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  1. Hmm, I did not know that. Although I probably should since am I a lawyer. Thanks. Hmm, would $22.50 be a threat to Titleist? You can get somewhat close to that on other balls, albeit not with the brand recognition that Kirkland has.
  2. Here's what I don't get about this whole thing. These balls were overruns, right? Costco could sell these cheaply because of that. From what I've read, it was unlikely that Costco would be able to sell quality balls so cheaply in the future. They're not really that much of a threat to Titleist right now. So why is Titleist poking the bear here by sending out nasty letters? That's what does not make sense to me.
  3. This is one of my favorite tournaments of the year. I really liked the course last year, too. I'm excited to catch as much of this as I can. That said, they use the World Rankings for the seedings on this, right? How the hell is Alex Noren an 8 seed? I have honestly never seen a single shot of his. He hasn't won a single event that's on par with any PGA tournament, but he's an 8 seed. How is Yuta Ikeda 37? Who is he? Probably a different topic, but why do the World Rankings reward people winning second-rate tournaments so much? Every year there's some random European who wins events with fields similar to the Puerto Rico Open that gets into the top 15 or so.
  4. Okay, they're not that bad to be honest. You just shouldn't pair them with dark blue anything. Since this is , feel free to start a My Swag thread somewhere else where I can give sartorial advice.
  5. Swing looks good, but we need to have a talk about those shoes...
  6. I enjoy a good scramble, but I agree with the others that I don't look at as real golf. So I play in one or two a year. If I'm going to spend 5 hours on the golf course, I'd rather get 18 holes in. It's interesting that you feel more pressure, @phillyk, when playing in scrambles. I tend to be the big stick when I play scrambles, but I feel less pressure when playing them. I know that we'll play an okay shot almost no matter what - even 3 20-handicappers can hit 1/3 of their shots decently - so it means I don't really have to worry about the big miss. I've hit some of my best drives and shots playing in scrambles because of that.
  7. I also don't think they're playing under new rules here. The title of the thread should really be remarking water hazards as lateral water hazards. The impetus for doing that might be the new rules, but they're if they're not marking non-water hazards as hazards, they're not playing under the new rules.
  8. So all they're doing is changing the markings on all water hazards to lateral water hazards? For what it's worth, I've been told by a CGA rules expert (who you probably know as well), that courses should go ahead and start doing this. The current rules allow the committee to mark hazards in the first place, and it gives them latitude in defining what are lateral hazards. So I understand the impulse, as long as these areas are actually water hazards in the first place. The biggest difference in doing that is that sometimes you get an advantage that you wouldn't have with a water hazard if you get your ball past the hazard and it rolls back in. The rest of the time, I don't think changing it to a lateral water hazard makes much of a difference. You play at Foothills, right? There's probably two spot son that course where that would be an issue (holes 7 and 18), and I think it would be extremely rare for a ball to get past that hazard but then roll back in. It's not a significant advantage on 18 (like 10 yard difference), and I don't think on 7 the slope is extreme enough to have balls rolling back into the hazard. (EDIT: I forgot one hole, but it's the same situation as 18 in my opinion). I think this is a non issue, really.
  9. This is really interesting. Thanks for posting.
  10. So he shouldn't play in countries with laws he disagrees with? What if he has a problem with capital punishment? Or capital punishment for minors and people with mental disabilities? Does that mean he shouldn't play in the US? Should he not play in states with miscegenation statues still on the books? Or states with anti-sodomy laws? Unless the courses the Euro tour plays at don't allow female members, it's not the same issue. It's a lazy, illogical hot take by someone looking for clicks.
  11. That's insane. I never bought a letterman's jacket, but for something you'll wear only in high school, $600 is ridiculous. Even if you're wearing it every day.
  12. But seriously, PGA Tour players don't usually get down in 3 from the sand from 60 yards. I think if you go in the sand, you're likely making bogey. And I don't think getting closer in the grass will result in a birdie often enough to offset that. Plus, the sand does bring double bogey into play. You could easily have a 70 yard bunker shot that you chunk and end up with a 50 yard bunker shot. I think the play is to avoid the sand no matter what. A lay up accomplishes this. Going to the right of the bunker might also do that.
  13. I think you're vastly overestimating how good you are with a 50-100 yard bunker shot.
  14. Same thing as the past couple of days - mirror work, working on shallowing out in transition.
  15. I think it's an idea worth discussing. Land is expensive and will only get more expensive, and possibly more important, watering that land is also expensive and will only get more expensive. It would also be nice to bring back historic courses like Cherry Hills in the US Open or PGA Championship rota that are just too short to play a major at now. That said, you can have my ProV1 when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers!