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  1. hello all, i am currently in need of a new grip for my driver the grip on my driver is a New Decade multicompound GP grip which is alright on my ping rapture driver. but recently i bought nike vr pro limited edition fairway woods and those came with i think the tour velvet grips, i really love the feel of these and of course they are new. got new wedges that came with the tour velvets also. my irons are taylormade, so i have the stock taylormade grips on them which are made from lamkin i hear that the lamkin crossline is comparable to the tour velvets, but many people say
  2. i ended up getting a 52 and 56 wedges i found that i was always scared to use the pw (45) in close so id always pull out the 55, but fall short of the green, now with the 52 i should be right on im swapping out the 55 and adding in the 52 and 56, i now have 14 clubs, but i carry both a 21 degree hybrid that i use for chipping around the green like a putt and a 21 degree iron (4iron in my set) so i can always swap one out if i were to add the 60 degree later on
  3. i am looking into getting new wedges since right now i just use a 55 degree wedge from a 45 degree pitching i have a 55 degree taylormade burner wedge so not forged nike only makes a 52 56 and 60 degree wedge for left handed players in this model i will only be buying 2 wedges should i get a 52 and 56 then swap out my own sand wedge, or buy the 52 and 60, so i have a 52 55 60 set up ive been told that i dont really need a 60 as it is just harder to hit and also makes one more decision to chose from when choosing which club thanks
  4. do the clubs rub against eachother at the bottom or is the base big enough, because thats the problem with my bag now. i have 13 clubs
  5. i am looking into buying a new bag, im looking at the Nike Xtreme Sport IV stand bag, does anyone else have this bag that can share with me their opinion and if i should get it? also im open to other suggestions about other stand bags around this price range 150$ + or - thanks
  6. haha i will try, one thing about the super glue, how do i take it off after without ruining the skin under it which has the blister?
  7. but any way on preventing these or just with time my skin will become stronger and wont blister
  8. thank you i will do that
  9. what else can be used instead of moleskin? maybe just an ordinary bandaid under my glove? i forgot to mention if people were going to say to use a glove, i do use one it went through
  10. so today i went to the range, happily i was stuck there for 2 hours, i hit 3 baskets (60 balls each), when i was in my third bucket, i am a left handed player, i felt a huge blister on the palm of my right hand like right where the club is supposed to sit on the outside, it is huge. also, i got a slight blister on my left thumb (bottom hand along the grip) and i use the interlocking grip and sorta peeled off the skin on the side of my left 4th finger. any way to avoid this next time? or is hitting 3 baskets just too much in one day i am also going to golf tomorrow is this a bad i
  11. i dont think the hp means that it would launch higher, that would be HL. i have taylormade burner 2.0 burner and there is also a HP version i think the difference is just the finish on the club, HP mean high polish usually more shinier. in the burner case, the regular is black with chrome and the HP is silver more polished with chrome
  12. finding it in a graphite shaft, lefty and that can ship to canada is the problem
  13. ok makes sense about the hybrid, although i notice that my hybrid has a longer shaft so i hit the ball a couple yards further, and also when i am playing a bad round, i dont have the confidence to hit with my low irons, so then i just use the hybrid. thank you on your information about the wedges, right now il probably just get a 50 or 52 degree to solve as my gap wedge, but next time i am upgrading my set, i will buy a whole wedge set like you suggested on a totally different note, can anyone tell me how to make like that little note on the end of each message for whats in my
  14. srixon q star, enough said, best ball you will find for under 25$ a dozen
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