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  1. I haven't measured my driver swing speed since I started. It was ~105 mph when I started.
  2. Got my first today! It was a pretty easy hole to birdie, but good to start it off right.
  3. I'm onto my 4th week of this program. I'm really pleased with the progress so far. I'm up to 125-118-110 on the 3 clubs, which is about 10 mph on each club from the first session. This is also really hard to tell for sure given the time of year, but my last 2 rounds after starting this, my driver distance is averaging 290. That's up from 264 normally. Again, the ground is frozen or dry right now, so the ball is rolling pretty far. No idea how much of that increase is the ground or carry, but I can definitely tell my carry distance is increasing.
  4. The only Pete Dye course around here that I play a decent amount at is Riverdale Dunes. The first time I played it, I didn't like it all that much. But now that I've played it a couple of times, it's really grown on me. I think that's a common refrain with his courses. They can appear to be tricked up and difficult, but they're not that bad if you can ignore the tricks that he plays on you. Beyond that, he's probably the most influential architect since the Golden Age. A lot of famous architects started with Dye. Tom Doak and Bill Coore were both shapers for Dye, I believe. Jack worked with Dye a decent amount, too. Plus, he picked up on and advanced visual trickery techniques that Donald Ross and MacKenzie used. Really can't overstate his impact on golf.
  5. You're right, this is just the explanation that I came up with that helped me understand it.
  6. Par basically replaced course rating as the starting point for course handicap for the new system. Under the old system, handicap strokes were wheeled off of a what a scratch golfer would shoot at a course (i.e., the course rating). Under the new system, handicap strokes are wheeled off of par. I'll show you what I mean. Assume a hypothetical par 72 course rated 75.0/113. Under the old system, a 0.0 golfer would 0 strokes. A 10.0 golfer would get 10 strokes. Under the new system, a 0.0 golfer will get 3 strokes. A 10.0 golfer would get 13 strokes. I think it makes more sense. Under the old system, a 0.0 handicap would get no strokes even though he would be expected to shoot 3 over par. That didn't make a lot of sense to me, and it always bugged me when I played a course with a high rating and still go my same number of strokes. Hopefully that helps.
  7. Shot an 82 today. Pretty pleased, considering that it was somewhere between 30 and 34 degrees out. Impossible to get anything to stop close, and I had to play ultra-conservatively on my approaches. Doing things like hitting a pitching wedge 160 yards with the frozen ground. Had 3 drives over 298 yards though.
  8. I played 9 holes on my course today. Had 3 birdie chances inside of about 15 feet. Left two about a foot short in the jaws, blew the third one by without scaring the cup. Would have been nice to get one of those, especially with 2 of them being on pretty long par 3s.
  9. Well, about a year and a half after I originally did this, I managed to do it again today. It's the first time I've done since then. I didn't play particularly well, but didn't really get myself into trouble, either. I was playing a little more conservatively than usual, because the ground was frozen and my ball had no chance of stopping after one bounce. But I kept it in play, probably had 17 or 18 nGIR, and made a lot of easy bogeys. View this round on GAME GOLF View this round on GAME GOLF (This round wouldn't strictly count, because I hit second balls a couple of times.)
  10. The format is always stressful, no matter how good you and your partner are matched. There's a reason it's called f*** your buddy in some places. Not that I would know anything about that
  11. I think @mvmac should have to eagle all the par 5s instead...
  12. Please sue, Patrick! And sue in a law without a SLAPP law. Definitely want to see him deposed, under oath.
  13. I'll bet you it was a drop in their course handicap and not their index. That drop is probably because you now factor course rating into the calculation for course handicap. See this post: I could be wrong, but I'd imagine their handicap index did not drop that much. If it did, they are certainly outliers.
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