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  1. We have time that's accumulated, not give out in a lump per year for sick and vacation, but we also get 3 days each year for personal time. On top of that, if we don't use any sick time for a quarter we get 8 hours paid time for "sick incentive". You can use sick time for whatever on a day, but if you are off for 3 days and use sick time then you must have a doctor slip. I also dislike having all paid time off being lumped together, but if that's how a company sets it up then so be it. "Sick incentive" is supposed to help keep our insurance costs low by reducing the number of "sick days" we have on record. It's supposed to incentivize you to use a vacation or personal day if you are going to be off for 1 day for being sick. That way you don't lose that paid day off and the we don't have to report that day as a sick day to insurance when we get our annual review. For me, this is great because I'm so rarely sick that I just get some extra paid days off. All in all, we have a pretty nice setup, which I prefer very much over the alternative. Also, our sick time accumulates basically without a cap, so if we end up needing to be off for an extended period of time, we still get paid and we don't lose our vacation time. For example, after about 6 years, I have 618 hours of sick time I can use for extended illness *either myself or family* without ever having to touch my vacation, personal, or sick incentive time. If you ask me, that's far superior to "you get 4 weeks pto to use however".
  2. I don't know, I'm a pretty generous person but I don't know that I'd tip someone in this position. As many have mentioned, they tend to be compensated in a pretty fair way already. That said, not one course in my area has a ranger/course monitor. I think one or two courses I've gone to in Dayton had them but I think I've only seen them driving the course a couple of times, other than that they just check your receipt and ask your tee time at the first tee. Not exactly a service that I consider tip-able.
  3. This is part of my confusion. He's upset that they were saying, hey, you don't need to spend a lot of money on a new driver. You may just need to make a small swing change/fix and you'll drive it better/how you are wanting to with what you have. In my humble opinion, that's the mark of a good *read honest* salesperson. They are forgoing the revenue of a sale so you don't end up with buyer's remorse of dropping several hundred on equipment.
  4. Push fade. I hit a draw with basically every other club, but no matter what driver I used it was a push fade. Numbers showed that was not closing the face to path with the driver to turn it from fade to draw. We tried draw bias setups, gripping down a bit to shorten the shaft *which actually helped a bit, but not consistently*, straight tech style drivers, etc. No matter what the setup on the equipment, my delivery was the same, in to out path with a slightly open face to path which always resulted in a push fade.
  5. He's not like that, he put as close to the same flex/weight shaft in each club. I'm also not uninformed enough to not know the difference in shafts. He always gave me all the information, as well as let me use the trackman. He never pushed me to get lessons from him to fix my swing either, so it would have benefited him way more to just sell me a driver than to let me know that it wasn't going to help. He always suggested the club that produced the best numbers, even if it wasn't the most expensive club because his business is built on trust and repeat business. It's a bit off-putting that you would insult someone you don't know like this, especially given his very good reputation.
  6. Honestly, what's worse, a person selling you a, probably, pretty expensive piece of equipment which may not be the answer, OR someone taking a bit of time to make sure it's not an issue with your swing that would be much cheaper to fix with a few lessons or free if they are being nice? I have a local guy I buy all my stuff from. He's an instructor, and he talked me out of buying a new driver in the past by showing me that no matter what club he put in my hands the result was basically the same. Maybe that's what you needed, someone who will allow you to try all the clubs you want in order to prove/disprove the idea that it's the club and not your swing.
  7. Played 18 with @mcanadiens today, first full round of the year. I didn't do too badly, lost a few shots here and there due to each part of my game but still played bogey golf at +18, 10 over front and 8 over back. Some bad drives, some bad approaches, some dumb missed putts, but way more good shots than I have any right hitting with as little as I've played. Was warm but tolerable even walking.
  8. I should do something like this, but honestly just going by my scores I'm pretty sure what I have listed is pretty accurate. I'm pretty much consistent, good/bad/or indifferent. I'm +24 for the last 27 holes, averaging 8 over per 9 on a course that plays pretty much to 72, so that works out to right around 15. Unless something changes drastically up or down in scores I probably won't even bother with something this simple.
  9. So, I actually no longer have an official handicap now because I let my GHIN membership expire. I did this because a large majority of my rounds were solo and having so few opportunities to play with others made the, even minimal, cost of paying pointless. So, the yes, it did affect my handicap in that I no longer really have a real one.
  10. Another 43 last night, could easily have been 40 because I missed 3 4-5ft putts on the high side. Line was good but just too much speed. Short game is still letting me down a bit, but I'll take how I'm doing now and run with it. Short game will probably come around.
  11. Forgot to post the round from last week. 43 (+7) that was actually even better than the score indicates. Only 2 bad holes, and one was just my touch being total crap again leading to a +3 on a par 3. Was able to birdie a hole that always seems to eat my lunch though. 390 yard hole, with a elevated fairway that slopes down about 280y from the tee. Blasted drive straight down the middle left myself 85y in. Approach wasn't great but made the right tier of the green but 20 ft slight downhill putt that I was lucky to make because I hit it a bit too hard. I think part of why I'm doing decent is that I'm putting no thought into playing, not putting any pressure on myself to score just trying to swing nicely and make contact. I've found I'm having a lot more fun than I was when I was trying hard to improve.
  12. I can't imagine this being a problem, by only playing from that far out you it barely slows down that one person, so you should be well ahead of any groups behind. If they said anything you could show them that you paid and that you weren't playing for free.
  13. 45 for 9 last night. First time swinging a club since the end of last year. Surprisingly enough contact was solid for all but two shots. Let myself down a bit with around the green stuff because I had no touch. Tee shots were actually decent to good except for the first and last hole. There was a bit of wind out there and I wasn't sure what kind of spin would be on the ball from my swing so I aimed middle green. Most approaches were near greens in reg but due to aforementioned lack of touch I didn't give myself many chances to save par. Going into last night I was legitimately worried I'd actually swing and miss the ball so the overall solid striking was an amazing surprise.
  14. It seems like a testament to how uncompelling the LPGA is, that even someone most would expect should know at least a little about the players and tournaments only knows a few names, and that it tends to be dominated by women from South Korea. The worst part is him throwing out the stereotypical name Lee. That said, as @iacas pointed out in the post of the scoreboard, it was ironically true at least at that time. I tend to lean towards what several others have said, that he should be more prepared to discuss these things.
  15. No idea, just saw some talk about it shortly before or after I watched Endgame.
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