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  1. Look at Rules 6.2b(5) and (6): I'm assuming the ball remained in the teeing area (i.e., the area two club lengths behind the tee markers). It sounds like it likely did. Assuming the player meant to hit the ball, he gets a stroke for making that stroke. Then, he can tee it back up or play it as it lies. No penalty. Once he hits that shot, he has now made 2 strokes. The rules @Pretzel quoted are for when a ball is moved when you're not making a stroke at it.
  2. That was amazing. Putting Tiger aside, it was an awesome tournament to watch. There were like 10 guys with a chance on the back 9. But Tiger winning tops it all.
  3. Worst time possible to have a weather delay. God dammit.
  4. Lead is probably going to be -7 or -8 at the end of the day. A lot of people are going to have a chance this weekend.
  5. Someone needs to have a conversation with Koepka and Spieth about their fashion choices. Yuck.
  6. Not sure. The wind seems to be picking up a bit. I think the lead is going to be at -3, maybe -4. A lot of people in contention.
  7. Who the hell dressed Brooks and Spieth today? Yikes.
  8. People will talk about Tiger's putting being the problem today, but I think it was actually his driving that was the bigger issue: Hook into the bunker at 5 - had to get up and down from 60 yards for par. Missed like a 6 footer for par, but put in that position because of the bad drive. Hook into the trees at 14 - had to pull out an amazing recovery shot to get to the green. Slice into the trees at 17 - again missed a short putt, but couldn't do anything better than close to the green from 190 in the trees. Bunker off the tee on 18 - another amazing shot to get on the green, considering flag is way back. He missed mid to short range putts at 5, 6, 8, and 17. But also made a putt from that distance at 7. He's below PGA Tour average on those, probably, but PGA Tour average is to make one or two more of those. It's not like he missed tap ins.
  9. Masters.com apparently has video of every shot pretty close to when it happens. That is a crazy feature. I haven't played around with it yet, though. They have really good streaming covering, too. The featured groups today include Tiger. Stream quality is pure.
  11. I play on some slow courses, but most of the time the rounds are around 5 hours. The closest I've probably come to a 6 hour round is at a charity scramble. That's a different experience than playing a round of golf, though. There can also be a difference in perception on how slow rounds are. Some slow rounds feel fast when you get into a rhythm. If you wait during your fast rounds, it will feel slow, too. For example, this past weekend, I played 9 in about 2 hours, 5 minutes, which is quick for the course I was playing at. But since we were a threesome behind a foursome, we were waiting a bit, and it felt slower than it actually was.
  12. Relevant from a comment I made elsewhere: Been beautiful for over a week here. Today, we're expected to get a blizzard with 4+ inches of snow. I have Friday off, but looks like I won't be playing because of snow! I hate April.
  13. The worst I've had was a guy who wasn't too interested in talking (although he'd respond if you talked directly to him) and required everybody to be perfectly still while he was over his ball. That was annoying enough. A guy who didn't talk at all? Yikes. Even if I'm playing for something serious, I'm going to talk a little bit.
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