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  1. Day 59: Full swing mirror work again today. Working on keeping my club outside my hands at A2 still, along with a little weight shift on the takeaway.
  2. Scuttlebutt is CBD gum.
  3. You know, I honestly expected that more people would be bugged by this. Full context: My bag is probably a little noisier than most. I have too much crap attached to it. But I don't think it's much louder than an average bag. I was probably 15, maybe 20, yards away when this guy was swinging. My bag was making noise, because I was walking towards the green. I wasn't in his line of sight at all. Guy complained after the hole about the noise, so I was more aware and tried to keep completely quiet when he was swinging. Ironically, the course we were playing runs along a popular bike path, so there was lots of noise from those bikers. And that noise was intermittent, which is worse for concentration than a constant noise. When I carry, I do try to keep my bag noise quiet when someone is swinging, but I'm not perfect. In this case, I thought he was still in his pre-shot routine. I was about to stop, but then he was actually taking the shot. Not a big deal in the end. I was just curious if this was something I needed to be more aware of, or if it was more this one guy's foibles.
  4. Well, I read it. I'm a sucker for anything negative about Augusta, but ... I was underwhelmed. First, the New Yorker needs to invest in better editors. This was not well written. But I digress. There isn't much new in this. It's interesting for the first half, I suppose. But the Tiger/Trump stuff was unnecessary and seemed sort of crow-bared in. Sort of like the writer went down to write this story, and then the real story of the Masters was Tiger and he had to put it in somewhere. I don't know. I don't find it ground breaking that this is a play place for the ultra-rich, especially on Masters weekend. Yes, everything is controlled and choreographed to the second. It's written for a general audience, but I feel like a lot of us here won't find much new information.
  5. Had someone complain about this in a round this weekend, so I wanted to ask this question to see if I'm crazy out here. Does it bother you to hear clubs clinking together when you're swinging? Just assume it's what you would normally hear if someone is walking with their clubs.
  6. Day 58: Did some full swing mirror work, working on the same things. Club head outside the hands until A2, a little bit of a weight shift in the takeaway.
  7. Got it. As long as he lands it on or a bit past the downslope, he's fine. I wasn't thinking that. I was just thinking, holy crap, that took a huge first bounce.
  8. Jeez, I would never try to hit a downslope like that. Too many variables. But I'm not a pro, and I don't play on greens like Pebble's.
  9. So did Woodland mean to hit that chip on 17 so hard off the downslope? I didn't notice it until I saw a couple of replays, but it hit the downslope between the two sections of the green and took a huge hop forward.
  10. View this round on GAME GOLF Fun round. Really struck the ball well. +5 was about the worst I could have done, given where I was hitting it. Had a lot of good looks at birdie that I didn't convert. Oh well.
  11. Anybody but Justin Rose, please. (I dont have a good reason; he just rubs me the wrong way)
  12. I get the feeling that this happens pretty frequently with Spieth. And I'm not sure that it's even really him berating Greller as opposed to just being a little fidgety on the course and needing to vent sometimes. I get the feeling from watching Spieth that this is very true for him.
  13. Day 55 (forgot to post yesterday): Worked on my putting bead with the yardstick drill. Day 56: Went to the driving range. Spent about 40 minutes hitting balls, just focused on solid contact and replicating my feels for a tournament tomorrow. Seemed to be pretty good. Then went to the putting green and worked on lag putts for about half an hour and then short putts for about 10 minutes.
  14. Greller probably gave him an extra club both times, thinking that Spieth would mishit it. It's a solid bet, based on his iron play so far this year.
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