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  1. Thanks. I sort of figured, but I wanted to find out before trying my first round with it.
  2. 2018 Honda Classic

    And then I turned it off just before he rolled in the birdie putt. You're all welcome.
  3. 2018 Honda Classic

    My bad, guys. I turned it on just as he teed off on 15. 2 holes, +3.
  4. The R&A seems to disagree with the prevailing thoughts in here:
  5. Link to an article about this: https://www.golfdigest.com/story/lexi-thompson-involved-in-rules-issue-at-the-honda-lpga-thailand Seems pretty dumb but innocuous. Read the local rules. That goes for her and her caddie.
  6. Game Golf Live arrived last night! There's a good 6-8 inches of snow on the ground right now, so it's going to be a while before I can actually use it, but I'm pretty excited. Quick question for you all with live - do you need to use the phone app during your rounds to activate the unit? The guide says you're supposed to, but I'd rather not, since I have an older iPhone and the app will probably be a battery sink if it's on for 4+ hours.
  7. And for those of us not at a + handicap, what about state amateur tournaments? It's not out of the realm of possibility that I could qualify for my state's mid-am tournament, but if that competition uses a different ball from what I normally use in the future, then no way.
  8. There's a lot of speculation that I've been hearing that the USGA is going to bifurcate the golf ball for professionals and amateurs. I really hope they don't do that. Do you use the special ball in high level amateur events? I'm not in favor of a distance roll back, but if they do it, do it for everybody. Edit to add: Also, does more distance really matter that much to the pros? Riviera is about 7,300 yards, winning score there was -12 with normal conditions. The winning score at Erin Hills (7,800 yards), with US Open conditions, was -16. The score at the Honda Classic this week will probably be higher than those 2, and that course is only 7,000 yards. Granted, these are not strictly apples to apples comparisons, but it's not like PGA National is getting bombed by pros even though it's only 7,000 yards.
  9. Yeah, a couple of us at the Newport Cup were talking about trying to play it on Saturday after the final round, but that didn't happen. Just means I have another reason to get back there...
  10. 2018 Honda Classic

    I also saw on twitter that he was T6 in proximity to the hole. Can't find the source right now. But I thought that was really encouraging, too.
  11. 2018 Honda Classic

    Get rid of that damn double bogey on the par 5, Tiger! Really good round, though, considering I thought there was a chance he'd be shooting around 80. Tiger Tracker is pretty impressed, so that's good.
  12. Now this, is a bad read

    I can do that!
  13. Puzzle Solving Thread

    4:13 - did not feel like my best effort.
  14. Game Golf Live is under $90 on amazon again. Just bought one tonight. Too bad my next round of golf is TDB. I'm excited for my new toy!
  15. Winter Depression Thread

    I think you might be able to find an open course tomorrow, but some will definitely be open Sunday. But yeah, it was supposed to be a trace, and we got a bit more than that at my house. I was hoping to get out tomorrow and play 9, but that probably won't happen.

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