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  1. I will throw in a dozen Zstar golf balls if someone buys these today!
  2. I will throw in a dozen Zstar golf balls if someone buys these today!
  3. Gonna drop the price one more time: $640 shipped! Let's find these beauties a new home! They want to be hit!
  4. Open to reasonable offers! Send them my way!
  5. I switched to Recoil graphite for a couple of years and it worked wonderfully. I just switched back to steal and so far, so good. I will not hesitate to go back to graphite if needed though.
  6. Broke 2 ribs playing Donkey Basketball for a fundraiser. NO GOLF FOR ME for at least a month. I DON'T WANT TO BE TEMPTED TO PLAY TOO EARLY! Need to unload these beauties! All the equipment is represented in the photos. I take care of my stuff! If you need more pics or info, let me know! paypal is jason.petermann@yahoo.com First to send paypal gets it! eBay id is pastor-jay Rogue Pro 5-PW Irons - Played not even a full 2 rounds. Hardly can tell ANY have been hit - see pics. Love the irons - BUT BROKE 2 RIBS. I am moving back from graphite to steel and these were just a bit heavy for me. See the pics! $670 shipped SPECS: Shaft Type: True Temper XP 105 Stepless Steel (PTIP) Shaft Flex: S300 (Stiff) Grip: Golf Pride - New Dec CHEV Platinum/Black/White Green (49.5g) Length: - 1/2 in Head Loft: Standard Lie Angle: 2 Flat
  7. Could someone measure their stock shafted g25 4 wood from the top of the feral to he butt end of the grip and let me know what it is please? Thanks!
  8. Last night I took the shaft out of my Cobra Bio Cell 3-4 wood and put it in my Bio Cell driver to test out the length (going to cut down the driver shaft). Can anyone tell me what swing weight I was at with the driver head and fairway wood shaft setup? The shaft was the stock Project X PXv fairway shaft with stock grip. Thanks!
  9. I am 5'7" on a good day! I have been considering cutting down my driver. So, I just took my cobra Bio cell driver and Bio Cell three wood to the range. I put the three wood shaft into the driver (43.5 shaft) and hit some balls. I was amazed at how far I was still hitting the ball and much tighter dispersion. Not sure what that made the swing weight, though it did not feel too bad. I also don't think I would go any shorter than 44 inches. But this proved to me that I definitely need to cut my driver shaft down.
  10. I tried to go graphite this year due to hand pain after I played a round. Just could not get used to it, so I bought a set of Mizuno 825's and put the pro soft inserts in them. Absolutely live them and the pain is gone. It is worth at least trying them out.
  11. The lady was actually my ball of choice for quite some time. Loved the feel of it (no pun intended).
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