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  1. Jeremie Boop

    Single Length Irons

    Most of the reviews I've seen, even with an average golfer hitting them, there's not much difference in distance hit. Though I do admit that the main complaint I've seen/heard is the lower flight of the higher irons and lack of spin. Point I was making was that people aren't having to swing out of their shoes to match the distance of their normal length 5 and 4 irons. Are they exact matches for distance/spin/flight? No, but I don't know that the claim was it would be. Either way, I don't really know the point of going single length irons is personally, given that anything other than those irons in the set would be different lengths.
  2. Jeremie Boop

    2018 John Deere Classic

    If I may make a personal request. Please refrain from using that word. I work for and with people with Development Disabilities, so I really dislike when people use it.
  3. Jeremie Boop

    Single Length Irons

    You'd be surprised, I think, at the large variation of distance that can be achieved by variations of loft and cg for irons of the same length.
  4. Jeremie Boop

    My Swing (Jeremie Boop)

    Got out yesterday. Still focusing on left hip against the wall, I discarded the left arm contact with side feel though. More improvement seen, however my putting has completely abandoned me. That's fine though, it's easy enough to work on later. The bigger story is I got 36 holes done 4 1/2 hours with a cart. My back was done about 27 holes in though. I have to start remembering I'm not ready for that much golf or practice right now.
  5. Honestly, these days I just buy the 36 used ball bags from Dunham's here in town. They are $20 and I'm usually lucky enough that I can find the mid range Callaway or Nike model that isn't a rock and has decent spin. There's not a better price for decent performing golf balls, and even though they are sometimes not in the greatest of shape they don't have to last long for me given my rate of losing them. I rarely get more than a handful that aren't in good shape though.
  6. Jeremie Boop

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Ouch, that's pretty serious. I don't know that I've ever heard of that happening anywhere before.
  7. You hear it a lot just like other old school sayings that are just not right. Like, keep your head down,keep your trail leg flexed, etc. These sayings don't persist because their true, the persist because people who say them don't really know any better, they just heard some "good player" tell them that before. Nobody says short game isn't important. It is important. However, most players would benefit from improving their long game over their short game. It's basically a 60/40 split *if you put putting and chipping/pitching together* best practice when it comes to working on your game. Your citing of long drive players as an example of why putting practice is more important isn't accurate. Those guys don't practice their short game, like at all... They don't need to, their job is to hit the ball a long way. Short game is important for everyone, but if you neglect working on full swing to focus on short game, more than likely you are hurting yourself. Again, it's 60/40 split in favor of full swing over short game. It's not like anyone's saying don't practice short game at all.
  8. Jeremie Boop

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Had a 43 (8 over) last night, easily lost 3-5 shots due to horrible putting, but in general pretty happy. My strikes with my wedges were really good, too good in fact, as they were flying a bit too far compared to what I'm used to. No complaints though, I'll take shots going further than expected due to better striking to shorter than expected due to poor striking.
  9. Jeremie Boop

    What Drills does everyone recommend?

    Honestly, I wouldn't feel comfortable offering any drills because drill are usually specific to whatever key/issue currently being worked on. Without knowing what you are currently focusing on, I'd be afraid any drill I offered would at best be pointless at worst be harmful. The one thing I would echo is, especially just starting out, you really need to focus on your full swing/long game.
  10. Jeremie Boop

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    http://www.gamegolf.com/player/jeremie/round/2279901 As bad as the score is, I'm actually very happy with the night overall. My putting was atrocious, but that's partly because I spent time on the practice green which ended up being significantly slower than the actual greens as well as trying a few adjustments to my stance putting. That said, I was striking the ball a lot better than I have this year. The tee shot with 4 iron on 12 caught a tree on the corner I was trying to cut, but the strike was great and I hit the line I wanted. The trouble was I needed hybrid to carry the trees and it's broken. Drive on 14 must have rolled right by the hole, it was almost dead in line with the pin just off the back of the green. I chickened out on the chip because the green slopes back to front. Should have been easy bird. Still hitting some pushes/blocks with the driver but starting to get a handle on that. Not much else to say about the round really. Side note, got my driver regripped with a Pure grip, 2 extra wraps. Feels much more solid in my hands now, old grip was a bit skinny and slick even when it was new.
  11. Jeremie Boop

    Cheating in tournament

    It's pretty common around here, at least. I don't know of a league that really enforces the rules in my area. I asked around when I really go disappointed with how lax my league was. Everyone basically indicated that their other leagues were pretty similar. Of course, it may be that I just happen to be in a place where there aren't many people who take playing golf in league very seriously. There isn't even any benefits to cheating to get low scores because we don't have any payouts for places at the end of the season. The only thing we have is a skins game which I don't get into anymore because of how people improve their lie.
  12. Jeremie Boop

    Cheating in tournament

    The city tournament here apparently has at least one notorious cheater that somehow still is allowed to play every year. I don't know the guy, he plays in the senior bracket, but everyone seems happy when he gets beat. I don't understand how someone who is a known cheater is allowed to participate. It kind of taints the entire tournament. If you know that the people who run that tournament aren't interested in enforcing the rules, find another one to play in, don't just give up on competitive play all together. Here's the thing about league play, at least as far as I've noticed. Rarely are people playing in a league doing so strictly by the rules. The league I play in is a joke when it comes to the rules. They'll take free relief from under trees, drops for OB, roll the ball around, use a different ball to putt with than they do playing to the green, so on and etc. Hell, they'll even give me a hard time for playing by the rules: "we play 'winter rules' here, get out from under that tree" or "go ahead and drop out in the fairway, give yourself a better shot" .... I promise you, if my playing partner wasn't my father I'd have quit this league years ago, but I endure it so I can spend the time with him.
  13. Jeremie Boop

    Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Not believing in luck is not the same thing as not believing in gravity. One is quantified and easily demonstrable, the other is a subjective idea with no possible way to prove it exists. Statistical anomalies =/= luck. It makes about as much sense as people who believe the earth is flat.
  14. Jeremie Boop

    Closed Courses You Formerly Played

    Hawthorn Hills in my hometown here. Was one of the best courses in the area, but it went under several years ago. From what I understand is it needed the irrigation system overhauled and the clubhouse/restaurant needed torn down and rebuilt due to mold or something. Unfortunately, the company that bought it also bought 4 other local courses and the didn't have the profits to do all that work and keep them all open.
  15. Jeremie Boop

    Heavy Air?

    I believe I was told humid air leads to more carry. It seems counter intuitive, but unless I'm mistaken, that's the way it works.

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