florida to straight down the middle of florida. Not being a meteorologist I obviously don't know how the modeling works, but every time I checked the actual path compared to the projected path, they've had it more south and west of where it actually ends up being.
  14. Jeremie Boop

    Hurricane IRMA

    I'm confused about their projected path, they keep showing it moving more west than north but it seems like it's actually moving north more than they are thinking it will. I'm hoping it peels off north even more.
  15. It's not that I couldn't do that, it's that I just prefer to stick with more traditional lofts. *actually my 7 iron is 32* which isn't quite traditional, but it was as close as I could get in "game improvement" style clubs in my price range* My point was supposed to simply be that just because one person is using a club less does not mean they are hitting the ball further because of how strong lofts are getting these days. Granted I did go off on a bit of a tangent based on my own preferences when it comes to loft/spin so it probably wasn't as clear as I intended it to be.

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