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  1. Day 4: Started protocol 2 of superspeed sticks. The kneeling swing was different.
  2. That is amazing. A little bit of me wonders if it’s actually an ad paid for by Norman. i doubt it, but it would be great marketing.
  3. Day 2: Did some mirror work today. Working on my priority piece, which is making my backswing more steep so I can more easily shallow out the downswing.
  4. Okay, time for me to start this up again. Day 1: Did a superspeed session. Last one of the first protocol.
  5. He really hasn't chased distance. He's been at roughly 290-295 yards in driving distance his entire time on Tour.
  6. Sure, but I’m doubting that the broadcasts lose money. I don’t think Kostis really knows that.
  7. I very much doubt that it’s a loss leader. Maybe for Fox. But golf has a great demographic to sell things to, and I’d imagine the ad rates are pretty high.
  8. I listened to it today, too. Some pretty bad stuff like his interview of the winner being given to someone else because he wouldn’t talk about the FedEx cup. A lot of it was just depressing to hear though. If you believe his point of view, golf coverage is going to continue to suck for a long time. His Reed comments were refreshing. Call a spade a spade. Pun intended.
  9. Had some fun with this today! My results were really interesting. I was aiming my current putter about 18" to 2 feet left of the cup, but the fitter fixed that really quickly. I ended up with the size above the blade, I believe. Completely clean putter head - no lines or anything on it. I was aiming that right at the hole. It was actually the first design he put together, and we played around a little bit more with lines and stuff to check. Then we went to work on speed. Played around with the weights for a while, and found a great combination for speed. I was hitting putts with perfect speed after a couple of adjustments to the weight, which is very unusual for me. Will go back when the putter is in in a few weeks and test it out to make sure it's all correct for me. Can't wait to put this thing in play.
  10. I’m getting fit for an Edel putter tomorrow. Will post in here with my experience. I’m really excited.
  11. I have a 3 and a 4 iron. Don’t know what the lifts are off the top of my head though.
  12. What you’re technically allowed to bring is whatever the airline’s rules are. That said, I’ve never had a problem if my bag is under 50 pounds. I will pack extra stuff in there like clothes, shoes, etc. I’m guessing foreign and budget airlines are the ones that would care the most about this.
  13. This sounds like a match play mind game to me. Like asking if you breathe in or out during your swing.
  14. It’s not the best data, but it’s what we have. I think the distances are fairly accurate. 240 is a long drive for anyone without a single digit or below handicap. I wouldn’t read too much into each year’s data.
  15. I see your point. However, I disagree. This is how science works. Let the manufacturers do their own tests and publish their own results. They can't really do that with what MGS provided. Also, we can't really know how good the test if we don't know simple things like how many balls they hit. No, pre-test bias. Snell is a significant advertiser with them. At no point, during the test or during the interview, did they disclose this. If I remember correctly, the MTB-X was sold out right after this test was published. Who knows if there was anything fishy going on (and since they didn't publish all their data, it's impossible to know ...), but that is not a good look.
  16. I didn't really follow them or hear about them much, somehow, until that ball test last year. That ball test was utter garbage. They didn't publish their data, and they didn't go into details about what their test actually consisted of. Then they concluded that Snell was one of the best balls, and had Dean Snell do an interview to that effect. So now I'm pretty much ignoring everything they come up with.
  17. I don't know if that's the best example, because a lot of players complained about how tricked-up Merion was. But I find tournament golf to be pretty entertaining on short courses. WGC-Mexico is a lot of fun, and that's a really short course. Pebble was short for the US Open and was fun. There also tends to be a variety of styles winning at shorter courses. Now, scores tend to be pretty low at those courses, but I don't really care about that.
  18. As long as it’s not a sudden noise, it doesn’t really bother me.
  19. Except that all of those guys that @mvmac posted were all-time greats.
  20. This gives me the creeps. What the hell?
  21. Here's a link to the PGA Tour's statement: Distance report released; PGA TOUR issues statement PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. -- Golfers at all levels keep hitting the ball farther, and the game's governing bodies plan to do something about it by going after the one area they can control -- equipment. Relevant quote:
  22. Thanks. It looks like the USGA took down that study, though. It's a dead link, and I couldn't find it via a google search.
  23. This is something that comes up frequently from people in favor of limiting distance: Does anyone have any actual proof that equipment benefits the pros more than us? I hear a lot of people saying that, but I've never seen any actual proof.
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