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  1. I'm guessing there's a liability release associated with every ticket.
  2. DeadMan

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    This was both really interesting and hilarious at the same time. The amount of stuff that Tiger's done through in the past decade is crazy. I wonder if we'll ever get a full accounting of how his addiction to painkillers influenced this. A lot of this is so ridiculous that it doesn't make much sense, but it might make more sense if you add in being under the influence of painkillers. It's never going to happen, but a full accounting of Tiger's life would be super interesting (and also probably extremely sad).
  3. DeadMan

    Putts/GIR, How Useful is It?

    Yeah, it probably doesn't mean as much as a stat if you don't hit many greens. It will probably be best as a measure of your lag putting.
  4. DeadMan

    Putts/GIR, How Useful is It?

    I tracked it when I used to do a spreadsheet of my golf stats (now that I have a GG, I'm just relying on their strokes gained data). I thought it was the most useful putting stat I had. It tells you both how close you hit it to the hole (anything under 2 means you had a good ballstriking day, most likely) and how good your lag putting is. Strokes gained putting is much better, but putts per GIR is still useful.
  5. DeadMan

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    Thank you for proving my point. Actual golfing ability is what matters. And Rickie has a ton of it. He plays the toughest events, beats a ton of golfers, but rarely wins. The Sagarin ratings, which are based on how many players you beat in each tournament has him 7th: http://rankings.golfweek.com/rankings/default.asp?T=world. His win % against the top 10 in the world is better than Tiger's. He's really freaking good at golf.
  6. DeadMan

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    Oh please. Dustin Johnson is the opposite of having a fierce competitive nature and he's won 19 times on the PGA Tour. Patrick Reed is a fierce competitor and he's finished in the top 10 in majors 3 times (he's played in 16 of them). A player's actual golfing ability is at least 95% of the reason they win on tour. The good thing about Kuchar and Rickie is their consistency. They don't miss many cuts, and they normally finish fairly high. Look at how many golfers Rickie beats on a weekly basis. It's a lot. You don't necessarily know what you're getting out of a streaky guy like Bubba or Webb, but you can count on Rickie and Kuchar to be right there every week. They are rocks and they'll contribute to the team even if they don't get red hot. If Bubba or Webb isn't red hot, they're going to be an anchor on the team.
  7. DeadMan

    2018 US Amateur - Pebble Beach

    2 birdies on 17, so 2 players advanced to 18. One guy came really close to chipping in for a birdie ... but he was on the green and didn't pull the flag. So if he had chipped in, he would have gotten a 2 stroke penalty.
  8. DeadMan

    2018 US Amateur - Pebble Beach

    This is pretty fun to watch. 2 guys with makeable birdie putts blew them about 6 feet beyond the hole. I think the birdie might take it.
  9. DeadMan

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    You're forgetting the politics of all this. Phil was the force behind the whole task force thing. If he's in any sort of form, he's going to be on the team. And he's 11th on the points list, so he's not that far off. He'll be on the team. He and Tiger are locks.
  10. DeadMan

    Predict Tiger's 2019 Season

    I think he gets 3 tournaments, including one major. Either the Masters or the US Open (which is at Pebble ... how cool would that be for Tiger to win there again?). Who knows about the British - that's always I wild card. I doubt he'll win at the PGA at Bethpage, but you never know. For the tournaments, I'm thinking somewhere in Florida. Probably Bay Hill, but maybe Honda or Valspar. I wouldn't be surprised to see him win in Mexico City, either. That's a course where you can hit a ton of irons and contend, which is perfect for him. Then probably the Memorial just because that's his jam. That would set up him perfectly for Pebble. I'm really talking myself into that.
  11. DeadMan

    Driver Off the Deck

    Brave to hit your driver off of a mat like that and risk snapping the shaft. That's part of the reason I don't practice this shot very much - I probably chunk it 50% of the time, and I don't think that's super healthy for the shaft. Especially off a mat.
  12. DeadMan

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Shot a +2 74 in a tournament yesterday. It was a best ball, stableford scoring. I got 35 points by myself. My partner was actually a no show, so I got a blind draw and ended up finishing in second with 44 points. It was pretty awesome to throw out such a good round. I was the low gross round of the day, playing from the back tees. The club championship is in 2 weeks, so that gives me some nice confidence going into that. It's also the lowest round I've ever had from the back tees at this course. Love doing that in a competition.
  13. DeadMan

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Tiger lost about 6 strokes over the course of the tournament to Koepka driving the ball. That is crazy. The back 9 was awesome yesterday, but it never really felt like Tiger was going to have a chance. Unlike in the Open, where I thought he was going to win when he got the lead on the back 9. Koepka was just too damn good.
  14. DeadMan

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    I believe the top 8 for the US is now final. I think the picks are Tiger, Phil, Kuchar, and BDC. BDC is probably the one that's on the bubble at this point. If someone has a really good FedEx series, I bet BDC is the one that misses out.

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