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  1. DeadMan

    Dumb Injuries

    Haha, turns out it's going to be more like 4 months in total... I can putt again, and I can probably start chipping soon. Full swings are a while away still. I've lost quite a bit of grip strength in my left hand, where the injury was. It's coming back, and should be back to normal eventually. But it's actually pretty amazing how weak it is compared to my right hand. Bottom line: be really careful when using knives!
  2. I generally do not like trees on golf courses. On most courses, they are overgrown and narrow playing corridors, making the course more difficult than it should be. Any tree that's in play and not trimmed so someone can hit a golf ball under them is a crime. That said, there are some courses where the trees fit in nicely. If they do not narrow playing corridors too much and allow for recovery, then they're fine. Gary Player, though...
  3. In what world is his average clubhead speed 139 and his average ball speed 203?
  4. The only thing it's bad for is media having more shitty takes about how the ball goes too far.
  5. Ugh, really don’t want Bryson to win.
  6. FWIW, my 4 year old is really good about wearing a mask when he has to. Our zoo requires masks for kids 3+, and we've been there for 4 hours a couple of times. No issues with him wearing a mask the whole time. We do make sure to have a break or two from it in that time. But it surprises me how good he is with it. Better than some adults, that's for sure.
  7. I am concerned that her instinct seemed to be that she could bend the grass. It's not a penalty, but it looks really bad. If I saw a competitor doing something like that, I would wonder what the hell they're doing. Lexi really needs to pay closer attention to stuff like this. She is starting to get a bit of reputation here, and she definitely needs to be more careful.
  8. Here you go. These are on the lowest settings possible, FWIW.
  9. It’s really good. My computer is 4 years old and runs it pretty well, all things considered.
  10. Incident starts at 18 minutes into this video:
  11. Interesting study. Wish they would have talked about horizontal dispersion as well. The one table with data shows the balata ball being more accurate than the modern ball. I want to explore that more.
  12. I don't f***ing care about this at all.
  13. DeadMan

    Dumb Injuries

    Tripped over your dog? Doggone it! Griese injures ankle tripping over pooch Denver Broncos quarterback Brian Griese returned to practice Friday after being injured by his dog two days earlier.
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