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  1. The Callaway X460 is now only $149 at every store around here and lots in stock.... that's a steal in my book.
  2. Yes there are reps from the manufacturer there. This particular demo day had Nike, Callaway, Cleveland, Taylor Made, Callaway, and Cobra there (yep it was sweet). Every manufacturer had every club in every shaft. It was ridiculously cool. I probably hit 15-20 clubs, 200 balls, and had a lot of advice how to fix my slice. But the HyperX 460 stole it for me.... followed by the Ping G10 and then the Burner Tour.
  3. FYI -- went to a demo day today and the TM rep told me that the Superquad is "no longer being made" and has been replaced by the Tour Burner.
  4. Tried at least 15 combinations of drivers.... By a landslide I hit the Callaway HyperX Tour 8.5 360 Fit on Stiff the best.... 300 straight 8/10 times. Was slicing/fading every other club I hit. I think it's the shaft. The club head was extremely forgiving. Now I just need to find someone who has it in an 8.5.
  5. Well, explain this. My 1 iron is consistently down the middle and 230-250 yards. My driver is extremely inconsistent and all too much a fairway over. Yep I hit my 1 iron better than my driver (straighter)
  6. Actually I think it was $189 or $199 now that I think of it. I think the R7 draw was $139.
  7. Current prices at my local shop... Burner: $299 SuperQuad R7: $279 Burner Draw: $199 R7 460: $149 I do tend to slice / fade. With all the hype on these is the Superquad that much better than the R7 460?
  8. I have to wonder what about X Stiff? I had a drive 320 last time out.... I'm 6'4" 270... like to punish it.
  9. I'm eyeing the burner draw at $199 also. I'm a little hesitant because it just looks SO closed at address...
  10. Just curious how many of you have actually improved your game by purchasing a new putter?
  11. I have a pretty fast swing speed, about 105-115. Drives average between 270 and 320. I'm in the market for a new driver and am really confused at all the shaft options out there. I slice a decent amount (inconsistent though) so combined with my swing speed I'm thinking I need a stiff shaft. Can someone help me out in picking a shaft? What is confusing is the number of stiff shafts out there even stock. For example: Callaway X460 - I've seen them configured with the following shafts: Callaway Fujikura Fujikura Tour Platfo Grafalloy Prolaunch Aldila NV Green (65-S) Aldila NVS (65-
  12. I wanted to add it is strictly an off-the tee club. I never try it from the fairway.
  13. I have trouble getting rid of this club. My 1 iron is the only club in my bag that I hit consistently straight off the tee.
  14. That's a bummer -- I would be pissed if I paid $400 ish for a club and it's done after 3 years.
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