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  1. These players and other people seem to be going way overboard with what these guidelines are set up to say. If, as Paige says, she hasn't seen anything that would even be effected by this new set of rules, well then there's no reason to even complain right?? On the other hand, if they are simply just trying to pre-empt any possible future inappropriate clothing choices by players then it's just smart thinking. Either way, they idea that this is some how "sexist" is ridiculous because, as already mentioned by another LPGA player, basically every single other professional sport has a dress code in place for it's athletes.... Typically way more stringent when it comes to male athletes, which @iacasand others have also pointed out when referring to the PGA dress code.
  2. It should have been obvious to them that you weren't hustling them when you offered to call it off. Of course their pride go in their own way when they declined. When people want to bet they should be accepting the idea that they will possibly lose, but more than likely they are going into it with the idea that they'll most assuredly win. I'm not willing to lose any amount of money, even when I'm fairly certain that I'll win. There is a pair of guys at league that always play par threes as "dollar holes" where if anyone pars or better the other's pay a dollar.... These guys are not good and if I actually took part I'd win way more often than I'd lose, but the chance of winning money has never been worth the chance of losing money to me. Perhaps it's because I've almost always struggled with money that I'm so disinclined to risk it on wagers, but it's also because I don't ever want someone to feel like I hustled them. There have been too many rounds where I start like total crap only to turn it around and look like a completely different golfer.
  3. I don't bet, on anything. People have tried to get me to play for money in golf, bowling, and pool. My answer is always the same, I don't play for money I play for fun. I don't understand the "need" for there to be "something on the line" for it to be fun. Heck I rarely get into the skins game in the league, and typically am only in it if my father puts me in or if I won skins the week prior I'll put myself and him in. **edit** Also, once the person is told no and they persist, it no longer is a "friendly wager", they are now badgering and that's anything but "friendly".
  4. Thinking about purchasing them?
  5. Yeah, rather amusing that the only two people who talked about how horrible this was didn't even address the fact that basically every other professional sport organization has some sort of dress code policy, like Stacy Lewis mentioned. Nobody is telling these women what they can/can't wear when they are on their own personal time, just what they have to abide by during events that are related to the LPGA....
  6. I've had pretty good luck with how long Nike golf gloves have lasted in the past. That said, do they even make golf gloves anymore? I haven't used a glove the last two rounds I've played because the thumb finally wore through on mine. I think it lasted 4 or 5 months? Granted it had a reinforced area stitched into the palm area, in a similar area to the wear in the above picture, that wore through the first layer just before the thumb gave out though.
  7. The lightweight material golf pants and shirts are made out of these days is very efficient at cooling the body. I'd say wearing shorts is a very minimal benefit compared to them. That said, yes, what females can wear is actually much more varied than what the males can wear so this new dress code is basically just a set of common sense standards for what a professional athlete should wear when doing things associated with the LPGA.
  8. Surprisingly my index went down, even with or maybe because of the much lower number of rounds played. Down from 15.6 to 15.2.
  9. Verizon, once we reach 50% pay off on the phone we can trade it in on a new phone as long as it's in good working order. No renewal of contract required. Can even upgrade early by paying whatever the difference is up to that 50%.
  10. Seem like some pretty common sense items. I wasn't aware that there was an issue though.
  11. Even with a high ball flight, some greens just aren't receptive. I've watched as my ball bounced what seemed like higher than the flag when hitting shots into some greens.... My league course doesn't have the nickname "springrock" for nothing
  12. Also, yardages aren't really completely accurate based on the movement of the tee markers anyway so I would say you should be able to make a "best guess" at the yardage of the tees you played. Approximately how much shorter were they from the longer tees, or how much longer were they compared to the shorter tees? It doesn't need to be an on the nose yardage.
  13. Mixed bag. While the idea of a fully uniform set of clubs sounds and looks nice, I have a feeling it's pretty rare to find that the best fit clubs for a person all come from the same manufacturer. I ended up with my set based primarily on what I got the best numbers from first, then price second.
  14. I'm more of a hybrid hold. More palm of the left hand and more fingers of the right. It seems to be working pretty well right now.
  15. I don't know if that photo is completely real or not, but this is McGregor sparing with him and McGregor is probably about the same size or larger than the actor of Theon.