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  1. Yes, that's exactly what happened. We were ahead of pace until the last display clock, when we were even. We finished about 10-15 minutes behind their stated pace of play (4:30, I believe, so we finished in ~4:45 despite being on track until about hole 13 to finish in 4:15 or faster). Everything was moving along well until the last couple of holes. At the last par 3, the offending group was on the green, with the entire 2 holes ahead of them open. The group behind them and my group were waiting to hit. Basically, they lost touch of the groups in front of them, played slower, and the ranger said he couldn't do anything because they were okay with the pace clocks. It was frustrating.
  2. Your proper place on the course is directly behind the group in front of you, not ahead of the group behind you. They were actually holding us up, and caused us to finish in over 4:30, despite the fact that we were below that pace until the last 3-4 holes. Ranger said he wouldn't do anything. It was frustrating, because I could see what was happening, and he wouldn't do anything because of the clocks. I'd imagine it messed up the pace of play for the rest of the day, too.
  3. Well now I've decided to go get fitted for an Edel putter to make sure you eat your words. I did notice that first putting stroke ... woof. I need to do some work on that.
  4. It ended up being a lot longer than I expected, too. I was aiming for 15-20 minutes. But I ended up filming almost 10 minutes on the course - partly because I too a few more strokes than I would like - and partly because I wanted to bitch about the snow/cold in mid-May. That was despite my phone dying on and off because of the cold! And then I just don't shut up when answering questions. I honestly had a lot more fun than I expected putting this together, so that's part of it, too. That dancing was not expected, haha. I still am surprised I made contact, and the shot turned out decent.
  5. This is a great idea, but I question its implementation. I've been behind groups that are 2 holes behind the group in front of them yet on time with the pace clock (and they didn't tee off with a tee time gap at all). So, they should be asked to try to make up the gap. But the ranger won't do it because they're ahead of the clock. I also think the clocks should be set to a faster time - I think they're set to 4:15 or 4:30, but I think they should be set to 4:00 even.
  6. It is with great pride that I present my Newport Cup application video. Enjoy! A few notes: you may want to look away around the 17 minute mark. I apologize in advance for you all seeing that I also left my golf shoes in my trunk when I filmed the vlog portion. Got to the first tee, realized I forgot them in my trunk, but didn't feel like going all the way back to grab them. I probably should have ...
  7. This is mostly OT, so I'll spoiler it:
  8. I'll join the chorus and say that I always play ready golf when it's not match play. I won't even ask, because I'm not waiting on you to play my shot if it's safe to do so. I will generally defer to guys on the tee box with a birdie or better, but if they're not ready-ish to play, I'm going. I, frankly, don't have time for people who care about honors. Play your shot if it's safe to do so.
  9. This weekend, my wife and baby are going out of town. Was planning on playing 4 rounds of golf. Well, it's been raining and snowing all day. I have 5+ inches at my house right now. A lot of the city doesn't have any snow, but that could change overnight. I might be lucky to get 1 round in this weekend at this point... UGH.
  10. Some of those tees . They're a good 20-30 yards behind the normal back tees on a few holes.
  11. (says the guy who frequently grabs a McDonald's breakfast before playing golf in the morning...)
  12. It's a really great course. It's great for both lower and high handicappers, since there's both not a lot of trouble, but enough course that it's not a birdie fest. Frankly, the pro shop has the best customer service of any public course I've played in the Denver area, too. It's in very good condition considering it gets a lot of play. Don't know if he would have mentioned it or not, but the half of the course was shut down for almost a year because of flooding. It's actually pretty remarkable it was able to stay open after the amount of damage it took. They had to rebuild most of 9 holes, if I remember correctly.
  13. We had about 6 inches of snow a little over a week ago. Last night, we got a ton of hail, and it's predicted to thunderstorm all week. Colorado in the spring, baby!
  14. My guess was that the club head is much more likely to cave in before the shaft wears out. A little googling told me I was correct: http://golfweek.com/2013/02/04/shaft-month-q-fujikuras-david-schnider/ That says graphite shafts do not wear out. That guy is either wrong or making up stuff for a sale. Either way, don't buy anything from him.
  15. CommonGround is one of my favorite courses in the Denver area. It has three primary defenses - length, thick native grass if you are wild, and huge, undulated greens. The greens could be really tough if they get them running fast. They're not insane with the undulation, but you're definitely going to work to avoid 3 putts if you it in the wrong spot. I played it all way back once when it was about 35 degrees out, and the greens are so large that it's still possible to hit them consistently with long irons. This looks like it's about 200 yards longer than what the normal tips are. The good news is that none of the par 3s are overly tricky. 6 is over water, and they could put the pin in a spot that will make a 2 virtually impossible. 14 is visually tricky and really undulated. You really have to be careful where you leave your ball off the tee. The par 5s are all really straightforward. You could have some water in play on 11 behind the green. A back pin could be a dangerous one to fire at there. There's not much of a trick to the rest of them. The par 4s are mostly just long. There's a few holes where you have to think a bit, but it's mostly just hit a driver and put it in the fairway. 15 is pretty tough, because there's a deep bunker that's on your ideal line that you can easily end up in. If you carry it, you get a 9 iron into the green. If you're in it, it's a pitch out. 5 has hazard all along the left side. They must be playing 4 way back, because where the tees are normally, you can easily end up with a 50-75 yard approach shot with an aggressive line. Mostly the holes are just long. Keep it out of the native, and you should be able to avoid too much trouble. Good luck!