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  1. I looked at a few threads, pace of play coming to mind mostly. I am terrible at this game, have not actually played a course in 3 years, but have started getting my clubs out again at the driving range. Finally I can hit a drive straight at least once in every 5 or 6 or so shots. Anyway, I was looking at the "pace of play" thread, and got to thinking, does my very poor swing and just horrible game bother people?? I can play through relatively quick, around 4 hours or less, obviously depending on who I play with. Scores are low tho, I don't think I have hit under 110 yet, so I have more t
  2. Hi, I' Scooter and I'm new here... I'm a professional helicopter pilot with LOTS of free time, currently work month-on/Month-off, so should find some time to frustrate some good golfers with my terrible game! Cheers H. (My name is Harald, but I am called Scooter!)
  3. Been playing for about 6 years, but still very horrible at this awesome game! I only play for fun, and recently only at the driving range as I have no 'buddies' to go play with. May join a club next year, depending on fincances! Anyway, thanks for having me, and I'll try to behave! H.
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