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  1. Day 10: Full swing mirror work again today. Working on that little move off the ball from address to A1 and soft wrists in transition.
  2. Day 9: Did some full swing mirror work. Working on soft wrists in transition and little move off the ball before A1.
  3. Day 8: Range session. Spent 30 minutes on my swing - working on a soft wrists in transition feel and some weight shift off the ball from address to A1. Then went and worked on putting for 45 minutes. Working on my stroke to ensure the ball doesn't bounce off the face. Seeing some really good results there.
  4. Yikes, not a good look. The big-box golf stores (i.e., Golf Galaxy and PGA Tour Superstore) will generally let you hit and even give you a bit of a fitting without buying anything. Pushing a customer towards those stores is not good business. Especially if it's only lie angle and length, because those take like 5 minutes to do.
  5. Bryson is just the epitome of slow players in all this. Instead of admitting that 2:15 is too slow for a shot, he claims he's not slow and blames other people for being slow. And he just spouts a bunch of bullshit. This is frequently what happens when you tell people that they're slow. There are very few people that will accept it and try to get better. Fun experiment on this stuff: just time 40 seconds at some point. It feels like forever. Just play faster.
  6. An eight foot putt does not need to take 2:15, champ. GTFO with this shit.
  7. Day 5: Went to the range for a long practice session. Worked on short game for a little over an hour. Putted for a while, working on speed mostly. Then when to the range and hit balls for about an hour. Systems are full go for a tournament tomorrow!
  8. WD from the Northern Trust due to an oblique strain. Feel like he probably needs to shut it down for a while. Come back next year fresh and rearing for what should be a good set of major venues for him. If not, I hope he retires. Not sure what else he really needs or wants after that Masters victory. He's already broken Snead's record by an honest assessment of their wins. Jack's record is probably not in reach unless his body stays healthy for 5 years. That seems unlikely. Love to see more of him at his best, but I also thinking going out on the Masters victory would be fitting.
  9. Day 3: Worked on putting again. Doing the yardstick drill, but focused more on my set up at this point. Looking better.
  10. If I'm really out of a hole (i.e., not on the green in 5 or something like that), I'll pick up and put down ESC. Otherwise, I'll try my best to finish the hole and take my medicine. Although it happens (too often), it's fairly rare that I take over a double bogey on any hole. This is assuming non-competition. That's different.
  11. I enjoy other things they put out more than Tourist Sauce, but it's still really good.
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