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    Dumb Injuries

    Tripped over your dog? Doggone it! Griese injures ankle tripping over pooch Denver Broncos quarterback Brian Griese returned to practice Friday after being injured by his dog two days earlier.
  2. DeadMan

    Dumb Injuries

    Okay, these are making me feel a lot better. Keep ‘em coming!
  3. DeadMan

    Dumb Injuries

    A little over 2 weeks ago, I sliced my left pinky open trying to cut an avocado. At the time, it seemed like I got lucky and missed everything important. 2 week recovery but then back to normal. Fast forward to Thursday, I lost feeling in half my pinky. Had surgery on Friday to see what was happening, and it turns out I had severed a nerve completely, severed a tendon, and needed repair on another tendon that was 50% severed. 6 more weeks of recovery at least. Some sort of physical therapy, too. Probably no golf for longer. So, I'm looking at a total of 2 months of no golf because of a dumbass injury. Make me feel better - what stupid injuries have you had that have stopped you from golf for a while? The one silver lining is my evovlr instructor wanted me working on a drill that I only use my right hand on. I can still work on that drill at least...
  4. DeadMan

    Golf Podcasts

    No Laying Up is a good combination of event recaps, general golf stuff, and solid interviews. If you want something that goes really deep into the tour, Shotgun Start is good for that. It's an acquired taste, though.
  5. Rudy Gobert still has symptoms of COVID, 3+ months after he tested positive: Jazz's Rudy Gobert says he still has trouble smelling 3 months after coronavirus diagnosis Jazz center Rudy Gobert recently told French newspaper L'Equipe that his sense of taste has returned, but his sense of smell is "still not 100%" three months after testing positive for the coronavirus. We still don't know the long-term effects of COVID. It's only been around about 8 months. There are people who are taking months to recover from it, if they even recover at all: The coronavirus 'long-haulers' show how little we still know | Coronavirus outbreak | The Guardian My Covid-19 symptoms lasted for months. As an infectious disease specialist, I know the importance of widespread testing, says Debbie Bogaert And then there's some scary reports of the the complications of having it: https://www.newsweek.com/scans-reveal-heart-damage-over-half-covid-19-patients-study-1517293 I think it's myopic to look at just the death rate and conclude that it's not a major risk. The biggest issue with COVID is the rate of hospitalizations and complications. That rate seems to be pretty high, and we still don't know what will happen to people who had it in the long-term. So, it's saying it's not a "major risk factor" may be wrong. The problem is that we don't know. While it's definitely not as deadly we originally thought, it's clearly worse than any cold or flu we've encountered in the past 100 years. Life isn't going to return to normal until we have a treatment or vaccine, or we get our hands around the effects of COVID in the long-term.
  6. PragerU? Couldn’t find something from the Daily Stormer?
  7. Depends on the state, but Governors generally have a wide scope of authority to deal with health and safety in the state. This includes things like quarantining, and making it a crime to break quarantine. A Governor's order to mask can be enforced with criminal penalties. At the federal level, there are thousands of criminal offenses that are not laws passed by Congress.
  8. One thing that's an unknown right now is how many people have longer-term complications from COVID. There are more and more stories about this, a lot of which are pretty scary. I asked my doctor this week if we know how prevalent these long-term complication are, and she said we really have no idea right now. This article says it may be 1 in 10 or 1 in 20. When Covid symptoms last 'for weeks and months' Thousands of people with Covid-19 report recurring symptoms for far longer than 14 days. And some of these complications are pretty bad: Warning of serious brain disorders in people with mild coronavirus symptoms | Coronavirus outbreak | The Guardian UK neurologists publish details of mildly affected or recovering patients with serious or potentially fatal brain conditions If you look up the long-term complications of people who were infected with and survived the original SARS, it doesn't paint a pretty picture. If COVID is like that, the repercussions on society are going to last a long time.
  9. Great example of feel ain't real. I have similar experiences. I try a feel that seems really weird and film it. Looks nearly the same.
  10. I suggest the post-round kiss instead of the post-round handshake:
  11. Figured I would start this thread, given there's some relevant news today. No spectators are going to be allowed at the tournament: PGA TOUR, the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide announce next week's event to be held without spectators The PGA TOUR and the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide announced today that despite a robust health and safety plan and State of Ohio approval for limited patron attendance, the world-renowned event... The article says the decision was made by the Tour and the tournament itself.
  12. What a baby. Nobody cares if you cuss or get angry about a shot. Don't damage the course, and it's not a deal. It's got to be close to impossible to keep your cool all the time as a professional golfer. Everybody has bad days. The problem is that Bryson does destroy the course sometimes. Yeah, that hurts your brand. It's not the cameraman's fault. Also, I bet the producer or someone else is telling the cameraman what to shoot. Good chance it's not the cameraman's call. Again, what a baby.
  13. I would get there in 3 maybe a quarter of the time. I average 270 off the tee with driver, so I would need an above average driver and at least one really good 3 wood. A lot of you guys are fooling yourselves if you think you would get there in 3. A 300 yard drive still leaves a 473 yard hole, which is a 3 shot par 5 for the vast majority of golfers. The altitude difference isn't as much as you think it is: Golf Ball Aerodynamics: The Effect of Altitude | Titleist - Team Titleist If you've ever played golf on higher altitude courses like ones in Denver, Jackson Hole or Reno, you probably noticed that you were seeing some added distance to your game. ... Add 6% to your current distance, and you'll have a rough estimate. For reference, the median PGA Tour player drives the ball 295 yards, which would be 313 yards at this course, with the 6% addition.
  14. I guess it shouldn't be surprising, but these guys really have no clue about aerodynamics/physics. If you get it in the air, it's not just going to keep going. The dimples are what keeps the ball in the air.
  15. 😆😆😆 Okay, Mr. Mickelson.
  16. Oh brother, we're still having this debate? The best case, COVID-19 is 4x as deadly as the flu. Worst case, it's 10-11x as deadly as the flu. It's already killed nearly .3% of the population of New York City, with somewhere between 20-25% infected. In 6 months.
  17. Another thing that sucks about this is that Fox essentially had all-day coverage of the US Open, between FS1 and Fox itself. I'd imagine NBC is not going to keep that, unfortunately.
  18. Hopefully that continues to be the case, then. I’m worried about it though, because hospitalizations and deaths have tended to lag a few weeks behind cases. So hopefully in 2-3 weeks, we can say that serious cases are not as frequent as they have been.
  19. Unfortunately, nationwide that’s not true. We set a new record number of cases today, and our positive test rate is up 2 percentage points in a weeks. The increase is case is not just because we’re testing more. This isn’t true in Florida, either:
  20. A valid point, but the ideal set up for the PGA Tour to have a true bubble would go way beyond just on site safety protocols. For example, having the players take the same flight, stay in the same hotel, or regulate activities off the course. You're right, though, they could easily make more of an effort to enforce the guidelines on the course. It's also likely that the cases are from off the course activity.
  21. I think this is a good article about the situation: If players don’t take safety protocols seriously, we could lose the Tour again As news of more positive Covid-19 tests has surfaced on the PGA Tour, it's time for the players to step up and change their behavior. The underlying issue with this is that the PGA Tour needs to keep the players as being independent contractors. If they start enforcing too many requirements like these, they may get sued and forced to treat the players as employees. It's a really fine balancing act.
  22. Right, but the question is the order is going to apply to people already in the state. If so, then everybody who traveled from Harbor Town would have to quarantine for 2 weeks. I haven't read enough to know if it does apply to people already in the state, though, so take what I'm saying with a grain of salt.
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