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  1. Day 12: Mirror work today. Working on getting a feel for shallowing up the downswing. This has been a stumbling block for me, so it's going to need a lot of work. Really working on getting an exaggerated feel, even if it looks a little ridiculous.
  2. Day 11: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/DeadManUofM/round/2426378 and http://www.gamegolf.com/player/DeadManUofM/round/2426377
  3. Day 10: Went to the range and hit some balls. Took a look at my swing on camera - not what I was hoping for. That's okay though. Still know what I need to work on.
  4. Day 9: Mirror work again today. Think I’ve got a good feel for what I want in the backswing. Going to the range tomorrow to see what it looks like.
  5. DeadMan

    11 Reasons You Stink at Golf

    To that point, my 2.5 year old can throw a ball. Not well, but he will release the ball every time, and it generally goes the direction he was aiming. He's much less successful at even making contact with a golf ball - much less getting the ball in the air or getting it to go the direction he's aiming.
  6. DeadMan

    Clubs You're Most Likely to Replace Before Next Season?

    I just traded out my irons - went from Rocketbladez to Callaway Rogue Pros. I'm debating switching out my 3W and 5W for a 4W and 3 iron. I've been having a lot of trouble hitting my fairway woods off the deck, but I've been nuking my irons.
  7. Day 8: Went back to putting today. Looking at my set up a bit, also doing the yardstick putting drill.
  8. DeadMan

    Winter Depression Thread

    You’re not welcome in this thread. We had a couple of inches of snow on Sunday. It’s already melted, but annoying that we’re at this time of year already. Could have another decent month, could have less.
  9. DeadMan

    WITB Photo Edition!

    I found Nike's vapor drivers actually surprisingly good. I played one this summer when I had to rent clubs once. It performed pretty darn well. Not as great as my normal Callaway driver, but pretty close. I wasn't really expecting to like that club (at all, really).
  10. DeadMan

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    Definitely broadcasting. I knew Johnny Miller as a broadcaster before I ever knew about Johnny Miller the player. Despite Johnny's best efforts, the casual golf fan isn't going to know about his 63 at Oakmont or his Open Championship. By the way, just looking at his career, that stretch he had in 1974 and 1975 is pretty crazy. He won 3 straight events in January 1974. He won 13 times in those two years. That's a Tiger-esque stretch, minus winning any majors.
  11. Day 7: Mirror work again. Working on address to A2, trying to not shoot my hands inside too fast. A2 to A4 is about getting steeper. Think I'm making some decent progress. Excited to get this on video this weekend.
  12. Day 6: Back to mirror work again. Still trying to ingrain the feelings to get me in a good spot at A2 and then steeper from A2 to A4.
  13. Day 5: worked on my bead with the putter for a little change. Putted on a yardstick. First time trying this. It was ... interesting to start and then I did okay.
  14. I've seen rumors about this happening, but I guess it's official: https://golfweek.com/2018/10/15/the-forecaddie-johnny-miller-to-retire-paul-azinger-replacing-him-in-nbc-booth-will-still-work-for-fox/ Johnny Miller is retiring. Azinger will be NBC's new color guy. I really like Azinger on Fox and on podcasts I've heard him on. Big shoes to fill with Johnny Miller, but I think Azinger can do it.
  15. Day 4: Mirror work again. Ensuring that I have that feeling from A1 to A2 down so I can keep the club where I want it. Still working on the feeling from A2-A4 to keep the club steeper.

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