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  1. This drill is something I desperately need. I was taught the old technique that @iacas talks about at the beginning of the video. And it's been screwing me up ever since. I've known that technique is not ideal for a long time now, but I've never really settled on a different technique. I've played around a lot. It's not been good. Anyways, I did the drill and immediately took coins up to my office so I can do this drill while I'm on conference calls. You're welcome for the glimpse at my house and all the baby crap lying about.
  2. DeadMan

    2020 Masters

    Rescheduled for November 9-15: https://www.masters.com/en_US/news/articles/2020-04-06/2020_masters_targeting_november_915.html Personal opinion is that this is tentative with a capital T. If you read the link, it very much reads like that, too.
  3. Did the drill today, but without a ball. I need to drag my net out of my basement and try it with a ball. I really like this drill, too. My hips do stall during my downswing, and this drill could help combat that. Sometimes that stall can lead to some shanks as well, so having this drill to go to when I need to get out of the shanks is great. I will get my wife to bring home my tripod so I can film this and day 6 tomorrow.
  4. Really liked this session. I have never really understood this stuff, despite being asked to it by my instructors a couple of times. Never got a good feeling for it at all. Watching this video and doing the drills really helped with that a lot. Now I have a good starting point if I'm going to need focus on this in the future again.
  5. Did the drills today. No video, again. Need to get my tripod back from my wife's school. These drills were actually a bit physically difficult for me, especially the first one. I guess I don't have a ton of shoulder strength, especially in the left shoulder. I might be the only one. But that was weird.
  6. I did the day 2 drills, no video this time. Liked these drills. Really felt the shoulder turn with these drills, especially the first two. Looking forward to tomorrow.
  7. Day 39: Did the COVID-19 practice schedule. Matched up fairly well with my priority piece, so worked on that a bit with the third drill as well (not moving as much off the ball as my trigger).
  8. Day 38: Putted and chipped a bunch while on conference calls. Also did the daily practice session that iacas posted.
  9. Did this in my cozy and improvised home office. This is stuff I have worked on in the past, so it was pretty straightforward for me.
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