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  1. CPG has some misses, but he really knocks it out of the park sometimes.
  2. Somewhat surprised he was penalized. Remember, this is the event where Hideki probably should have been penalized and they didn't enforce it because he didn't have intent or whatever: Hideki Matsuyama cleared of potential four-stroke penalty at Hero World Challenge - Golf Digest "Somewhat" because this was so blatant. And definitively caught on camera. Pretty bad.
  3. I feel like someone who went to Stanford part time, while playing professional golf full time, and got a degree, is pretty damn smart. Or at least she has pretty damn good work ethic. Which means she'll probably be fine.
  4. This is not a valid comparison. Lawyers need to represent bad guys so the adversarial system still works. The only way a regular person can have faith that the system isn't rigged against them is to have people represent and defend bad people. Phil is not a lawyer defending a client.
  5. I feel like this should be a pinned thread. It's incredible how good you can be at golf and still not have a chance at making a pro tour. And I don't just mean the PGA Tour, I mean any pro tour, including mini tours.
  6. Tiger turned this down: Report: Woods declined Saudi appearance fee Tiger Woods has reportedly turned down seven-figure appearance fees to play in the controversial Saudi International. Remember when he played Torrey with a bad back, then took a 14ish hour flight to Dubai to cash an appearance fee check the next week? This is a horrible look from Phil, and frankly, any other player that doesn't need this money. It's literally put on by the Saudi government. I totally understand why a middling European Tour pro would decide to play in this event. I don't get why Phil or DJ would play in this event. I would feel differently if it was sponsored by a company, but it's sponsored by the government.
  7. I'm a fan of all of these moves. I don't think it will impact the broadcast that much, because you still have the suits at CBS running it. But, I think these changes will help make the broadcast more tolerable. I'm actually really interested to see how Michelle Wie does. I'm really intrigued by her going into broadcasting.
  8. It may stick around until January or later, honestly. I think the pile I made plowing my driveway is nearly 6 feet.
  9. Hard right meaning so fast to the right. A shank can be hit really hard and have some velocity on it. Toe shanks are not nearly that hard or fast.
  10. Nah, it doesn't go that hard right when you hit it off the toe. It was a pure shank.
  11. Yeah, I think most, if not all, of the bunkers had rakes. The green side ones definitely did. Ask me how I know that ...
  12. If I remember correctly, when I played there in 2017, all bunkers on #2 were classified as waste areas (or whatever term in the rules was at the time), so you could do whatever you want in them. This was per a local rule. I'm guessing that local rule was not in effect, or changed, for the US Open. I can double check the scorecard when I get home, because I think it had the local rules on it.
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