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  1. Read just now that this is the first time Kuchar has ever had an overnight lead in a major. That is astounding.
  2. Yes, I always keep track of my score and where I am. I enter my score into my GPS unit at all times, so I know how many over par I am at all times. I get that this could be pressure, but I got used to it pretty quickly, and it's good practice for when you need to make that par in match play, or on the final hole of a tournament, etc.
  3. I have this feeling occasionally, too. Fortunately, I still normally have until mid November to get good golf in, and the Newport Cup is going to help me stay strong in October. College football helps to distract me in the fall a little bit.
  4. I played Torrey Pines, which is an incredibly beautiful course, but not particularly hard to get on or anything. The true bucket list course I got to play is Ballyneal in Colorado. That place is paradise on earth. I need to get back there.
  5. I think it's because his injuries have forced him not to practice as much. He's always been a streaky player, and I think this probably exacerbated that. It was less than a year ago he was winning the FedEx Cup and being the best player at the Ryder Cup not named Patrick Reed. He'll be fine.
  6. If you commit to filming your swing while you practice, that makes it a lot better. For example, when I'm looking for a new feel to match what I should be working on, I will video the swing resulting from the feel to find the right one. And then I'll film a couple of times a range session to see that looks okay. It just requires a bit more commitment.
  7. I play a decent amount of golf with total strangers, and I don't think I've ever been asked by one to have a bet. I'd maybe play for under $10, but anything more would be a non-starter. I can put enough pressure on myself to mimic the experience!
  8. Speith with a nice 65, although I'll bet he'll kick himself for missing that putt on 18 for 64. Looks like the weather is pretty benign for the morning groups. Haven't seen many ads on my stream (I'm streaming the broadcast), but it took a while to load and stop being choppy.
  9. For what it's worth, I meant they'd score closer to 60 than 68 (so that means 63 or less). But, yeah, you're probably right. I'm probably over reacting to one really good 9 holes by a pretty good golfer. For what it's worth, when we have CGA events at my course, the winning score is normally 65 or below. But that's a little different from an average PGA Tour pro showing up not knowing the course and playing.
  10. Interesting counterpoint to this. A golfer who missed out on a playoff by one stroke in US Open local qualifying came and played the back 9 of my course. It's rated 35.2/130. He shot a 32 (4 under par). Maybe a PGA Tour pro would be going closer to 60.
  11. Bleh, I blew a tournament on 18 yesterday. Still pissed about it. I was +5 stepping up to 18, which is a fairly simple par 4. I drew my tee shot into a bunker on the left after hitting everything straight or with a slight fade all day. Normally not that big of a deal, but I had to stand with one foot in the bunker and one foot out of it. I thinned that shot over the green, it hit a cart path, and went OB. Next ball I hit a better shot, but then chunked my next shot and ended up carding an 8. So I finished +9, 80 (posts as a 78, of course, so that's another bonus). Normal winning score for these events is somewhere between even par and +4. I figured I was probably not going to win it standing on 18 tee. But the winning score was +7. If I make a bogey, I win. Double gets me into a playoff. Ugh. I did take 3rd place and made some money, but man this stings. I went -1 on the front and +10 on the back. Really frustrating, because I hit the ball really well and only got in trouble on the last hole. Playing in my match play semi final next Sunday. I really need to get this bad taste out of my mouth, ugh.
  12. Another reason is that it is really hard to tell, as an average Joe golfer, who is a good instructor and who isn't. I used to go to an instructor around here, and I improved from about an 18 to a 12 in 3 years. But then I got on evovlr and went from a 12 to a 5 in that same time (which is a lot harder to do). Looking back, I should have known my old instructor wasn't great. However, I was improving - slowly - but improving, and I never really thought that I could get into the mid single digits. So why I would I find somebody else? I think that's pretty common among people who are somewhat athletic. Just by having decent hand-eye coordination, for example, you can cobble together enough of a swing to play some decent golf. So you might improve just by practicing and picking up a few band-aids from your pro. And you don't realize you could get really good really quick with a better instructor.
  13. Thanks, @mvmac! I'll give it a shot. And I can trust your advice, too! Unlike @iacas, where I'm wondering in the back of my head if he's trying to lead me down the wrong path before the Newport Cup .
  14. Ha! Point taken. I'm good at being specific, but not good at being short and bad at being slow. The one question I have is about the speed up of the arms. I've tried to work on that in the past, and I really struggled finding a good feel for it. Are there other ways of thinking about it or attacking that problem that might help? For me, maybe slowing down my body a bit? Staying behind the ball with my head? I have no idea if those would help. Just trying to get other ways of thinking about it.
  15. Definitely not the PGA, but the Ryder Cup there would be intriguing. 16 would be a madhouse. Not sure I'm 100% sold on it, but it could be a crazy venue.