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  1. Matsuyama's got nothing on this guy

    I'm most impressed by the guy's contact there. I should shank the crap out of that ball if I had that pause.
  2. Was this Poor Etiquette?

    He even replied to the thread agreeing with you! This was a prime opportunity to sow doubt among your opponent. You both are slipping!
  3. Was this Poor Etiquette?

    Nice try.
  4. Best Shot of the Week

    After a mediocre tee shot on a par 4, I was in the rough, with the ball slightly below my feet, about 210 yards from the green, maybe 225 to the pin (downhill, though, so playing more like 210 total, 195 to the front of the green). I hit a great 6 iron that ended up less than 20 feet from the hole on the fringe. By far the best shot I had the entire round. 2 of the people in my group were in similar positions but closer to the hole, and neither of them got within 10 yards of the front of the green. 2 putted for par. This is a hole where a bogey is good score, so I was super pleased with my par and that approach shot.
  5. Was this Poor Etiquette?

    I think maybe the only real issue is that my concession came a little late. He was starting to line up his putt when I had my "eureka" moment. He wasn't over the ball or anything, but he had spent 15-30 seconds getting ready to putt. I bet if I had conceded it earlier (like when he was walking up to the green), it wouldn't have been an issue at all.
  6. Jason Day Ditches Swatton, New Caddie

    I completely understand why Jason Day would do this. If you are worried about your caddy judging you on your bad shots, it can't be comfortable. And if you're the caddy and you start to get annoyed at your player because of his bad shots, that's not comfortable either. Incidentally, this is why I could never caddy for my wife. It's also why my wife banned her father from coming to her golf tournaments in high school.
  7. Was this Poor Etiquette?

    Not in this situation. He could only do it after his partner putted.
  8. Was this Poor Etiquette?

    Okay, something that's been bothering me a bit, and I wanted to get others' opinions on it. Here's the situation - it's a four ball match (i.e., team match play, you take the best score of your team). My team's 4 is already conceded. The other team has a player who is putting for a 5, and the other player is putting for a 3. The player putting for a 5 is furthest away, close to the same line as the player putting for a 3. Because I know the player putting for a 3 wants to see this putt to get help for his line, I concede the 5. The player putting for a 3 is annoyed by this and says "**** you" to me. It's not relevant, but he missed the putt for a 3, but made a 4 so we halved the hole. Ignore his reaction, because it was mostly joking (and a little ridiculous, too, obviously). I was talking about this after the round with my wife, who said what I did was a little over top and overly competitive given the situation. It's a competitive Ryder Cup-style event, but it's mostly a friendly end of the year event. My wife is a golfer, for what it's worth. I really didn't think too much of it at the time - this guy has a bit of a foul mouth, and it's usually directed at himself. But now I'm questioning if I was a little too over the top here. Curious to see what other's thoughts are. For what it's worth, I wouldn't hesitate to do something like that in the Newport Cup, but that's probably more competitive than this is. I really think this is just good strategy and nothing more, although I can see how it is over the top if there's nothing on the line.
  9. Born with Clubface Control

    I tried this a couple of days ago. I'm not 100% sure I was extreme enough, but my two shots were pretty much exactly the same. They both had a baby draw, but started left of the target. I ended up about 10 yards to the left of where I was aiming, but both shots ended up in the same place with the same ball flight. So I guess I'm consistent, but the face is closed. That's expected based on my swing video and my results on the course.
  10. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    Down to a 4.9. Below 5 for the first time. Pretty cool!
  11. My Swing (DeadMan)

    Making some progress with key 3. Looks better to me, although not 100% there: However, I have this problem: Getting really steep in transition there, going from steep to steeper. Explains the snap hooks I've been hitting too much of. Going to work on shallowing out the club in transition more, so I can actually swing in to out. Also looks like my club face is pretty closed at impact, which doesn't help.
  12. Hurricane IRMA

    Glad everybody seems to be okay. Seems like we got lucky in that it was merely a bad storm instead of a historic one. That said... I'm saving this post for whenever you gloat in a winter depression thread.
  13. 78-yard Par-3 at the Walker Cup

    Love short holes like that. There's a reason some of the most famous par 3s in golf are short holes (e.g., Postage Stamp, 7 at Pebble).
  14. 303 Yd Par 3 at the Walker Cup

    Especially in match play, par doesn't really matter. If you look at this as a likely 4 on your scorecard, then the "stress" of having it as a par 3 melts a bit.