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  1. This is highly dependent. I can lose as few as 0 or as many as 7, but on the average round it's usually 1-2 these days. Which is a pretty good improvement.
  2. I don't even prefer just 18, I almost always want to play more than 18 but rarely play with anyone who wants to go more than that. This year hasn't been a very golf filled year, but in the past I would take advantage of the "all you can golf after 1" deal that was $25 with a cart. I would regularly get at least 36 holes in if not more.
  3. I said 4-6, which is round dependent for sure. If my timing is on I can strike a lot of very solid feeling shots, but the clubs I use could be masking those off center hits with the forgiveness built into them. I can also mishit pretty horribly those same rounds. If I'm having a really bad round I'd probably struggle to hit 1-3, but I don't know that I go a full round without hitting at least one flush shot. Of course, I could be completely delusional too.
  4. 👍 Thanks for posting that stuff, you are right, I should have referred to those things and then I could have related them to my personal experiences with fellow golfers from league. As I said in my previous post, my general disdain for drug/marijuana use tends to make me a bit less thorough and logical in my responses. Good to know that my personal experiences with the effects of it on people I've golfed hundreds of holes with over the years jive with USADA and WADA findings though.
  5. I never once tried to pass it off as scientific so I don't know why you even mention that. I only related my personal experience related to the discussion of the possible performance enhancement. And no, they were not all people who couldn't break 40, several were single digit handicap guys who regularly finished rounds at 40 or better. These same guys, when unable to partake for some reason would rarely score under 40. Could it be that it was just psychological for them, and that having not THC would have allowed them to play just as good? That's definitely a possibility. I seriously nee
  6. Rofl, good talk. Thankfully others have posted the actual rules in relation to this discussion.
  7. .... Not sure if you are just trying to be funny or seriously asking, but they would have if I actually wanted. I haven't and won't ever get high. I think it's incredibly stupid and would have really loved to not be around it. That's the one thing that's good about not being in that league, I don't have to put up with it.
  8. You misunderstand, I watched them improve after smoking. I was playing in the same group. It wasn't them saying they played better, it was me witnessing it.
  9. I can only relate back to my several years experience of golfing with guys in my previous league who would suddenly play much better as soon as they started smoking. It was a given, within a hole or 2 of them lighting up their scores would drop. As usual, it's only anecdotal so I fully expect people to immediately disregard it.
  10. I was very clear in how I was meaning performance enhancement. See, he gets it. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I didn't think that golfers were allowed to drink during rounds either.
  11. I can only imagine using something like this during a round would definitely be against the rules. It would be a performance enhancing effect to reduce stress during a competition.
  12. I think I'm about 1/2 and 1/2 on eagles that were chip ins vs putts.
  13. I can understand it. It's probably similar to why I can't stand wearing a long sleeved shirt doing any physical activity. It just feels.... uncomfortable/restrictive. Strangely I never feel that way with a belt and tucked in shirt.
  14. I would posit this, is the game better off catering to those who spend more time/money on the game or those who play a couple times a year? I would find it surprising if any person who have become long term participants would have any issue with the minimal dress codes most courses have. The issue is this, either side is only going to be able to provide anecdotal evidence which will do nothing to convince the other. Honestly though, I still say the dress codes are neither good nor bad for the game. They are really a non-issue, at least here, because there so many courses that only requir
  15. Couldn't tell you to be honest, I don't really care enough to look too much into it. The only thing I saw was that proportionally speaking, they actually got paid a higher percentage of profits than the men do, but because the overall men overall bring in more money the men get paid more even though they get a smaller percentage. That may not even be completely accurate, but that's what I recall. Of course, this conversation is OT, but it does tie in to women's professional golf in that neither the women's soccer nor women's golf generate enough revenue to support equal pay. The best they
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