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  1. Shot an even par 71 on a 70.8/131 course (0.2 differential). It was a great round, 2 bogeys, 2 birdies. +2 on the front, -2 on the back, which is the first time I've ever shot under par on a nine. Funny thing about the round - I remember it more for the missed shots than the great ones. I lipped out a birdie putt on 18 for an under par round. I three putted twice for pars. On the other hand, I made a number of 5-10 foot putts to save pars that I would normally make about half of. But I don't specifically recall those like I do the 3 putts or the lipped out birdie putt on 18.
  2. Sounds good. I will definitely ask him in my next submission.
  3. @mvmac - that's slightly different from what my evolvr instructor was pointing at. He wanted me to focus on (1) shallowing out the shaft in the downswing and (2) getting the hands even with my right thigh at A6. I've been struggling with the second part of that more than the first. I definitely see how what you're saying will help me, but I'm curious if I should attack all that right now or focus on what Preston wants me to work on for now (besides the address part; I will definitely work on that). I have noticed that I go shallow to steep, and I've seen you and @iacas suggest that for others on here, but I haven't chased that yet.
  4. Right. The chart has notations for what was introduced. Broadly, club innovations took place from 1992-2000, and ball innovations from 2000-2003. Distance went up 10-15 yards from 1992-2000, and then another ~10 yards from 2000-2003. People generally talk about the ball as opposed to clubs, but this study really doesn't prove that distance isn't a problem. That's the point I was trying to make. For reference, here is that chart: For what it's worth, I'm conflicted about the distance issue. On one hand, more distance is probably bad for the golf industry, given that you need longer courses, which are more expensive (more land, more maintenance). On the other hand, you can have my multi-layer tour ball and oversized driver when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.
  5. I'm looking at the whole report right now, and the distance jump from 1993 to 2003 is 25 yards. This is page 3 of the report. So basically, this study concludes that since multi-layer balls and better club technology were introduced, driving distance has been pretty steady. Isn't that entirely meaningless for people who think we should roll back the ball? That chart on page 3 shows that the distance increases for PGA Tour players were before the years this study looked at. I do note that the chart for amateurs from 1996-on shows only negligible distance increases. That's a pretty big contrast from the jump the professional tours took around the same time.
  6. It's been in the 60s here for the past two weeks or so. I'm definitely getting out this weekend. I have a bad feeling we're going to pay for this good weather now in March and April, though.
  7. The one I was trying most was somewhat similar to that - trying to feel like my hands got sped up in the downswing. I also tried probably 3-4 other feels that I thought might help, but didn't do anything on video review: holding my hips back in the downswing, getting a ton of weight forward on the downswing, turning my hips more. Those are the ones off the top of my head. I've been striking the ball pretty well recently, though, so I probably haven't been focusing on this priority as much as I should I have. I will keep at it.
  8. I'm working on a new priority piece right now, and I'm having some issues. I'm trying to get my hands more even with my right hip at A6. The above videos are virtually identical to what I'm doing now, so they're a decent guide. Also, this means I'm struggling with implementing this priority piece. Does anyone have any feels or suggestions that might help out? I've tried a bunch, with no success. Slow practice swings look decent, but I can't translate them into a good feel for when I take a real swing. Any ideas would be very appreciated!
  9. My wife was a more serious golfer than me before I met her. I had played, but had given up when I was a moody and impatient teenager. She got me to play a couple of times, and that started to get me hooked on golf. Now I'm much more serious than she is. She plays in a league every Monday during the summer, and we'll get out a couple of times a year to play 9 holes. I think she regrets piquing my interest in golf, haha...
  10. This looks awesome. I've really wanted a personalized yardage book for a while, and this is much more reasonably priced than any other custom yardage book.
  11. Tiger, at the same age, won 12 times in the next 13 months, including 4 majors. Spieth is on Tiger's tail compared to Tiger before he really became Tiger. Not to pick on you, because you're not the only one doing it, but I hate these Spieth-Tiger comparisons. Speith is a fantastic golfer in his own right, but he doesn't hold a candle to Tiger in his prime. Why compared him to one of the two best golfers of all time? Spieth could win 8 majors, which would make him a top 5 golfer of all time, and people might still look at him as a failure, because he wasn't Tiger. That's insane.
  12. True. Let's just say that I'd probably be more useful than his brother:
  13. Bubba, just so I could become a trending topic on Twitter. #prayforDeadMan My real answer is probably DJ. He could use a thinker on his bag, and I could probably provide that.
  14. For me, it's really hard to stay. I've been on a solid improvement of a couple of strokes a year off my handicap for the past ~5 years (went from an 18 at the beginning of 2013 to where I am now). I really like where my full swing it at right now. I need to show more improvement in the short game to get my handicap down further. I feel like I'm close to plateauing on the full swing, and so who knows if I'm going to keep improving or plateauing. It's going to be pretty hard to keep improving from here.
  15. Like I said above, I'm really interested in seeing how this works. Please keep this thread updated with your impressions once it arrives!