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  1. I'm in Scarsdale, about 5 minutes away from the Golfsmith, if you know which one I'm talking about. About how much would a fairly general fitting cost at these places? I'll probably head over to White Plains as that's just about 10 minutes away from here.
  2. I thought the D2 Feel balls were above average for their price, how are these compared to those?
  3. If you've got to get a burner then just go with the regular burner as stated by others. If you're willing to spend $299 on a Ping G10 my friend's just about the same build as you and loves it, says he's hitting 15 yards farther than his old driver, (he did have a Burner at one point, but he switches drivers a lot), and he definitely does. He used to outdrive me by only about 10 yards or so now he's bombing them at least 20 yards past me, probably aroud 280yds.
  4. Hi! I'm looking for a good place to get a good enough fit for a good price in NY (Westchester County). I'm thinking of completely rebuilding my set with a new driver, irons, etc, and I want to have at least the driver and irons fitted, mainly the irons. There's a Golfsmith less than 5 minutes away, but I've heard some fairly bad reviews of the Golfsmith fitting. Where would be a good place to go for the fitting and possibly buying of the clubs?
  5. I think I'd go with Taylor Made because of their high quality drivers and irons.
  6. Well I don't have an X460, but I've had my FT-5 for over a year and have had no problems with it. (The durability at least :D)
  7. I like my Callaway FT-5, only thing about it I don't like is that the stock shaft on it is a bit light and I sadly didn't change it when I bought it.
  8. A Nicklaus which came in a 3-Pack from Costco :D.
  9. If I've missed it into the rough a SW/56 and if on the fringe or short on the fairway with some green to work with a 7.