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  1. I use my 54 degree sand wedge probably right around 90% of the time. It's the club I practice my short game with most, and thus feel most comfortable with. I can hit a variety of shots with it, including a bump and run, flop, sand shot, etc. It has the most bounce of my wedges, too. I will grab other clubs when I need something different like a really high flop shot or a really low bump and run. But that doesn't happen all that often - probably every other round or so.
  2. May I suggest a name change for this thread? When I read it too quickly, it looks like Sand Trap SuperSpreaders...
  3. I get annoyed when I can hear someone else's music far away. The other day, I heard (really awful) music coming from another fairway. Out of curiosity, I lasered how far away they were. It was 100 yards. I don't have a problem with others listening to music, but don't throw away all pretenses at etiquette to listen to music.
  4. I look at rating (relative to par) and slope. I like the rating to be within a stroke of par. And then I like a slope from 125-140 on top of that. That tends to give me the best balance of having fun while being somewhat challenging. The course rating matters more to me than the slope, but a really high slope will turn me of. I don't use yardage that much because I play at altitude. So if I'm traveling, looking at the yardage isn't going to be as helpful as looking at the rating and slope to me. Sure, I could take off distance from the yardage for elevation, but the course rating will already do that for me, so why bother.
  5. $26 per dozen for Snell MTB balls if you buy 5 dozen: MTB-X Value Pack (5 dozen) MyGolfSpy.com's #1 ranked ball in distance and overall value! For golfers looking for a high-performance golf ball, the MTB-X is our latest 3 piece design offering: Superior Distance - new smaller core offers low driver spin...
  6. Yes, but I wasn’t all that worried. It was sniffles and a cough that you normally wouldn’t notice with a 4 year old. We were being extra careful. We wouldn’t have had him tested if he hadn’t been exposed at school.
  7. Got him tested yesterday, and got the results this morning. He's negative. Phew.
  8. I think it depends on how many people are there, the precautions the indoor sim is taking, etc. If it's just one or two simulators, and only one person per simulator, that seems okay to me. If there are 10 simulators and 4 people per simulator, that's different.
  9. My 4-year old son has to quarantine until Sunday because there was a positive case in his class at preschool. Today, he woke up with minor sniffles and a minor cough. Normally, we wouldn't even have noticed the sniffles and the cough, because he has no fever and feels fine. But now, we're wondering if we should get him tested. Bad situation.
  10. All I'm saying is, I know where to find a really sharp knife.
  11. Yes, but because golf is not my job, I want to have fun while taking it seriously. You can do both, pretty easily, in my experience. And, for me, golf tends to be more fun when I take it seriously.
  12. There's always amputation...
  13. More good vaccine news: https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/16/health/moderna-vaccine-results-coronavirus/index.html This one does not require -80C storage or whatever the Pfizer vaccine was. It's also more effective than that one by this preliminary data. Next summer is looking more and more promising, albeit with 3-4 really bad month probably starting now.
  14. I'm in the same handicap range, and I generally will have 1 or 2 rounds a year in the 90s. It happens. It's very frustrating, and it feels like you're a vanity handicapper. You'll be back to shooting 80 in no time.
  15. These really aren’t that bad, but still entertaining: To this point - when Tiger was -18 in 1997, the next closest player was at -6. -20 is nice, but it’s not winning by 12.
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