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  2. We were playing the other day and were stacked up solid behind a tournament. We were waiting on every tee and every shot. On the a par three, there was on the tee a single, a threesome and then us, as a threesome. The guys ahead of us were friendly and having a good time in spite of the lengthy delay. The single however, apparently was of a different mind and elected to not join the threesome and teed off alone. Only several holes later did he join the threesome on the 18th. I thought that this was strange at best.
  3. I carry a 3w, 5w and 7w. And something like a 9w in place or my 4 iron. I have tried hybrids to replace any or all or these but they never seemed to work as well for me, nor were they ever as consistent for me. I had dropped out the 3w for a while but its back and hitting well. And I will quickly use it off the tee if the driver is at all wild that round.
  4. August in Seattle is great. 80 and sunny today. Course pairings per day…. Chambers Bay and The Home Course. Oops, too bad, you have to walk Chambers. You could substitute Salish Cliffs...its a longer drive, 45 minutes according to Google. Druids Glen and Washington National. The two Newcastle courses, China Creek and Coal Creek. Across the sound by ferry, Trophy Lake and Gold Mountain. You could drive to Suncadia (Cle Elum) and play the two courses there, Rope Rider and Prospector. All are very nice courses. The only one I haven't played this year is Salish but its supposed to
  5. My handicap is slowly dropping. It would move more if I could get more consistent and putt better. I was one over after six yesterday and finished the nine with 6-7-7. If I could get minimize the big numbers and bring the putting to an average of 36 from 38, I would be quite happy.
  6. Lately I have been having Jeckyl and Hyde rounds…. 50/39, 48/37, 40 /49… And then I'll go out in a week and shoot a dozen stokes better (or worse) on the same course. It not always the back that gets better so its not finally warming up or getting tired. As I tell my buddies, consistency is overrated.
  7. I am just an average golfer. I think that bunkers SHOULD cost you for hitting into them. They usually do for me. But I like to have half a chance and not have to hit an "insane" shot to merely get back to the fairway. This trap I mentioned had frickin' STAIRS into it and the shallowest line out was backwards over a six foot lip. And being a pot bunker, the chance of not having a clear swing was likely as the walls were nearly vertical. A failed attempt would leave you against the other wall. A challenge? Absolutely! Reasonably likely the average guy could get out in one shot? Hmmmm….
  8. I played Chambers Bay last week. Its seems to relish in being exotic and sometimes almost absurd. Its far from "pristine" but being called a links course allows you scalped fairways and not being able to tell when the fairway ends and the green begins. Courses should not have a fairway pot bunker in the middle of the fairway that has stairs down into it. The sand was AT LEAST ten feet from the top on line to the green. For most people it would truly be called an unplayable lie. I certainly cannot hit a sand shot straight up. Anything off the fairway was in a sandy waste area. I was tol
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