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  1. How big is your drive?

    Swing vid and driving tutorial coming soon. Rome wasn't built in a day thus meaning my swing wasn't.
  2. How big is your drive?

    Hi guys, bought a new driver, extra stiff, custom made to my swing style. Gonna pop to the range in a bit and see if I can finally crush 400+ :D It's about to get real messy
  3. How big is your drive?

    Hey, how come my picture has changed to that pic?
  4. How big is your drive?

    You're sick in the head. I would love to have a 1 on 1, head to head playoff with you. Then we'd see who gets demoted to posing as a ice-cream seller.
  5. How big is your drive?

    Every man has a limit; even me.
  6. How big is your drive?

    Finely tuned machine capable of hitting some major yards
  7. How big is your drive?

  8. How big is your drive?

    100 ball bucket + 10 kids in awe = 300 minimum 350 maximum 50 ball bucket + 5 kids in awe = more energy, less pressure = 320 minimum 390 maximum
  9. How big is your drive?

    I got no problem with my distance.
  10. How big is your drive?

    Yup, I am already aware I can out drive those chumps... There are many people who can out drive them; me being one.
  11. How big is your drive?

    So childish. I guess my drives are so unreal, eh? Come back when you crush em 320 consistent. I went to the range earlier and I had a group of about 10 kids standing behind me gasping and clapping after every shot. I had a 100 ball bucket, do the math.
  12. How big is your drive?

    Internet distance? Say that to my Warbird's face after it's carried 300+
  13. How big is your drive?

    Soon I'll post videos and have a Question and Answer session so you guys can ask anything you want to know in regards to improving your drives etc
  14. How big is your drive?

    Hey, thanks for all the replies to my thread. Interesting results, seems we have some fellow big hitters here Looks like I better up my game ha! Does anyone else wear 2 gloves for driving? It definitely improves grip, feel and swing speed. Although some people laugh at me when I wear them to the range; all of a sudden their laughs are subdued by the sound of what can only be classified as whip...me crushing balls out of sight What clubs you boys play?
  15. How big is your drive?

    Very impressive figures. Downhill, wind with and with the mindset of killing the ball I may make it with you.