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  1. Third time to ever play today first with my own clubs I hit a 118 not a bad start for a rookie had a good time to
  2. Thx guys and tjbam I work in Texas on oil rig ATM its hoy over here in cotulla
  3. Natchitoches/winn parish line
  4. Just starting out so I wouldn't mind playing enough to where I understand alot of rules and to have chosen the clubs that fit me
  5. nsampey


    OK guys I need assistance I'm bout to buy my first set of clubs and was wondering about a good set to get started that's decent I'm totally new at this so all help is appreciated
  6. Well guys I'm just getting started don't even own clubs. I have played a handfull of times with buddies and enjoy it and want to start getting serious, and figured this be the best place to start
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