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  1. That other course looks fine to me. Definitely a change of pace. If it's flat and we take carts, I'm game. I don't think I'll have a problem walking SV 3 days in a row, but not walking a day (during or afterwards) won't be bad.
  2. Do you really want to be responsible for us animals at your neighbor's house? There's no telling what he might find after we stay there. A few of @iacas's empty cherry coke cans, maybe a golf ball or two, etc...
  3. There's gotta be a house on AirBnB or a VRBO close your lake house that would be cheap/easy to rent.
  4. First swings in about 3.5 months: Finger didn't really bug me. No pain when the ball makes contact, even when I bury the club into the ground. Which I did a few times in this session, haha. I didn't hit one super thin yet, so I don't know what that will feel like. It feels weird just to grip a club, but I'll get over it quickly. By the way, that cloud in the background of my face on view is smoke from one of the fires in Colorado right now. It is not a good situation, but we have snow in the forecast over the weekend, so that will help.
  5. I am happy for any of this. I would lean towards Sand Valley on 3 days as opposed to all 4. I'm sure I'll love SV, but I also like to experience more than just those 2 courses on the trip. A thought if we do 3 days at SV: maybe we make a foursome at each course, so that people can play their favorite of the two again. That may not work out perfectly in the end, but it's an idea. Question for you, though, Nate. Is it snowing where you are right now? I tend to get the golf bug and try to plan something like this when there's snow falling or on the ground. 🙂
  6. Virtually certain (Rules of Golf level stuff here!) in: @cipher @iacas @DeadMan High likelihood of being in: @DaveP043 @GolfLug @mvmac Most likely in: @Slim_Pivot @Hardspoon @TN94z @ChetlovesMer For those counting at home, that's 10. We have a pretty hard limit of eight here. Moved myself into virtually certain.
  7. Could be kind of funny with your buddies, but not funny with a stranger.
  8. I'm not surprised. Everyone is cooped up at home and dreaming of traveling. Plus, there's not going to be a better way to play these courses. I took a one day trip to Pasatiempo a year ago that probably cost more than this trip will, haha. Mammoth Dunes and Sand Valley are courses that have been on my list, but there's not an easy way to pull them off for me. This is an incredible way to do it. If it's half as fun as the Newport Cup, it will be an amazing experience. And it may be more fun if we're not all competing against each other. One thing to add to what @cipher said about travel is that flying into Milwaukee would give you the opportunity to tack Erin Hills on at the front or back end of the trip. Another course in the area that I've heard of is Lawsonia Links, looks like it's about an hour away from Sand Valley, but I have no idea whether that's close to the lake house or further away.
  9. I’m in. My wife gave me the go ahead, and I’m committing before she changes her mind. 😛
  10. DeadMan

    Dumb Injuries

    Got the okay to golf today from the doctor! So it was just over 12 weeks from my surgery, and 3 and a half months from the initial injury. Be careful with cutting avocados!
  11. A very important announcement:
  12. He's a maniac, and a great watch. It will probably get a little tiring at some point, but hearing him complain about how bad he is at golf when he's winning a tournament is hilarious. Plus, it's always possible he'll explode and light himself on fire.
  13. You're not driving the green on 7 with those numbers ... 😛
  14. Sent an e-mail. Every time I think about this, I get angrier. Especially now, we need to be as flexible as possible, and it's just stunning incompetence to not see that this is wrong.
  15. High school sports administrators are the worst. To go through all effort to get it cleared with the proper people at the school, and then to have the PIAA seemingly unilaterally take them off the tee sheet is insane. Not only that, they freaking threatened to have the police arrest them? I'm not sure I can put in words the disdain I have for that, and this whole situation. I will try, though...
  16. I've played the forward tees at my home course a few times. It's a good change of pace and good practice. It can also be a good confidence booster, to know that you can mentally can break through those barriers you set for yourself. I would like to do it more often, but I don't get to golf enough to make me feel like I can do much practice like that on the course.
  17. Look, I'm just jealous that you can swing a golf club right now, okay?
  18. That looks great, but I have questions about the range you're at. It looks like the hitting area has never been mowed, so is it in someone's backyard or something?
  19. DeadMan

    Dumb Injuries

    Haha, turns out it's going to be more like 4 months in total... I can putt again, and I can probably start chipping soon. Full swings are a while away still. I've lost quite a bit of grip strength in my left hand, where the injury was. It's coming back, and should be back to normal eventually. But it's actually pretty amazing how weak it is compared to my right hand. Bottom line: be really careful when using knives!
  20. I generally do not like trees on golf courses. On most courses, they are overgrown and narrow playing corridors, making the course more difficult than it should be. Any tree that's in play and not trimmed so someone can hit a golf ball under them is a crime. That said, there are some courses where the trees fit in nicely. If they do not narrow playing corridors too much and allow for recovery, then they're fine. Gary Player, though...
  21. In what world is his average clubhead speed 139 and his average ball speed 203?
  22. The only thing it's bad for is media having more shitty takes about how the ball goes too far.
  23. Ugh, really don’t want Bryson to win.
  24. FWIW, my 4 year old is really good about wearing a mask when he has to. Our zoo requires masks for kids 3+, and we've been there for 4 hours a couple of times. No issues with him wearing a mask the whole time. We do make sure to have a break or two from it in that time. But it surprises me how good he is with it. Better than some adults, that's for sure.
  25. I am concerned that her instinct seemed to be that she could bend the grass. It's not a penalty, but it looks really bad. If I saw a competitor doing something like that, I would wonder what the hell they're doing. Lexi really needs to pay closer attention to stuff like this. She is starting to get a bit of reputation here, and she definitely needs to be more careful.
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