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  1. According to GolfDigest's changes (https://www.golfdigest.com/story/the-complete-changes-to-augusta-national), this hole was 365 yards until 2002. It seems unlikely they were hitting driver and a mid iron except in very specific winds.
  2. My least favorite is 7. It's the tightest fairway on the course. The green is not designed for a mid-iron approach, which is what the hole generally demands. There is also very little chance to save par from an error off the tee because of the bunkers in front of the green. The trademark of 7 is that it's hard. Which just means boring. 11 is a close second, for similar reasons. My favorite is 13. I love the tee shot there. The risk/reward on both the tee shot and the approach is great. You can play your tee shot left, towards the creek, and get a shorter shot into the green with a flat lie, but you bring the creek into play. If you bail out right, you have a longer approach with a severe side slope. Then you have the decision on whether to go for it or not, which brings the creek into play again. The hole also allows the spectacular shot from the trees into the green. Just an awesome hole.
  3. Winter Depression Thread

    No, I get it. The front is just going to be between Erie and Pittsburgh. Probably doesn't happen much because you don't have a weather influence like the mountains. So it's more unusual to have temperature swings in short distances like that.
  4. 2018 RBC Heritage

    Ugh, Poulter is going to win again, huh? Really hope he snaps out of his hot streak before the Ryder Cup.
  5. Match Play Strategy

    I agree with @Shorty. You're just creating pressure, on both players. I also think I would rather have 2 shots at making a putt from 3-5 feet over a must 2-putt from 25 feet.
  6. Winter Depression Thread

    Not that unusual here. 2 hours east of here yesterday, there was a blizzard. Meanwhile, in Denver, we had a chilly day and a bit of snow, but nothing terrible. That's not unusual for us, though. Mountains make the weather really volatile, and volatile over short distances to boot.
  7. Winter Depression Thread

    Currently under a fire weather warning and a blizzard watch at the same time! Colorado in April, everybody!
  8. Paying for handicap scam

  9. PGA Tour's New Slogan: Live Under Par

    God-awful slogan. I spent a good hour yesterday thinking that it was "live" as in live TV. That's not a good thing for a slogan. It's a decent life-ethos, but not a slogan. I get what they're going for, but it's pretty lame. I was also cringing at the whole rollout on social media. Canned tweets from a bunch of pros. It reeks of paying a marketing company a couple of million to come up with a compromise that nobody likes.
  10. Yes. And I'd prefer defensive putts if you miss your spot as opposed to impossible putts. Augusta, generally, gives you a small opening for birdie, a wide opening for a par, but it's also penal if you hit it in the wrong spots. The problem is that holes like 7 and 11 is that they've made it so there's very little chance for a birdie, and too easy of a chance for bogey (or worse, if it's 11). It's too much like US Opens for my taste because you're playing mindless golf with little opportunity to make a birdie. And every little mistake is punished with a bogey. I like courses that give you birdies if you play perfectly, but still give you the chance for pars if you aren't quite perfect. It's not, which is why you only see elite ball strikers competing at this course. If you give players more options off the tee, you'll see more winners that aren't just elite ball strikers. Erin Hills last year, for example, had all types of players competing. Brian Harman isn't going to compete at Augusta, but he competed at Erin Hills. Just to emphasize this point: this is a minor quibble. Augusta is a great course. But it could be better with some minor tweaks to a few holes. And that's what makes it, from a purely design perspective, not the best course in America.
  11. I understand what you're saying, but I think that places more of a premium on ball striking. Augusta forces you to be ultra precise with your approaches. If you miss your spot, you'll have to be ultra defensive with your putts. Take 9 for example. If you hit the correct tier, you have a relatively flat putt to the hole. If you miss above the hole, you'll have to be defensive with your putt. But you can miss below the tier and still have a good chance at par with a good putt. 10 is similar - you execute a precise approach and you get an uphill putt that you can be aggressive with. If you leave your approach above the hole, you have to be defensive. It's a difficult place to putt if you miss your approach shot, yes, but it's not that hard if you can hit a very precise shot. These aren't just great ball strikers winning this tournament. It's the elite ball strikers that win this tournament. Tiger and Phil are two of the best iron players of all time, which is why they have 7 jackets between them. Bubba is an incredible iron player. Spieth is, too. Adam Scott, Sergio. These aren't just players that go driver-wedge on every hole. They're the guys that can put a 7 iron on a plate when they're on. I don't think this places too much emphasis on putting.
  12. Play with people who are better with you and see how your game stacks up. Play in US Open, US Am, and US Mid-Am qualifying. That will step it up a level from where you're playing now. You'll be able to see first hand where you are in comparison to better players and really evaluate your game. If you can make the US Open and get to the US Amateur match play consistently, then maybe you could make it as a tour pro. Maybe.
  13. 2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

  14. The Fried Egg, where I go for all my architecture takes, had a good article on the problems with 11 (and other holes, too). If you want to see a little more of what I'm saying, then I would recommend reading it: http://www.friedegg.co/golf-courses/augusta-national-changes I think you're way wrong about Augusta being too dependent on putting. Year after year it's the great ball strikers winning here. Look at the bad putters that have won here recently: Bubba, Sergio, Adam Scott. Rory isn't a good putter and he was in the mix. Spieth has been an awful putter this year, and he was in the mix. But all of those players are premium ball strikers. You need to putt well, sure, but it's not a putting contest. To get birdies on any hole other than the par 5s, you have to hit your spot, especially on the approach. And that's great - that's how it's supposed to me. I don't like when holes make you hit one spot on the drive and then one spot on the on the green to avoid a bogey. I don't think 11 had a birdie on it all weekend. That's not great.
  15. Winter Depression Thread

    First tournament this weekend, and the forecast is for about 50 degrees and 20 mph winds. That could be really brutal. I'm hoping the winds end up calming down, because 50 degrees is perfectly fine for golf. Of course, we've had this tournament snowed out a couple of times recently, so just being able to play will be an improvement over that.

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