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  1. Eh, I think you'll find there are some people who think it matters. I agree that the vast majority don't care, but there are definitely some out there that would see this as bad etiquette.
  2. I play out of turn all of the time. Sorry, I'm not waiting for someone else to hit if I'm ready (and it's safe). Play faster.
  3. Day 39: Played 9 holes. +4; 40. Hit 5 greens and made 5 pars. Should have made one or two of my up and downs, but oh well. Going out of town for work this week, so I'm going to lose my streak. That's okay, though. I need a bit of break anyways. Going to pick this back up sometime in October, when the off season starts creeping up.
  4. The second picture of him going backwards out of the bush he (nearly) drove it into on 8. I'm now done with volunteering, and I have to leave town tomorrow, so this is it from me. Great experience. If the Mid-Am is ever in town near you, definitely go, and definitely think about volunteering. It was really cool to see great golf up close, and these guys are as close to us as you'll get at a USGA event (non-junior division). Today I was at the host course - Colorado Golf Club - and it's a different animal. Reminds me a lot of Pinehurst #2. Lots of room off the tee, but you have pretty small targets when you're looking at the greens. It's difficult to get up and down, and if you went flag hunting and missed, you were making double. Favorite hole might have been #2, which was a postage stamp style par 3. 115 yards, straight uphill. Tiny green. If you miss, you're probably in a bunker. There were a lot of cool holes, although there were too many 480 yard par 4s for my taste. My match went only 14 holes - the guy who lost just didn't have it today. I felt bad for him. The winner in my match was from Argentina, and was a really nice guy. Talked to him a bit during the match and a bit after. He's a pretty solid player, too. Definitely has a shot at winning it. Anyways, lots of fun. Nope, no TV infrastructure.
  5. Hey, the third photo has me in it! I’m the guy holding up the paddle.
  6. Saw most of the first hole of the 18 for 6 playoff. Saw a guy made a 4 out of a bush, taking an unplayable. Saw a guy who was 80 yards out 3 putt for a 5. 5 guys are out. A few pictures from this morning.
  7. Day 2 thoughts: Bit of a slog today. 2 of my group missed the cut and it was obvious at about hole 12. They were pretty down, and it wasn't as fun as a group of guys who were playing pretty well. They complained about the course a decent amount. Somewhere, Doak is clacking and rolling a blunt. The main complaint was that you couldn't fly the ball to a hole and get it to stop. I think they had some reasonable points (the par 3 greens out here are a little too severe for a 220+ yard holes), but damn. Just because you can't stop the ball right at the hole doesn't make it a good hole. Sometimes, par is a good score. I think the guys today weren't as good as the ones yesterday. They played worse overall, but they were also shorter that the guys yesterday and didn't make many birdies. Hard to tell when you just have 18 holes with them, but it was interesting. Mind you, it was pretty small margins, but it was there. 1 of my guys is through to match play. 2 other guys are in the playoff tomorrow (18 for 6 spots). A couple of photos. Not great quality, since I'm technically not supposed take pictures and I was trying to be somewhat surreptitious.
  8. Day 38: Full swing mirror work again. Working on my little move off the ball and soft wrists in transition.
  9. Day 37: Full swing mirror work today. Working on the same things: little move off the ball and soft wrists in transition.
  10. Day 1 in the books. Some observations: The biggest difference between these guys and me is their distance. They're outdriving me by 50 yards, easily. The guys I had today didn't seem unusually long or anything, either. Their misses are really small. They're missing their lines by a few yards, not that much more. They're also extremely straight. Especially with their drivers. Not really much of a draw or fade on their shots. A little more with their irons actually, which I wasn't expecting. One guy in my group shot a 68 (-2) like it was nothing. He never looked like he was going to make worse than bogey, and was never really any trouble. It was kind of boring, actually, haha. I've played this course with a more difficult set up before, interestingly. I played it 500 yards shorter than they did, but still. I could have saved each of them at least a shot on poor decisions. I was surprised that they made some of the decision-making errors that they did. This was mostly going for flags that they had no chance of getting close to, but also a few decisions around the green, too. Looking forward to the next two days. It was pretty fun today.
  11. Day 36: Full swing mirror work. Working on the little move off the ball and soft wrists in transition.
  12. Day 35: Went to the range tonight for a bit of practice. Worked on long game - my feels, and hitting 3 wood off the deck, for about 45 minutes. Then went did a little bit of putting, working mostly on short putts. Didn't get too much out of that with the greens being aerated.
  13. This is a really good idea, John, thanks. I do hit my 3 wood really well off the tee. There is something strange that happens when I try to hit it off the deck, and I think this teeing exercise is a really good idea. It will get me to focus a bit more on controlling my low point with the fairway wood, which is what is the issue is when I hit it off the deck. Good thought, but the 3 wood fills a gap at the top end of my set. I think the 3 hybrid would be duplicative of my 3 iron, and would be a direct replacement for that club only. I also have a 3 hybrid that I can adjust for less loft, but that doesn't give me the distance that I get with my 3 wood. Since it's an Epic Flash 3 wood, I can adjust the loft up. I currently have it adjusted one degree higher than standard, so it's pretty close to a 4 wood. I'm also not really that afraid of the club, unless it's off the deck. Off the tee, I have close to zero problems with my 3 wood. Good point, yes.
  14. Way overrated. Look at the list of Sam Snead's wins. There are a bunch of BS events in there. He probably has 20 events that are on par with the Hero World Challenge, at best. There are a few wins where he beat 16 or 4 people. Tiger has really already passed Snead, and if (when???) he gets to 83, it will be pretty meaningless for anybody who's looked at the wins underlying Snead's record.
  15. Day 34: Full swing mirror work. Working on the feel for my little move off the ball, along with softer wrists in transition.
  16. I'm going to give a hint here. I'm the Michigan bag. The other bag is a west team bag from the 2015 Newport Cup.
  17. Hmm, this is an interesting thought, actually. My 3 wood is almost the same length as my driver (I think it might be half an inch shorter, but I'm not sure), since I have a shorter driver shaft. Maybe I should look into cutting the shaft down a bit.
  18. One of the shots I really struggle with is hitting 3 wood off the deck. I tend to have about 2 times a round where I want to hit this shot. Far too frequently, I tend up with horrible contact (like a top), or end up with a crazy bad miss. I'm wondering if there is some set up issues that I have when hitting 3 wood off the deck. I'm guessing that my inconsistency is because this is the hardest shot in golf, and you need to have a great swing to hit this shot consistently. Nonetheless, what is the proper way to set up for this shot? For reference, I've tried the following to see if I could improve this shot: Putting the ball more in the middle of my stance (like where I would play a wedge) Putting the ball more forward in my stance (a few inches behind my front foot; pretty close to a driver) Trying to sweep the ball more Trying to hit down on the ball more Choking up on the club None of these have led to more consistent contact. I'm not the only person who struggles with this, I know, so I figured this could be useful to lots of other people. Even though I suspect the answer is that it's more to do with the swing than any set up issues...
  19. Easy decision for me. I've gotten well over $36/year from this site, so I'm happy to do a little bit of supporting.
  20. Day 33: Worked on my long game feels for a bit tonight. I think I'm losing the little move off the ball when I'm playing. Got to focus a little more on it when I'm playing for real. Anyways, seemed better tonight.
  21. Yeah, I figured the stroke play rounds should be fairly laid back. I will be working match play on Monday, and I imagine that will be a very different feeling. Also, I was surprised at how many people are in the Mid-Am. I think they said it was 264 people that qualified and will play 2 stroke play rounds. That gets cut to 64 for match play, so you have a lot of people that will go home Sunday night. There will probably also be a massive playoff Monday morning, which will be very entertaining to watch.
  22. Got together with another TST member this past weekend for a quick 9 holes. Bonus points if you can guess who the other member was.
  23. Man, I hope it's not too serious. In the volunteer training, they were very serious about us only talking to the players when they talk to us.
  24. I will be out volunteering for this event Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I'm hoping to catch the playoff Monday morning before volunteering starts. I'm not supposed to take photos while out volunteering, but I might try to sneak a few when I have a chance. I'm really looking forward to the event. The companion course (Common Ground) is one I play at frequently, and I'm really interested to see how these guys play it. And I've never been at Colorado Golf Club, but I've heard some great things about it. I'll post some updates on this thread throughout the weekend.
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