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  1. Do you pick up a club someone has left behind?

    I have always picked up a club if I see it, put it in the cart and watch for someone coming looking for it. Same with head covers. If nobody comes around I drop them off in the clubhouse. I lost 2 new wedges one night because I was practicing different shots around a green and got distracted by a text leaving them on the ground. Once I noticed they were missing I went back to every hole I had played and checked the clubhouse but nobody had turned them in. Thankfully they weren't expensive by any means, but it still angered me a little that someone just kept them.
  2. Hurricane IRMA

    Right, but the storm has steadily moved north more than the projected path has shown, but they have moved the path from being off the east side of Florida to straight down the middle of florida. Not being a meteorologist I obviously don't know how the modeling works, but every time I checked the actual path compared to the projected path, they've had it more south and west of where it actually ends up being.
  3. Hurricane IRMA

    I'm confused about their projected path, they keep showing it moving more west than north but it seems like it's actually moving north more than they are thinking it will. I'm hoping it peels off north even more.
  4. It's not that I couldn't do that, it's that I just prefer to stick with more traditional lofts. *actually my 7 iron is 32* which isn't quite traditional, but it was as close as I could get in "game improvement" style clubs in my price range* My point was supposed to simply be that just because one person is using a club less does not mean they are hitting the ball further because of how strong lofts are getting these days. Granted I did go off on a bit of a tangent based on my own preferences when it comes to loft/spin so it probably wasn't as clear as I intended it to be.
  5. Or there's a difference in club lofts. If one person has a 6 iron with 30* of loft and another person has a 7 iron with the same loft then they are pretty much hitting the same club. The newer models of clubs coming out typically have some pretty jacked lofts, which is why when I look at clubs anymore I try to find options with "truer" lofts on them. I don't need my 7 iron to have 6 iron loft, I need my 7 iron to have 7 iron spin to be able to hold greens. However, most people don't bother to look at things like that, they'll just say "oh wow, I hit that 7 iron 15 yard further than my old 7 iron"...
  6. Hurricane IRMA

    I've been keeping an eye on this as well, since I'm supposed to be in Puerto Rico starting the 13th. As of right now it's supposed to miss PR by 50 miles. I really hope it takes a hard turn North and East away from everything and back out into the open ocean. The last thing we need is another heavy hit on the US by this storm. Also, report I just read has it at Cat 5.
  7. Dayton, OH

    As much as I'd love to come along, I have no funds for golf until payday on Wednesday.
  8. My Swing (Jeremie Boop)

    Yeah, so I've been ridiculously lazy when it comes to golf this year. Not much golf outside of league nights and only 2 trips to the range the whole year. I'm thinking of just doing a reboot either through the winter if I can get a setup at home to practice or I may just use the new indoor setup at the range. I'm not really upset with how my scores have been this year overall, but this late in the year I don't know that it's worth messing about with my swing. Only thing that significantly changed is I went from pull draw/hook main miss to pushes anything from straight push to push slice. Struggle is mostly with the driver, of course, but I'm just as likely to hit the big push shot with any club in the bag, except the putter, I only hit small pushes with it I don't know why my motivation disappeared this year, I had originally planned on trying to make a good improvement. A bit disappointed in myself.
  9. Music on the course - When did this become a thing?

    I think it's more that most people aren't as courteous as you with their volume level. I can usually hear people's music from across a fairway or even from another hole. I don't really like for people to listen to music in my group when playing, but I can deal with it as long as it's not in my cart and the volume is low. I get to play so few rounds with other people that I'm definitely much more flexible than I used to be about things like this.
  10. 2017 Northern Trust Discussion Thread

    Aren't playoff holes typically already decided before the tournament starts? I could be wrong, I don't know that I've seen too many playoffs but they always seemed to know what the holes played would be well before the end of regulation play. Usually they replay 18 by default right?
  11. Dayton, OH

    I'll be in Puerto Rico in a few weeks *Sept 13 to be exact* but if it's before then or the week after I'm always happy to join.
  12. In How Many States Have You Played Golf?

    Thanks @GolfLug, your list reminded me I forgot a state. So I played in 6 so far. Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, and Nevada.
  13. In How Many States Have You Played Golf?

    5 right now, though I'm hoping to add to that. Actually going to Puerto Rico next month and really want to try to get a round in there.
  14. Julie Inkster says LPGA not given due credit....

    Honestly, I've lost a lot of my previous interest in watching golf on TV at all. I don't know what it is, but I just don't really enjoy it. I don't discount how good the women professionals are, heck I've played with ladies from a local University here that I know can kick my butt any day of the week, but what they do isn't "impressive". They hit it a bit shorter, but straight. Hit greens and make putts. Pretty much "ho-hum" golf. Don't get me wrong, if I could play "ho-hum" golf I'd be pretty happy, but watching it is not entertaining.
  15. Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    Also played Northstar. Not a lot to say about my game except I was very surprised and pretty happy with my non-iron tee shots. Way more fairways than I usually hit, but without really backing them up with GiRs they were wasted. I also struggled putting, which is a bit unusual for me lately. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/jeremie/round/1794093