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  1. Its a 20 dollar fee. The draft is online this Sunday at 7pm. The link is below. If you join, Ill let you know my address so you can send in payment. Im not going to be a stickler about it, just so its paid in time for the winner. Its winner take all. 10 team league, on Yahoo. Here is the link http://y.ahoo.it/82fJcWlE
  2. I only have one. I chew Skoal Apple. I do not drink or smoke. Im 36 years old and have never been drunk and never touched a drug in my life.
  3. Best show I have ever watched in my life.
  4. I have the exact same problem. The last hole on the course I play at is in the direct sun and its a wide open par 5. I cant tell you how many times Ive looked and looked and looked and never been able to find my ball. The minute you hit your drive if you do not see the ball you are screwed.
  5. Im a lifelong Orioles fan. People have no idea how hard it is being a fan of that team when they are in THAT division. So freaking brutal.
  6. 1. Pittsburgh Steelers. By FAR my most hated team in all of sports 2. New York Giants 3. Washington Redskins 4. Philadelphia Eagles 5. San Antonio Spurs 6. Detroit Pistons 7. Boston Celtics 8. Boston Red Sox 9. NY Yankees
  7. wow haha. Yea I probably would have been out of there asap
  8. I have never seen one of those either, thankfully! That would not be fun at all
  9. I am mentally ill when I get mad. Its ridiculous. I seriously thought about snapping every club I had in the bag tonight and gunning them in the woods as far as I could, no joke. I BOIL out there.
  10. I have the exact same problem. I absolutely SUCK with a driver in my hand. Absolutely no accuracy and no clue where its going at all. I also seem to hit the same places on certain holes, its so odd. For example, if I go to hole 13, I know im going to pull it left real hard. Hole 9, Ill slice it right every time. No clue.
  11. I just started playing a few months ago. Tonight was a VERY odd and a bit scary ha. I was teeing off and a bear came out of the woods about 90 yards from me. What made this even more insane for me was that I am 36 and I have never seen a bear in my life until tonight! What about you ? What are some of your odd experiences? Anyone ever get hit by lightning etc
  12. Nike=trash. I seriously am just gonna start wearing a gardening glove. Id wear one of those over a Nike. Ive burned through 3 in 2.5 months!
  13. Well, I work at a country club and I had about an hour to kill. I went to work early thinking Id see what I could do at the range. It wasnt worth it at all. Ill remember this for the future!
  14. I tried to hit balls at the range today after being completely fatigued. It was just terrible. I hit like 10 an just quit an went back to the putting green for 20 minutes
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