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  1. Yep, just adding another data point there. I was hoping that having a really old version of everything would help, but no.
  2. Pretty sure I'm done with GameGolf now. I had the upload problem you all have talked about in this thread over the weekend. I tried using the GG transfer app on my Mac, and the progress stalled on building round: (Yes, I should have taken a screenshot instead of a picture of the computer with my phone...) I left it open for about an hour, and nothing changed. The rounds never appeared on the website. It looks like they're gone from the device as well. I have Version 2.0.0 of the GG transfer app. Currently running OS X Yosemite, 10.10.5 (it's an old MacBook Air that I only
  3. Had my first competitive round in ~10 months over the weekend. I started off really poorly, +5 after 3 holes. But then I steadied the ship and finished the round at +10, including an even par back 9. I was very pleased. I hit a lot of good shots down the stretch, and I pured multiple shots on the back 9. I feel really close to playing good golf. I feel really good about the changes I'm making in the swing. I need to do more on my short game and putting. The hardest part will be finding time to practice and play. I'm going to the driving range about once a week for 45 minutes on my lunch
  4. I've never heard of a course that shuts down for 2 weeks to aerate. As far as I know, courses around here let you play on the aerated courses the day after aeration. My home course has 27 holes, and they aerate the same week and keep them open after aeration. It seems strange to me. Since you're at a private club, maybe you could can ask the pro or greens staff why they do it this way? Maybe there's some advantage that you don't see or know about.
  5. I've never stayed or played at the Broadmoor, but there's a ton to do in the Colorado Springs area, especially if you enjoy the mountains or hiking. Some things off the top of my head to do: Visit the Air Force Academy (it may be closed because of COVID, so you'd have to check that). The chapel is worth the trip. There's a couple of other interesting things, and it's a beautiful campus. Just make sure you check the COVID status before you go. Go to the top of Pikes Peak. You can drive up there, or there's a train you can take to the top. The views are incredible. Just be prepared f
  6. This is why tournaments should be flighted, if at all possible. In an unflighted tournament, a high handicapper usually wins, and low handicaps grumble. It’s also harder to sandbag when you’re a low handicapper.
  7. She got epidurals and didn’t have to witness the bloody horror show that I did!
  8. About 48 hours out from getting my second shot (Pfizer), and zero side effects. I honestly feel a little cheated out of the full experience, haha. But I also get to pretend I’m tougher than my wife, since she had a reaction.
  9. Dammit, sorry @GolfLug. Long day at work. Thanks, @cipher, that gives us a really good list to start with.
  10. @cipher - @DaveP043, @billchao, and I are likely going to play Lac La Belle on Friday. Do you have any suggestions on a good area near-ish to the course to stay Thursday night? We were thinking that somewhere in the Milwaukee suburbs would be a good idea. Mostly, we're just looking for a brewery/taproom with good food within walking distance of a hotel, haha. Any thoughts?
  11. Here's my best shot at an explanation, with the caveat that I don't do criminal law work at all, so I could be wrong. In most states, you can get charged with resisting arrest for resisting a cop, regardless of the reason for the arrest. If a cop is arresting you illegally, you can be charged with resisting arrest even though the arrest is illegal. As an example, say you're being arrested by a cop for something that's not illegal - wearing glasses while walking on the sidewalk. If you resist that arrest, you can be charged with resisting arrest. To go further, in some states, force isn't
  12. I like the idea of having the ANWA winner, and then add Crenshaw and Watson. It's probably a big ask to ask the ANWA winner stick around for an extra 5 days, but I'm guessing they could work something out there.
  13. Crenshaw would be good.
  14. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree:
  15. I don't know if anyone else has looked at rental cars yet, but they are super expensive out of MKE. After reading an article about how there will likely be a rental car shortage this summer, I booked one just to have something. I'm looking at getting into MKE around 7pm on Sunday, leaving Friday at about 5pm, and would be happy to split the car if anyone else has flight times that match up. The total price was about $470, which is crazy expensive. I will keep shopping and cancel if I find a better rate, but wanted to grab something now.
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