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  1. Kenny Perry is a great golfer and a very nice person, but I can not watch him swing. It gets in my head...no....look away.
  2. Fred Couples many years back said the CT should start at 45. Brandle Chamblee says his analysis shows that the door shuts on a tour player at 45, so perhaps Fred had a point. I wish those 50 and over would play the CT more or exclusively. I think the CT would be more relevant if it followed the PGA and played the same courses. Then if we couldn’t relate to the players, at least we could relate to the course.
  3. Group 6 Fred Couples (1992) Lee Trevino (1971) Tiger Woods (2000) Me (2001) Sorry off topic, but on topic, gimme The Duece, Group 2.
  4. I have been saying this same thing to my buddies, almost posted it yesterday. Totally agree. Slow players, once determined, should be grouped together for round one two and three. At the very least they get a taste of their own medicine, directly from the Karma Kafe where you are served exactly what you deserve. The slow groups would go out last. I’m sure their sponsors would not be happy losing out on all that free exposure. Once they get enough pressure from their sponsors, they’ll speed up. When TV has run past it’s allotted time with them still on the course, things will change. As you state Sunday’s would progress as the currently do.
  5. What!? I own a set of 712 MB’s, bought them NIB. When they were new they had a satin finish. I would like to have mine re-chromed. The faces are ok, it’s the back of the 8 that bothers me. Interested in having the whole st done. Please share your shop info. Pretty please. Bought a set of 716’s, but the ‘12’s are my gamers, though both look the same.
  6. This tech already exist. My golf bud and I played a recently renovated (2M$) course in Pearland Texas, a suburb south of Houston. The cart was equipped with GPS, nice, been there, done that. After finishing 18 he realized he'd lost his 9. So we backtracked to find it. He thought he may have left it around the backside of the green two holes back. He was just going to drive around the green, nope cart stopped DEAD. WTH. it would only allow reverse, no amount of accelerator stomp worked. We did not find it there, then he recalled taking two clubs with him into the rough near the long water hazard. As we approached within 20 yards of the hazard, the cart stopped DEAD, would only allow reverse. We did find his Mizuno MP- 60 9 iron.
  7. Yes I realize that a few players get the dreaded DNF...but what I am talking about is cutting the field in half from 70 to 35. 35 players on Sunday would make for a faster ending, be more TV friendly and more interesting for the fans. I would basically be like watching the Tour Championship on Sunday.
  8. Should there be a Saturday cut? My girlfriend who is planning to get into the game, asked while we were watching a golf tournament: "Why are the guys who are at the bottom of the leaderboard still playing when they can't win?" I said they are playing to improve their position on the money list and for FedEx Points. I know the PGA experimented with Saturday cuts a few years back and were rebuffed by the players. I did some Google research and found that only once since 1956 has someone comeback from 10 strokes down. AND that tournament was GIVEN to him by Jean van de Velde. Does it make sense to carry 70+ players into Sunday with no real chance to win? Especially in a tournament like the US Open. 10 strokes Paul Lawrie, 1999 British Open 9 strokes Stewart Cink, 2004 MCI Heritage 8 strokes Jack Burke Jr., 1956 Masters Tournament Ken Venturi, 1959 Los Angeles Open Mark Lye, 1983 Bank of Boston Classic Hal Sutton, 1985 St. Jude Memphis Classic Chip Beck, 1990 Buick Open Scott Simpson, 1998 Buick Invitational Craig Stadler, 2003 B.C. Open Kyle Stanley, 2012 Waste Management Phoenix Open
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